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    we have the same issue when I first login I also got that parcel post message for reaching tier 9.

    This is what I mean, see image. If you still have the original parcel post message then they have (on their end) irrefutable evidence that you reached T9. Don't even need to send a screen shot.

    I just discovered that I still have the parcel post message from reaching tier 9, but I only got reward tier 5-8 in item claim.

    I'd like to update my support ticket to include this information, but they say it means my support ticket will be marked as new and have to start from the beginning of the queue.

    at least I can prove I was T9 on their end now.

    I did but according to the data that they received I'm at tier 8 but supposedly players were assured that no game progress will be lost after doing migration

    Same thing happened to me.

    I have contacted support with a screen shot to prove it, but am still waiting on a response.

    I'll be pretty annoyed if they say something like it doesn't count if you did it after a certain date since it took a huge amount of effort farming island of dawn to get it done and they didn't tell us there would be a get off date.

    Just adding some more names and conversions;

    Deus Irae Smart Box -> Dummy Smart Box

    Starglow Weapon Skin Box -> Dummy Smart Box6

    Volcanic Dragon Weapon Skin Smart Box -> Emergency Item Conversion 613-25

    Blizzat's Remembrance -> Suited in White for a Weekend

    (please note that the "Dummy Smart Box" is the full name for Deus Irae Smart Box, there are no numbers with this one)