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    You should be able to reset the instance by typing '/reset' (no apostrophes) into your chat, and then attempt again, from within the dungeon.

    If the quest itself is an issue, use L to open your Quest log, and find the quest. Highlight it by clicking on it, and if there's an 'abandon' or 'reset' then you can click on it. If it's grayed out, you cannot. At that point, you'd have to contact support;

    While I can agree, it isn't that hard for someone to take their time, rather than rush like most do, and learn the timing, and pay attention to the upcoming laser color.

    Besides, they already took out the mine cart ride in TR. I'd rather they not just cut out yet another section of the dungeon cause "too long" or whatever the reason was it was removed. :<

    hello there i wanted to try TERA again and noticed that the old NA server its moved to gameforge but it seems that you needed to migrate your account before X date :( i never got an email or something and i created a new account with my old mail (already had an EU account with the same mail) and i wanted to use my name in game cause its not that common and it was in use so i tried some other and all was already in use and i tried to add them as friend and noticed that all my characters are still alive in the server (same name class level hard to miss the combination) its posible to recover my account? :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

    Unfortunately not. The 'characters' still exist for the moment, however your account does not, due to GDPR laws and your lack of consent for EME to take your account data and transfer over-seas to GameForge.

    Doesnt it krafton = bluehole ?

    And where did u read this news?(logged in because i saw this topic and it seems interesting.)

    Basically they renamed the company Krafton, and spun off Bluehole into a subsidiary of the company.

    So yeah, nothing has changed, and people think it has. :elin15:

    Hello! I'm trying to transfer my character from the Yurian to the Mystel server using the "Character Transfer" option in the Gameforge Launcher but the transfer never happens, instead it shows an error message "CHARACTER TRANSFER ERROR - An error has occurred". Does anyone knows why? Thanks in advance!

    You'd be better off sending in a Support Ticket, as this is the American forum for one, and second that sounds like a server-error, not an item-based transfer error like the OP had;

    Thanks mate, after the migration over, there is so many things i don't know.

    i recently seen people talking about fashion coupon but what is the use of it? i click my fashion coupon and all it show changing 5 fashion coupon for the same 1 fashion coupon... =_= so i use more fashion coupon for lesser fashion coupon?? It doesn't seem to change colour as well from what i seen in forum. Any idea on this?

    There seem to be so many issues after the migration... feels like a game that has been abandoned......

    Hey again.

    This isn't an actual 'issue' per say. This 'problem' is that NA on EME's server had an abundance of Fashion Coupons compared to EU, so the first time you're trading your coupons, you're trading your NA coupons at a 1:5 ratio to EU's coupons, as the prices and abundance are different. These are both green (aka Uncommon) Fashion Coupons.

    Then when you trade them for the 1:5 ratio conversion, you will then convert those Uncommon ones into blue (aka Rare) ones at a 1:1 equal ratio. Once done, if you click one final time, it'll give you access to the actual Fashion Coupon shop.

    I'm unaware of why the 1:1 ratio is required, but apparently somewhere along the way there was a problem with the Fashion Coupons and the shop in EU, so they had to do an Uncommon to Rare requirement, so each time you get a new stack, you have to convert them to the correct version.

    Ah, you mean the Calendar, not the Advent Calendar they had running inside the Shop.

    The Calendar doesn't exist because NA never got a fix for it, and GameForge doesn't use the Calendar feature at all. Unfortunately it doesn't look like that'll change anytime soon.

    As for that drop-down, I would definitely send in a ticket and ask them to add NA's servers to that, cause it's really important in-case the in-game shop goes down like it did recently.

    Just a few things that TERA Club gives includes the following, some similar to EME's Elite;

    • Club Mount (Currently Spectral Trail)
    • Club Pet (Currently Crimsette)
    • Free 250 Tikat Tokens in in-game Shop
    • Rapid XP Potion (100%)
    • Dragon's Flame (Used to open Banyaka's Chests from Ghillieglade which gives you a few items)
    • TERA Club Supplies which includes;
      • 2x Small Elinu's Tears
      • 1x Bravery Potion
      • 1x Canephora Potion
      • 1x (Event) Small Comet
      • 1x Each NPC Summon Scroll (Phargo, Schwab, Sionne, and Monte)
      • 2x Azart Elixirs
    • 20x Strongbox Keys
    • Your traditional Travel Journal, Village Atlas, Everful Nostrum, and constant Complete Crystalbind.
    • Instance cool-downs halved and entries doubled.
    • Increased Maximum Adventure Coins and faster regeneration.
    • 50 Active Broker Slots
    • Increased Deliveries to both Fishing Merchants
    • +50% Skill Advancement XP increase
    • +100% EP XP Bonus
    • Reduced Broker Fees

    That's pretty much the majority of the benefits.

    As for purchasing it, I'd recommend directly from the site, or from the Broker in-game, as it'd be much more cheaper than through the shop.

    I thought I was the only one who was experiencing this.

    Even the Elite Mount has the constant growling sound effect that just keeps stacking on top of one another.

    So definitely, yes, please.

