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    At this point I doubt TERA EU will have any cash shop unless the game turn to F2P, for some reason Gameforge it's not interested, perhaps they don't see it profitable enough at this moment, after all they have the suscriptions numbers.

    So don't hold your breath and deal with the lack of it, specialy now, because BHS is releasing a lot of new costumes (playboy bunny!).

    Or perhaps it's more simple and Gameforge no longer cares about TERA, so as soon their contract with BHS end...

    What Sapphidia say it's a viable option, but the other person must have a class capable to wear the template. A Lancer can't remodel cloth/leather armors for example.

    PS: Female humans look fat in swimwear! :P

    The only exclusive skin is the metal black, all the other can be obtanied as regular gear.


    Is there any chance these templates will be added to some form of PVE content?

    Don't count with it, right now TERA force you to do all kind of content. A PvP player have to farm nexus event and raid in order to buy certain materials for T14 PvP armor/weapon.

    Ummm... no. I really dislike current TERA PvP but enjoy the PvE part, and like me others.

    Ryuni;2187469 wrote:

    You're just looking at the whole thing wrongly. Lancers aren't OP one bit, it's the PvP gear.
    TERA gear makes an immense difference, if you come up against a Lancer in full Victorious+9 gear, he's going to decimate you. Even worse when they get full White Feldspar gear (although it needs to be +11/+12).

    Shown by those statistics, Lancers aren't killing machines. They're there, like Warriors, for utility/interruption. But as you have experienced, with OP PvP gear, they will become PvP machines. This will be the same for any class except healer classes.

    This, with similar gear it's not that bad, for sure Lancers are annoying as hell because they can disable your char for a long period after all.

    Masterwork process and stats re-roll are pretty simple and accessible, that's why spellbind price it's that high. Perhaps at some point BHS will develop a more complex and interesting process with less RNG involved, but I doubt it.


    Progression exists for a reason. Trivialise it and everything you do is virtually meaningless. Even for a mere game...

    Tera it's already trivialised, it's one of the most easiest games in the MMO market after all (right now a new player have direct access to a ILvL of 149 without do a single dungeon, is more easy gearing your char here than in WoW). Just because the game have an abusive RNG don't make it hard or complex. And using your own words:


    Come on, it's not like the concept is hard for an intelligent human being to understand, and I think everyone here qualifies for that to a certain degree. Very simple. Stop being obnoxious.

    Others games have a more interesting and complex system for similar stuff without any RNG outside drops, like FFXI for example. Sadly this is one of the weakest points in TERA.

    It's a fact, todays people prefer solo over team play most of the time. Anyway, and IMO, the only problem with TERA community is how greedy they can be from time to time, but it's not their fault, RNG push them to act like that.

    In TERA everyone need a lot of money, so the room to be nice it's very small.

    Tera PvP is a big mess right now. A single hit can: KD you, interrupt you or make your char scream in pain defenseless for a brief period of time, it's like a goodstone from Aion. Also, you have to add the stuns without DR and RNG glyphs.

    Furthermore pointless GVG / open PvP and one BG it's not enough.

    I'm surprised, no one point a big problem with this changes: defending and/or annoying enemies to keep them busy and give your team more time is now even less rewarding. From now on just follow the zerg and run away for your life.

    runespider;2181457 wrote:

    Popular doesn't mean good, unless you think Diablo 3 (D3 sold vastly more copies in 2 days than Gw2 has to right now), twilight and Justin beiber are the pinnacle of entertainment in their fields for everyone. Aside form that Gw2 hasn't been out long enough yet to start to bleed players, this usually happens 5-6 weeks after launch and a lot sure aren't happy with the game.

    I've been playing Tera hardcore since head start, I still play it every single day. I have 6 chars now at 60 and I have plenty of endgame content to work on, working on t13>t14 gear for all my chars, masterwork weapon and armor on some from hard modes, working on master glyphs, increasing my gear to do the top tier dungeons, dailes for rep items, farming gold, nexus raid dungeons for gear and mounts (battlegrounds are there, I hate pvp but some like it) etc etc

    I'm more than happy with the game, the fact you are here shows you aren't really sure about the one you are playing though. Nothing shouts insecurity like bashing something you don't play just it might compete with the one you're playing? First few weeks of Gw2 launch haters were gone, now the sheen is off and people are hating on it (and maybe you're bored too) they are back. That says more about the game in a negative way than anyone else every could.

    One thing is play tera as a hardcore player and other is play like a altoholic with a lot of free time.

    Yes you can, I play in NA servers, but:

    - Time zones: find a good guild is hard, nexus and other events are a problem too.

    - Lag: I have 150ms and lock on skills are painfull to use compared to TERA EU servers. Also, its more hard to avoid certain bosses skills.

    The only good thing at NA are the chronoscrolls (thats why I still play there) and the store, at some point both features will be aviable at TERA EU too, so, IMO stick to EU version.


    To those that say Tera's combat is grindy, boring, and repetitive, let me ask you this. Is it any worse than clicking on a mob and press 1 2 3 4 5 for 15-30 minutes until the boss dies? I'm not saying Tera's combat is superb, but definitely not any worse than clicking and repetitively hitting 1 2 3 4 5.

    Tera have this problem too, like any MMO.


    IF enchanting and masterworking stuff is not rewarding, then why the hell would you do it? Last I check, the stat increase in itself is a reward. Or did anyone expect to get a swimsuit out of masterworking a staff?

    Due RNG. Check this:…73&viewfull=1#post2176573

    Don't pug, go with a fixed raid and problem solved. After all you can do Nexus Traverse with 6/8 man (tip: not everyone have to be online in order to enter), so hardly is time consuming.


    NO, TERA is nowhere near as grindy and unrewarding as that.

    Oh yeah, Enchant/Masterwork it's not grindy at all and it's very rewarding. Not to mention the time needed in order to craft a full T14 set... silly hater.

    Zdzisiu;2171344 wrote:

    That is not true. I have acc on NA aswell. In NA from 40 boxes I always had 3-6 swim suits. Here I have from 40 boxes only 0-1. So difference in rates between NA and EU is huge.

    Yeah, thats why people complain in NA too:…it-up-Summer-event?page=1


    Just opened 30 1 fking female human suit.

    Took me forever to find all those boxes too.

    so, RNG is now 1/30. Anyone want to add more numbers so we can figure out the chances?

    RNG is RNG.

    In NA the drop rates for swimsuits sucks too, and thats the point: frustrate the player with a low drop rate so they finally buy a swimsuit from the cash shop.

    However, TERA EU don't have a cash shop, so... there is no reason for the current drop rates.