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  • A bit late, but grats on the unban, Sunny. :)
  • hi bro I need help
  • big oof boy
  • Hi Sun :ndnd_sweetdickie:
    • Were you THAT bored? No-one outside our Discord will get what this 'emoji' is... -_-
  • Ive checked your video, did everything besides root files. Reinstalled the game, factory reset modem, i can now login on the site but nothing much on launcher. Wrote message to you
    • I never advise people to reinstall the game but OK. :D You can also message me on Discord - Sun#0314. o/
  • Bro please help im using steam to play Tera. my Launcher stuck 0%, im lv62 ninja and im super love the game please help i cant play i wanna play more pls help :(
    • I replied to your YouTube comment but you didn't say anything further.
  • About this I said that the TC would be activated the moment you redeem the code, I never said that if you redeem the code from the site it won't be activated. Probably my "ps" was misleading, it was just to let him know that if he redeems it with the game closed, it would be able to see the bonuses as soon as he log-in, while if he redeems it in game he needs to restart the game to see the bonuses, since many people do it and then write in world chat "I redeemed the code, why I don't have TC?" But my first sentence was "It will be activated the moment you redeem it".
    • Thanks to the great forum moderation, we can't have this conversation where we are supposed to... Well, it sounded differently or maybe I misunderstood you - it gets activated right away when used in-game and not right away when used online. As I said I would, I'm testing it - used the code on the website lastnight after logging out of the game, so we'll see if it makes any difference. It shouldn't but since I don't care much about it, I'm going to waste half of my 3-day benefits for science. I wouldn't need to test it if moderators cared to help instead of botting (i.e. closing threads without thinking). But what can we do...
  • Check your convo :-x
  • Maybe a bit offtopic but where u get those cool smileys, that are not in the selection list? :rolleyes:
    • They are not there indeed. I've uploaded them on imgur because our mega cool, recently upgraded super 'social' forum hasn't got an option for uploading photos to one's profile, so I had to put them on neutral ground. I actually borrowed them from the forum I was a moderator on for 2 years. I could share the folder... I think, if you're interested. :P
    • Yei share it with me :) Waaaant them *_*
    • N-joy! :-)
  • Sunflare#1626 i use it cause all my codes are actually overused O.o
    • Just don't forget to write on my wall about it... -_-
  • hi guys i have some probleme lanching the game when i lanch it and i put my email and password i klick log in and the game launch for moment the turn off and i cant fix it hel pleas so Can't log-in to Tera Launcher pleas help
    • Hey mate! This is my wall and others just come once a year to see who the heck I am. :D Sorry but I was in a dungeon, so answering a bit late.
  • Reserve me a spot on your guild.
    • Can do. I'm not going to buy you a character slot, nor give you fashion coupons though. :D
    • i hope for someone selling extra character slot 8-16 on TB :s
    • For some reason, they did a event on discount on that vouchers on last month, now make more sense.
    • Just reserve a name and wait a few days until they clean their mess. It's idiotic making people delete a character. I just want official confirmation that character restoration won't be a double standard, luck based thing (i.e. them doing it for 1 person but not for another) before I can tell guildies and randoms about this.
  • asdsa
    • -_- Could've just messaged me here. :-)
    • hmm ok xD what details you need for teamviewer ?
    • haha I didn't mean on my profile wall. :D OK, lemme start a 'conversation'. It's private. ;-)
    • LOL, I didn't get you xD
    • lol Check your conversations here, on the forum. I'll add you on Skype if I must... :D
  • Why the f*** you have 11 followers? Are they all Stalkers? Be aware, someday you going to have your nake body over internet, mostly on gay p*rn websites xDD
    • It's 13 but who counts... I send only faceless nudes. (smirk)
  • Stop the flood Sun!