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    Hi there!

    Link to Slayer Discord, very helpful players for any questions! But very chill too

    Slayers use Dauntless/Annihilation/Kaia's Fury since a physical based class
    You'll want to be looking around for gear also with physical amplification as well

    If you have a fair amount of gold, you can jump straight to Gold gear (Anni) to convert to purple(Kaia's Fury).
    In which saving you time and cost to use towards gold > purple conversion

    Hello, i am writing in regards to a few various small issues. Mentioned issues have not been tested on all mounts or locations

    -Audio issues:

    Regardless of volume slider placement (master or auxiliary) sounds from specific mounts or boss attacks. Audio will play a large booming effect and mount plays a constant 1-2 second loop that can be tinny sounding during normal movement as if buttons were spammed.

    -Mounting issue:
    Occasional automatic dismount immediately upon mounting on mounts that were already in character ride tab prior to migration. (Not able to reliably reproduce)

    -Item Claim not reporting when items appear in list (red dot notification)

    Hello everyone, the servers will open today during the day, at the moment there is no specific time we can give you, but please monitor our news section often for the big announcement.

    Thank you for stopping by and giving the heads up!

    It's 5am here in New York so i didn't really expect the NA servers to be up at this time, but I'm curious about where the NA servers are located; are they in the United States or somewhere in Amsterdam?

    NA servers will still be located in the US

    Greetings and nice to meet you! Toons I usually float around on are Cai and Lii on Velika [Velik]
    I am usually goofing around in chat and tend to be lazy most of the time.

    Wishing new players a warm welcome who find their way to Tera o/

    Although the server structure will remain the same, will migrated players be able to choose between the NA servers initially once they go live or will they be placed in what they were in pre-migration?
    Just worded a tiny bit strange in FAQ

    Ex. PvE player automatically placed in PvE server | PvP player auto placed in PvP server