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  • I accept you :) now we are friends haha :D
  • I already added you as Killian, but it turns out that you are Brawler level 1, is that correct?
    • no it's not Kernel-Panic lv65 archer :D
    • Well, if it does not bother you, add me and we do not get involved anymore haha. A very big kiss of affection and I hope not to cause more discomfort. Remember that it is Rhylanna
    • Lv42 warrior?
    • yes, tomorrow i accept you :)
  • I added you as discord, I'll try like Killian
  • Hear a question, you do not play anymore?
  • already let me add you, haha ​​halleluja :)
  • White, add me. Don't leave me. My name is Rhylanna :)
  • Ok, then I'll look to add you with that name you told me, although I think I tried it and it did not leave me. If you are going to form a new guild, contact me and I will be willing to join without any problems :)
  • Hi White, I sent you two e-mails and it seems that you do not see them; also that I have also responded to you in the recruitment post and you do not answer either. Sorry to be so heavy, but I need your help and I need to know if the Kingdom Guild is one that there are two people alone. I also look for you to add to my friends and you do not leave me with any of the names that you have passed me and I am in the Killian server, as you are. Please, I need your help and sorry for my inconvenience.