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  • What if I tell you, I love both? XD But Seven is my god. My holy grail. But my Dakimakura is from Seven and Jumin :D I love Jumins Bad End
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  • Hey Blair
  • Thank you Blair *^* I love how my Elin looks atm :3 I love the +13 Apex on the Weapon >~
  • Yes, I do! :elin21:
  • You like kitty-cats? :elin2:
  • :elin37:
  • [color=#ff0000]Best Signatur and Avatar Maker *^* [/color] :elin9:
  • Only with you, sweetheart :3
  • Why are you away on irc? :P
    • u missed me? :elin18:
  • Hallo my dearest :3
  • :elin21:
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  • Holis deseolladora de conejos:3
    • Hi my dear and lovely Zek
  • Gracias por aceptar la solicitud de amistad Blair, un saludo grande! :) Thanks for accept the friend add Blair, greetings! :)
    • You're welcome! Remember write in english! Ty to you for send it ^^ De nada, recuerda el ingles jaja y gracias a ti por mandarla ^^
  • Beer partner for life..
    • beer partner or die!!
  • aw beer with little edith sounds nice *.*
    • Okaay see you at 9pm
  • #1 greets :D
    • Oh my first comment :love: Thanks my dear minion