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  • Salut, j'aurais une question, j'ai acheté des écrins d'éclat sombre récement pas aujourd'hui je crois hier. Je viens de voir le message sur le forum, du coup je me suis fait avoir, ou il y a un bug dont je ne peux pas avoir les nouvelles compos. Je peux me faire rembourser des écrins et des clés utilisés?
    • Nous attendons plus d'informations sur ce qui va être fait :)
  • Hello.i have a problem with the game, from looking at google i found something but i would like your help because i can't play because it crashes Tera,and now I get a weird white screen every time i try to start up,and after about 30 to 40 seconds puts me on in the Menu characters..and it is not only this problem that many fall for FPS from 60 70 90 Drop to 10 5 2!!!amazing!also when the game logo appears the mouse pointer goes up the left side of the screen..I guess it's something to do with the Terra's and the monitor's resolution.. my monitor's Res is 1920.1080 60hzNN also the same in the game!while a while ago it opened straight up without having this issue that i told you, please if you can help me because i can't play thanks and i am waiting for your reply!
  • Hi Galeas, i'm a new player. i downloaded the game but my account is locked and i cannot login. what should i do? i never played a en mass game before, so i cannot be banned. please help ;)
    • This is not the Enmasse forum this is the Gameforge forum :) Which version are you playing Eu or NA?