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  • Soon 1year ban friend.
    • Apparently I "discussed proxy" and Andrea banned me for that. Lmao In a thread literally about proxy none the less
    • You are marked my friend. From now on every word you write goes by a very sensitive filter xd Best part is people there claiming to be using the proxy themselves and didn't even get a warning or post edited!
  • Hi big fan, I hear you know how to priest, any tips?
    • Yeh there is a cringe guide written by some idiot called Yoopi, posted on every healer discord, you can read it. Also ask him for the newest proxy modules. :) Good luck!
    • I was told there's this guy Moler, his mouth is pure gold, only things coming out of it are the most valuable information on earth, I know about Yoopi, he's ok, but not as good as Moler.
    • You should really look up to his comments, read them yourself and imagine how important and useful they are.
    • Holy shit you are really the most desperate for attention and saddest person I've seen in TERA. Congratulations for your "achievements", too bad you are worth nothing irl, hell, even in Tera people know you are nothing without your scripts and parties built around your PvE e-peening. Get a life and keep your filth away from my personal messages/walls/whatever. Ty
    • Yes friend. Golden content by the way. Important, useful. That was my last cent to you xD Good luck growing up.
  • my friend Akitsuna said he wants to kiss you
    • that's really nice but I don't erp m8 :'(
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