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  • ohh hi ther i was currios if you know why ther are no more avatar weapons at the begining and know they drop in dg and when i mean they drop im just kiding becose you cy im lev 39 whit brawler and im doing dg whit lev 20+3 weapon and i kinde dont understand why distroy that procces of geting a good weapon in order to progress so much fking faster in a fking dg like it was before pls take you-re time and aswer im just fking currios what is the logic no more lev 65 in 4-5 hour and now we are sopose to do it 2-3 days just an simple answer will do im very curios to the logic
  • hey can you probably help me i cant contact the support it says incorrect data idk why?
  • Why does the guy in your profile pic bite on his cloth connected to his sword?
  • I have a question could you expand the range of languages that are available in the game such as Spanish as it is widely spoken in almost all half of the globe?
    • If for some reason you have read my comment-message, please reply me
    • There currently are no plans to support new languages in TERA.
  • Hey there :) Just wanna know where to read about terms and conditions for payments? Reason: Last saturday June 2nd my game account got blocked cause of payment issue, I ordered Tera Thalers payed with visa card, unluckily amount of money never reached gameforge as they say and at same time my personal bank account was charged, so gameforge without warning blocked my game account sending me email notification about blocking account without any guide or solution to problem. Now by sending ticket at the first was standard answer lately he/she couldn't help sending again same ticket to right department as they say. After 4th ticket gameforge managed to email me bank they account number + IBAN to make payment which I did and still no response from them nor did they unblock account. I also wanna know if this lost days I had does count on tera membership or is membership frozen while blocked? Wanna know, where is written that they can block game account without warning, even I know is not my fault I am still confused with this kind treatment from gameforge side. In advance thanks for help Dino
    • Please talk to the support about your issue. We cannot help you here on the forum.
    • I believe Gameforge broke it's own rules and now no one have answer for what went wrong and where, just need to fine out by my self where Gameforge made mistake in Standard and Special Terms and Condition But hey, thanks for your time anyway ;)
  • Jackpot BG Manahan can someone post board
  • Hi big fan
  • please help me with my Tera archer, i had activated the BuddyUp Rewards and i did the first time pvp battleground match that rewards 1.5milion xp and jumped from 29 to 31 instant and didnt recieve the 30lvl reward. im new to Tera, started today this morning and i plan to stay in this game for a long while cuz its amazing game. but these newbie rewards mean a lot to a new player like me, can i get that 30lvl gift plz. is it possible? i already submitted a ticket to support. i wait for reply. i did nothing wrong from my side, justt i decided to do the first ever BG quest and that huge amount of xp got me to 31lvl. i had no idea........
    • Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about that, for game related issues you need to contact our support: (I don't know if you will get the box or not.)
  • why gameforce will make more servers? i dont think is good idea :s
    • Please post your feedback on the forum in the respective threads.
  • Hello, I just tried logging in to send a support ticket, but unfortunately it got blocked since it did not log me in at all. So I am trying through this way: my tera club was renewed as of yesterday but I did not receive my in game items. Are they on it's way or are the tera club items changed? Thank you
    • Please contact the support if you still need help, a guide can be found here:
  • hi , i was playing tera as a free user year ago, i had different chars at different servers, but servers got merged and my all chars are collected at mystel, now when i try to log in it says i have to delete 4 of my 7 chars to log in. i am a subscriber now but i cant still log in before deleting my 4 chars. can u help me ?
    • Please check your thread.
  • hi dude tera blocked my acaunt maby u can say why?
    • Please contact the support:
  • I don't know you, but I already like you
  • 3th time server crash under one hour what's going on?
    • Sysadmin was informed, will keep you updated:
    • 4 times I enter FW and in middle of battle server goes down, sorry to say this but this looks so unprofessional and sad
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  • hellow sir i have bug can u help me plix :borg:
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