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    Bratty uwu

    yo , i have two questions regarding the 'game account' system ...

    i. is there a limit as to how many eme accounts can be hosted by a single gameforge account ?

    5 , 10 , 50 , 100 , limitless ? :/

    ii. assuming there is no limit or that the limit is quite high , how can i change the game account name to something that is more easily identifiable ? having them named 'main' , 'farm' , etc makes more sense to me than dryMouse5678 , sunnyDonut1234 , etc ... so i was looking for a way to rename it , and when i clicked the cog icon beside the account name tag , i got redirected to a tera account management page , but i fail to see any means of changing its name there . ?(

    that's all for now