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  • have you gotten a french wife that you dreamed of mate?
    • I never wanted that
    • shhhh... I remember in trade chat you telling me to get you one!
    • haha, I don't remember that, but anyway never take the chat seriously.
    • I never take chat seriously xDD but psss... *whispers* if u need one you know where to find me *wink*
    • might need an american wife to get the green card there, find one for me, haha
  • angry sorc :p
    • Bluh
    • aaangryyy :P
    • QQ
    • Dont bully me QQ
    • :3
  • hi there i have little qestion do you know when its start the server.with this new caracter il waith 45min and its nothing :D sry for my english :D
    • Servers will be up on 14:00 CET >> in 3 hours
    • Enjoy the cancer of Valkyrie for 2 months!