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    tl;dr, dungeons are basically not even worth running in this current patch because dungeon drop rates are abysmal across the board.

    Rebalancing of drops is needed, whether its through tweaks in the elleon marks shop/drop rate, or just increases in drop rate in dungeons in general. The current model is really destroying players' motivation to run dungeons at all. Personally, my favourite solution would be a guaranteed reward through vanguard quests (added to the base vanguard quest), as was used in the past with dark shard armor feed. Maybe something like this:

    Gossamer Vault: 1x improved weapon feed and 1x improved armor feed per run via vanguard quest

    Ruinous Manor (Normal): 3x Improved armor feed per run via vanguard quest

    Akalath Quarantine: 2x improved weapon feed per run via vanguard quest

    Catalepticon (Normal): 1 Lumikan's Wing Fragment per run via vanguard quest

    Catalepticon (Hard): 1 Lumikan's Horn Piece per run via vanguard quest

    These additional items must be effected by increased vanguard item events, thereby adding much needed value to these events. Perhaps accessory and infusion stone boxes could be added to their respective dungeons as well.

    Ultimately, there needs to be some consistency with drops from dungeons, so that players can see that their spent adventure coins and time will consistently reap them some kind of reward. Items delivered through vg quest can deliver just that, with daily caps already in place to provide a reasonable limit-gate to progression.

    Honestly, do what you can so that pvpers aren't completely disenfranchised, (kind of a monumental task when Bluehole disenfranchises pvpers basically every other patch); I don't care personally. But I can tell you, from the pve side of things, that a merge between Kaia and Velik servers is 100% necessary and should have happened on day 1 of Gameforge taking over.

    Kaia server has been inactive since release and getting worse at that, and I hear Velik isn't doing much better. If you're on Kaia server, good luck finding parties for most 5 man content, let alone Harrowhold (HH) LOL. I know HH is going away soon, and it's a damn shame that Gameforge wasted the opportunity to give us a more lively experience with the raid by providing us one decently populated server rather than two dying ones. Please learn from your mistake, and merge the servers already!

    The hp for the bosses in Harrowhold is displayed via the "Demoros (default?) gauge." This means that the buffs and debuffs placed on the bosses are not visible through normal means. For most of the phases, this is only an annoyance, that can be played around with enough knowledge of the dungeon (it makes it very difficult for mystics to coordinate contagion on a single target, for example).

    However, on phase 4, there is a mechanic where each healer must plague/regress the boss (5 times total) at very specific times, which are only indicated by watching stacks of a shield-looking buff on the bosses bar (plague/regress at 3 stacks). Since the bosses buffs and debuffs are not visible, there is no way to normally know when to plague/regress. Failing this mechanic is not an option if you want to clear, because it makes the boss faster (more difficult to survive) and tankier (he's too tanky on phase 4 to begin with).

    Please, can we have the boss hp bars be visible in Harrowhold? Or at least some kind of fix that tells you when to plague/regress on phase 4...

    Now that we've more or less had a successful migration, can we get any update on when the option reroll scrolls will be usable again? The etchings and infusions introduced in v99 really don't garner my interest (far too much cost/effort for reward as they are now), so it would be nice if I could at least start emptying my inventory of fodder and working on those gear and accessory rolls!