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    Last time when I checked, one person wrote he would love to play a certain mmorpg, but he doesn't want to play with other people.

    I guess, despite it's oldschool'ness, SOTA devs are propably going in the right direction by creating an mmorpg, where you'll be able to chose who do you want to actually play with.


    That's what you get in mmorpg's nowadays. You know which fault is it? Yours. Because a typical modern gamer cries to no end in the beggining, because he doesn't want to be ganked and stuff has to be "fair". So devs impose those stupid rules, safe zones and various silly buffs. In the end it always backlashes towards the very same people who used to scream the loudest about "fairness" and "safety" of new players. In the end almost everyone is just weak and egoistical; if it's them, they want to be safe and level up, and have fun, and pvp and pk whenever they feel like it, but when others want to do the same, it's a big "no no".

    I hope you'll enjoy it now, then.

    If this would be an mmorpg from ages bygone, you'd simply be able to kill that trash without any repercussions and no one would even raise a hand against you. Not because you'd be some kind of a cruel outlaw without any sort of feelings, nor guilt but simply because that player was in a place he shouldn't be, doing things he shouldn't be doing; in other words, pissing other players off. Unfortunately for you, this is TERA, game built upon the very essence of carebears.

    locking killian doesn't help other servers at all. yes maybe new players will start on those other servers but it will take them month or two to get to the ''level'' that will allow them to do end game content.

    TERA is so easy you can currently solo more than 95% of the game's content and easily level up without any issues; it definately won't take anyone a "month" to reach endgame. Stop babysitting new players all the time, cause that's what makes them worse.

    I remember one, when I went back playing CS after ignoring it for months (for a reason). Marvelous matching system took our 360 pro no scope team against an almost full premade. Within first two minutes, more than half of our team simply left the match.

    In the end I just fooled around, sniping single kills with other tryhards, when the rest of the team remained in the team spawn.

    Epic times, indeed.

    Can you finally tell me that reason? I mean why do you consider Tera as crappy MMO. I have seen many posts of you. Well yeah, sometimes it makes sense, but you are such a hater :thumbdown:

    I don't consider TERA a crappy mmo. I consider it a game, that didn't managed to face the expectations of it's own playerbase and went straight downhill a while after the release, cause devs actually saw that and stopped caring. It propably didn't even met their own expectations to start with. Also, I'd be happy if others would actually acknowledge the simple fact, that a lot of the posts on this forum are only opinions of other human beings. Learn to not take them personally.

    Flanberry wrote:

    New =/= better, you'll get bored of archage and start seeing its flaws im pretty sure. It was the same with GW2 anyway, it was hype at the start but people got bored so quickly and dumped it for a reason, me included. New is fun for awhile (maybe enough while to make you lose old addictions) but in the end its not better

    I played and have been following AA since they started to work on it. I know all the flaws and good sides of the game; AA is far from being flawless, but I can ensure you - when you have other people to play with, it's one of the most memorable and enjoyable gaming experiences ever, mainly due to the sheer ammount of content and possibilities. And when you get bored with all that running, trading, piracy and owpvp you can simply go and maintain your own vegetable garden, climb the mountains and do some gliding or just hang out with people and roleplay. Real sandpark mmorpg to the fullest.

    The most basic fact is that TERA has literally no content besides pve based geargrind and some equalized pvp. That's why people sit at the Lumbertown bridge and pk lowbies since forever.

    Argument worthy of a mature player, Flan. As long as Trion will keep up with it's promises on certain content issues for the western release (and so far, they've been doing a good job), AA might become a decent successor to L2, with a ton more of content any of the previous mmorpg's ever had. In terms of general pvp/fun and possibilites, it's not as good as Shadowbane, but very close.

    Meanwhile, you can support TERA by saying it has an awesome combat system and queue up for more dead 3v3; I'd rather play Senko no Ronde or Acceleration of Suguri, if I'd want to have a truly player competitive gameplay, with tons more of fun. There's a reason why TERA was left by a large portion of it's former playerbase.

    Mmorpg's are just mmorpg's. If you're seeking for a challenge in a competitive enviroment, go play a MOBA game and stop living the dream; mmo's were never meant to bring that kind of content in the first place.

    There's nothing to be afraid of, since TERA is already empty from ages and those who remained (excluding people who never heard of it, got interested and actually downloaded the client), are those who will remain forever anyway.

    Not sure if a curse, or blessing.

    If I have to add something and be honest as well, PvE-focused servers simply appeal to carebears, because they typically eliminate the need of full interaction with other players, both in positive and negative ways; PvE players tend to ignore and eliminate the unpleasant ones. In general, it's detrimental to the overall game experience, but who am I to judge what others want.

    Game design 10+ years ago:

    TA: More than 17 years (still played, huge community and modding scene)
    JJ2: More than 16 years (still played, unofficialy developed)
    SC: More than 16 years (still played, community bigger than in SC2)
    UT: More than 15 years (still played, huge community & modding scene)

    Game design past 2007:

    Games die out 2-4 years after official release. Played only by the most hardcore fans, they are quickly forgotten.

    I doubt anyone even actually remembers about TERA's anniversary.

    People complain out of obvious reasons; if things would be the way they should, no one would ever said a bad word about BHS, nor GF, nor EME. And don't start the talk about KR players - they cry and complain even more and about the most trivial things even western players don't, just check their official forums. One of the reasons TERA has so many issues and fu*ked up mechanics is because of the korean playerbase and their absurd/unrealistic demands and game style sporting eternal focus on geargrind. It's also one of the reasons games like BD or AA won't ever be popular in KR.

    1. Killian
    2. Warrior, sorcerer, lancer or berserker if you want challenge and are a masochist.
    3. This is a pve-centred geagrinding game with focus on instancing, pvp is an addition, nevertheless it has one of the best pk/owpvp possibilities, ever. Combat is fantastic.

    You should be preety much entertained.