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    Unfortunatelly this one requires the game to be installed from GF client? At least I suppose so cause I do not have the {68f799ce-b2cf-44f5-8638-ce992d7fd0f4} folder. There's only a registry for the GF client, not the game.

    Tried the steps above (got the .dll after 2h) but once starting the client again the download restarted. Guess I missclicked and accidentally paused instead of stopping the download completely. Gonna give it another try.

    Someone posted this on discord too but I currently have no GF installation so I am forced to follow step 2.b. The installation already is 1h in but I still have no gameforge_api.dll file. This feels like I'll get it at the end of the download which beats the whole point of this bypass.

    Is it possible to upload the file somewhere and just download it, copy it to folder I will install TERA to, copy steam Client folder (and make sure to install the correct version on steam, not the en masse one that you can't simply discern while installing so GL) and be done? Does it really have to be so complicated?


    I'd like to return back to TERA after some break. The problem is that I spent roughly 7h updating the game via gameforge client only to get stuck while launching the game (it freezes and never starts). Repair did not help. Uninstall was quite instant and new download/install would take another 9 frikin hours. Can't be bothered, really.

    I read that it is possible to use steam to play the game using the same accounts so after 1h I have all ready (see? Steam knows how to download, not that crappy ~2 MB/s) but am stuck on what to do next. Any help? I don't mind using gameforge client but give me an alternative to 9h download that is actually usable. At this moment I am just about to give up on TERA forever if they can't make a working launcher.

    Thanks for any advice on how to make it work,


    PS: my friend with much much worse internet connection managed to download the game on gameforge client within 3h. Why can't I? We are definitely from the same region.