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    There should have always been a max number of perticipants per guild. But not 20.

    People would just open multiple guilds and play together if only 20 players can participate for their guild.

    What the fck are you talking about. Liking the post of tobtheking and assazin shows how stupid the people on this forum are.

    It wasn't Krafton who started to ruin this game... it was Bluehole.

    They don't even differ that much. They are the same and do the same (always the same people).

    Re-naming/creating companies doesn't delete all the mistakes done in the past.

    Stupid idiots:lol:

    No thank you, it's what I play for mostly and I'd like to enjoy it until the very last drop.

    Give me a developer's announcement that this game will discontinue pvp permanently and sink me with the ship, or I'll keep asking for more PvP.

    Ship? The ship already sank and the only things that are left are shipwreck parts like planks floating on the water.

    HF holding onto them.

    Let PvP die already. It is totaly ruined and pretty inacvtive anyways.

    Don't feed them money.

    It was a very nice time back then... open world PvP, Fray, Skyring, CS, Alliance... but the more time passed (beginning with the level 60 CS change) the shittier and shittier the PvP situation had become.

    Day after day, month after month, year after year ALWAYS worse and worse and even more worse.

    Koreans have no clue what they are doing anymore. Just give up and leave the game.

    I would even prefer a action combat PVP game that is not a MMORPG. And i like TERA as a MMORPG.

    Just download the game and pick/create a character and start PvP-ing.

    I played this game for 7-8 years and didn't had a single desync while using lock-on skills.

    I had 2 different PC's and played all classes.

    Anyone with more than two functional brain cells knows that that you are full of bulshit.

    And besides that the lock on system that we currently have is much better for a game like TERA.

    Shiko.Somber Why tell someone to speak english in Macellarius Catacombs?

    missTao Why not to go first as Mystic? It is MC + Mystic is the fastest mob gartherer so tanks and DPS can just quickly kill them in one place.

    The whole idea is to finish MC the fastest way and not bullshitting around with "tanks go first" nonsense.

    LevinSnakesRise You created your account 2 weeks ago just to protect GF staff.

    Nobody takes you seriously and you totally failed your mission.

    - GF staff, the self proclaimed "TERA experts" that btw can't even play nor understand their own game after 7 YEARS!!!

    - The shop monetisation is HORRIBLE and they are losing extreme amount of money.

    - They don't ban cheaters. There were cheaters in this game for 3+ years already, they started with teleporting in CS long distance, stun resistance, damage resistance and activating scripts so that other players cant use attacks/skills with their characters. I reported them multiple times but i still kept seeing them playing. And as we know now, this was just the beginning.

    GF is not competent.
    Also look at their job requirements and compare it with their staff :lol:

    They are searching for people that are doctors, that should also be McGyvers, that should also be Nikola Teslas and 870 IQ is also a must have...

    Koreans also totally lost the touch with TERA as if the old korean developers/staff all left and a bunch of idiots took over. But this thread is not about them, this is about GF.


    TERA needs to get deleted in all regions and they should work on TERA 2 or sell the IP to a big company.

    Fck MMORPG games, make it a PvP only game with the combat system we have currently in a UE 5 engine.

    Actually they should DELETE the following things from the game:

    • Cards
    • Advanced skills
    • EP
    • Guild stat bonuses

    Crystals and Glyphs were amazing. They should have worked on these 2 systems instead of making 4 other ones.