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    This must be something with your system configuration or in-game settings, there were issues like lowering texture resolution when we had 32bit client, but with new client, I never ever had any problems, and game looks gorgeus. I heard that people had some issues with 64bit client if their rigs were having 8GB of ram only. I have much more and do not experience any grapic glitches or problems.

    I have 8 gb ram on this moment.Are you sure this is the problem?I can go now and buy more memory ram but i want to be 100% sure this is the problem.Bcs this game is very nice and i want to play it but with low quality i can't play bcs i like games with big graphics :-s

    Try and test with optimization on 3

    I try but dosn't work.I start to play this game with 4 friends and they quit bcs of graphic.U play 5 min or 10 min with maximum quality and then they change the graphic.I say "Let's give this game a chance" but if this happens every time it just makes you angry and you forget the purpose of the game.If my pc can run this game on max graphic why they change my graphic ? I think it's one of the things that frustrated me the most. It's a very nice game with a lot of potential in which it's impossible to get bored. But i start to play this game with my friends and they leave bcs of graph and i think a lot of people do the same.. And soon enough, if I don't understand hot to play this game at max graphic , I think I'll leave this game too.

    I play this game 1 month and what can i say , it's a nice game bcs of map details.But is worth to playing when they change ur graphic settings all time.I have a very good computer that can run any game at full graphics but this game change settings auto.What is wrong with you people?Why is that settings active?Why u change my graph all time?we are in 2020 now all people have a poor pc that can support this game at maximum quality so where is the point?