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  • hi.
  • Hey Shiro . A qucik question.
    I've heard from multiple people that there is a Tera Shop update getting ready to ship ~July
    that aims to un-RNG some costumes , add more.

    Wanted to ask, is there an official post or talk about it in the Forums or it's just a rumor?
    I couldn't find any post and I bet if anyone would know about it would be you ^^
    Thanks upfront.
  • Hi shiro, big fan.

    dyeable pique, please <3
  • Hey Shiro. I am interested in making a very long thread in the Constructive Feedback section
    to talk about the game. Can you help me by telling me what's the maximum characters/words I can fit
    in a single post, and how many characters/words I can use on the replies underneath the post?

    Thank you upfront.
    • You can use 50.000 characters. ;)
  • I feel that stalking like arrows in my Back.. :X
  • :********
  • hihi wir sind voll süß
  • Ihhhh Forum Polizei :hail:
    Bald Aufstieg zum GM!
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