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    missTao ok so after one more day trying to solve and doing all the stuff you mentioned in here, I can confirm it was of no avail. so now instead of downloading from the Gameforge Client I'm trying the STEAM. its downloading now and in 6 hours I'll be able to try again. one friend from guild said he had the same issue and it solved after some reg clean and reinstalling. if the Steam download dont solve the issue I'll try this and see. :elin15:


    Let's first make sure you are trying to run the correct region:

    • Launch the Gameforge Client;
    • Go to the Library and select TERA from the games;
    • After that, click on the name of your game account (as in this screenshot);
    • Then change the region to "North America" (as in this screenshot).
    • Below, you should see all of your migrated EME accounts associated with your Gameforge account.

    Hello missTao,

    I did what you say. I am in the correct region and the account showing is my account. It says that I played last time been 2 hours, but it cant be true because I cant start the game :(

    it also didn't help. the client dont start the game for me.

    Hello, I am one of the migrating players from EME to GF. I just download TERA again and I know the migration of my account was successful, but I cant play it. I open the GF client launcher, click "play" and it changes to "in game", stays in that for 30 sec and then goes back to "play". The Game never starts. I've try to repair time and time again to no use, have uninstalled the game and download it again and nothing, gave permissions and tried run as admin but nothing works. Please help :(

    the game is in directory D//:TERA
    it worked in EME client until it closed.