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    As I understand it, an update was introduced after which Fish Crate depreciated and costs 0 gold.

    The question is, do you understand that having committed such a radical measure have limited the players?

    To get Fish Crate you need not only one fishing, but also collect other resources, and then craft everything. It takes a lot of time and energy. And instead of figuring out the situation with fishing bots, you just Fish Crate devalued!

    What have you done?!

    Fish Crate - to create it you need:

    Fish Filet/Kirash Filet (mined by fishing);

    Plain Stone (mined by gathering);

    Cobala Ore (mined by gathering);

    Cobala Ingot (mined by gathering);

    Shadsteel Ingot (mined by gathering);

    Xermetal Ingot (mined by gathering);

    Norsteel Ingot (mined by gathering);

    Galborne Ingot (mined by gathering);

    Do you see how much more need to collect besides fishing to create Fish Crate?!

    And you've devalued it all!

    If you want to make changes, then you need to think about the consequences before removing anything!

    Reconsider your decision and restore in price Fish Crate!