    I'm just curious what and when the TERA Shop gets rotated with, as I've also been asked from returning Guildmates about certain items in the Dressing Room that aren't found anywhere in the Shop (or Broker for that matter), and I myself have only seen certain (personally useless) additions, such as the Event Fire Tombs, the First Moon Lotus Dream, the Bewitching Letter Magic Tomb, etc

    I haven't really seen mount rotations or additions, and the Semi Engimatic Scrolls are still sitting in the Enchanting section even though those have been made useless, minus the fact you can dismantle them for Entropic Emblems, but they aren't worth 69 and 49 Thalers for the amount of Emblems you'd get by the time you've dismantled them, especially if you only get 10 scrolls, that's 1160 emblems. At roughly 20 Emblems a pop you can get 58 Golden Talents. That' 65 gold, unless you sit there and actually Craft Darics and Plates, but the point being they're useless, but still in the shop, and still making GameForge money, I'm sure. Another example is the Master Fusioneer Chest, which is for making Niveots. Unless the new gear is using Crystals, which I doubt, these chests are useless, but still provided as an option. You don't even really need Niveots for lower 65 gear, so...what's the point?

    The Costumes are so...bland and boring. What about the other 5000 costumes the game has? These have been here since the server launched. Same with the companions and mounts, minus the new Shiba mounts that were recently released and added to the shop.

    So TL;DR - When does the shop rotate and when will it do so? I'm tired of seeing the same bland stuff already, and there's so many things in the Dressing Room just waiting to be rotated out.

    Wenn Sie die grünen Mode Gutscheine in blaue umgewandelt haben dann sind die blauen auch durch rechtsklick darauf benutzbar, und es offset sich der Modeladen. :Daumen hoch:

    It would probably help if you would translate it into their native language, rather than respond in German, especially since this is the North American forum. Also, they already had asked about this in another thread and got it explained to them.

    However this thread is also not for support help, it's to list codes, so we should limit non-code posts in this thread so it doesn't get bogged down with replies. Thank you for helping the user though. :)


    Es wäre wahrscheinlich hilfreich, wenn Sie es in ihre Muttersprache übersetzen würden, anstatt auf Deutsch zu antworten, zumal dies das nordamerikanische Forum ist. Außerdem hatten sie bereits in einem anderen Thread danach gefragt und es ihnen erklären lassen.

    Dieser Thread dient jedoch auch nicht zur Unterstützung, sondern dient zum Auflisten von Codes. Daher sollten wir Nicht-Code-Beiträge in diesem Thread einschränken, damit er nicht mit Antworten überfrachtet wird. Vielen Dank, dass Sie dem Benutzer geholfen haben. :) :)

    Hi there.

    So I actually had this issue the day they canceled the second calendar, after people already were on day 3 of the second calendar, and I AFK'd for about 5 minutes and the game disconnected me from the server (the limit is an hour). Once I went back to the server screen, I logged back in, and the shop was miraculously fixed. I'd definitely close out of the Launcher completely (make sure it isn't running in Task Manager still) after closing TERA, wait a minute or two, then re-launch the launcher and TERA. If that doesn't work, definitely follow Raederle's advice about contacting support, cause this should have been fixed a day or two ago, since my issue was also fixed by then.

    For 2, the broker prices are high because the economy basically started new when the servers opened. There was no sale history in Broker to be seen, there was no "flow" of items in broker to base your price off of, so I'm assuming most people just sat there and jacked up the prices for their own personal gain. This is why you see, for example, Adventure Coins being sold for 20-50k depending on the coin value, when originally it was MAYBE half that. Unfortunately, since the GameForge NA economy had no prior history to fall back on, the players decided to jack prices where they saw fit, and here we are.

    In regards to thalers, yes, people still Buy and Sell Thalers in-game via gold. I believe the going rate is at a huge inflation of an average of 1:3500 (3500G for 1 Thaler).

    For 3, I would recommend joining the TERA Discord; (It is not official, though you can find forum and GF staff there)

    From there you can also see a channel for class and other Tera-related guides, and one for Tera NA.

    For 4, I don't think they'll stack. For a better assistance on the migration differences, I'd join the discord and ask around in the #help channel.


    To be honest, Velik seems to be the most populated since the servers went live, however I've met plenty of people from Kaia, so really it depends on time of day, timezones, etc. There's also people who have migrated, but haven't logged in since the migration period ended, so I like to think both servers are actually under-populated than they should be.

    But that's just my two cents.

    And again, kid who speak for "all". Where they are? They dont care because for them there is no a problem here.

    Its only problem for several players, al others dont care because they play event as it was designed.

    I love people who think they can speak for others even if there are no any.

    I was speaking for myself, not for everyone. You're the one dragging 'everyone' into the situation. Please, take your trolling elsewhere, thanks.

    This would allow broker bots/scripts to keep undercutting listings without being penalized for it. Your struggle with selling a useless cosmetic item is hardly an issue in comparison to all ethical players being unable to sell their items as their listings are buried underneath script driven 1 copper undercuts.

    Except undercutting has always been a thing and there's no penalty for it, so your argument really doesn't fit here.

    I do think it'd be nice for us to not have yet ANOTHER gold-sink by having Earnest Money applied before the sale, since even with Elite, we still have to pay the fee, because BlueHole wants us to waste even more gold.

    Yes, because your one experience is totally invalidating everyone else's experience. Get out of here.

    I personally think they should be, not because of the reason mentioned in OP, but to save space in Inventory.