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    Ingame critters and chat frooze about 40 mins ago

    Finally had to al tab close game

    Full game restart and cant get past server selection screen Server currently not available

    sounds like same thing that happened to the Euro servers after patch

    They all felt it was dupers creating lag to dupe( a common thing in most MMOs it seems )

    And when we had lots of lag ingame earlier thats first thing everyone on Global assumed too

    see if its fixed after dinner now :P

    yep been down for 30 40 mins now

    basiccly game all froze around toon could move but n chat finally alt tab close game not been able to get past server page since

    and yes the lag ingame earlier also felt like dupers at work ...usual thing

    edit this is Velik NA i was talking about

    seems like same issues for us too

    i just didnt look at where post was pointing to :P

    worked for 4 days

    claimed it last night b4 bed and timer was there After saying 5 hrs till next

    logged back in the morn after full game restart and no timer now

    full pc and game restart didnt fix it

    Can GF personal please acknowledge this

    Zero point having a Player Assistance Thread on the forum if its totally unattended by GF

    also include along with the option resets ,the MM mystery box which was disabled at same time

    And the broken Fish Crates which give zero gold now