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    Thanks for posting the link. I found the answer by using the dependency walker and process explorer. The game dynamically loads Direct-X DLLs that it doesn't install as part of the game installation. The game should report some kind of error when it doesn't find the compatible Direct-X DLLs. This is a new problem since Gameforge took over the game installation from En-Masse.

    Your solution is correct. I appreciate you taking time to post it. I'm disappointed that Gameforge support didn't know about that problem and didn't find it when testing the installer that they released for the game.

    I'm currently working through Gameforge support to solve a problem with two of my three Windows 10 systems. Two have no sound at all in Tera, but I do hear the Gameforge logo sound after launching Tera and just before the Tera title screen. I haven't found what is different about the working computer but I suspect it may have a slightly different set of Windows 10 updates installed. It had Windows 10 installed earlier than the other computers.

    I noticed that the level meter in the sound mixer does not show any sound for Tera either. Other devices like a media player show the level going up and down in the mixer. The Tera level meter continues to show the empty level meter that I see when an application is not playing any sounds.

    I have tried checking settings, reinstalling the game, repairing the game, reinstalling audio drivers on the computers and selecting different kinds of devices (Realtek speakers, SteelSeries headphones, Bluetooth headphones, etc.). All of the different audio devices work playing music and Windows sounds, but none of them play any audio from Tera.

    Any suggestions will be appreciated. Also, if anyone has the same problem it will be helpful to know about that.