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    Here is the actual meaning "We wish we could’ve presented this to you as a playable, translated content update, but there simply wasn’t any profit to deliver this to you before the servers are switched off (because we stopped the payments since the beginning of the month)."

    i want to spend lots of cash on tera thalers right up untill the very end, but i get the same error... :(

    please help

    You can't, Gameforge doesn't want your money since then end of May.

    Please go spend it on something else that is useless on the same level or higher.

    Thank you.

    Try to read some news here, like TERA Shutdown - FAQ

    Registration is impossible now and makes no sence


    Hello, as mentioned previously, there are no additional monthly news planned for events, all of them are added in the existing news named "Permanent events". In case of any additions, there will be an update on that post.

    So once there is no cash flow then there is no minimal final effort, in order to leave the community with at least bittersweet feelings.

    Ok thanks.

    This might be my last message here, so good luck in your future gameforge communities if you actually planning on staying in this company.


    The TERA team:


    Dear community,

    we would like to inform you that registrations and payments for TERA are no longer possible.

    also The TERA team:


    Incredible 90% Off Everything!

    Cant believe my eyes T_T so much memories in this game ... </3

    ZENOBIA *cries in the corner with broken hearto*

    Logged in today to check the game and sell some costumes (cuz ive plenety to sell) and what i found out Q-Q

    Zenobia who?

    Do people still sell and buy things?

    I mean, any price higher than 1 copper as a donation wouldn't make sense.


    Good words.

    I was underage and I'm still underage. (Or am I?)

    I've met people that are 50+ in Tera.


    Kind reminder:


    you can now get an unbelievable 90% discount off everything in the TERA Shop! Take advantage of this offer until TERA shuts down on 30th June 2022 (10 AM CEST).

    I wonder if we get 95% discount after the shut down


    I am actually quite heartbroken by the news. Of all the online games I have played Tera is the one I return to again and again simply cus I love the characters I created. They always make me smile and I so love the things I have collected for them over the years. So in losing the game I lose not only my characters but all the many hundreds of items I have in the collections. If only I could retain access to my beloved characters and view them online in some way. Like a Tera lounge area where we could meet and greet and chat about the good old days. But simply closing the game is just so harsh. Especially for those of us that have been here for the long duration.

    There are no words to describe how I feel about the loss of my characters. They are condemned to death along with all my prized possessions in game. I have grown so attached to my characters and it really will be heartbreaking saying goodbye. Just so very sad.

    Hello, thank you for bringing back the item claim server. Are any orders placed just before it crashed going to be processed? I purchased an outfit during the sale for my Aman character Dustia, and the thalers are still gone, but there's been no delivery in the claim yet.

    Just wandering, do you know that TERA will shutdown in a little more than 1 month from now right?

    Hi look, there was a major BUG in SHEN for half year and they didn't fix it until the end of TERA, probably they knew about.

    Instead were copy pasting once awhile "there is unfortunately no update in this topic, we are still waiting for the developer to provide a fix"


    Pmang is the perfect example of publishing done right. You guys could learn a lesson or two from this, but I'm sure you're all too busy still trying to milk your non-existent playerbase with 'boosted' sales that nobody is around to purchase. Send this to our Product Manager, who we never got told about or introduced to all this time. They've been a coward long enough.

    At this point I doubt they have Product Manager at all, not to speak of a functioning organization in general. It's same as flipping a coin in order to make product decisions, or asking some online chat bot.