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    I managed to get to the 100k this weekend by spamming dungeons with 3 characters and redeeming [Battle Pass] Selection Dungeon Ticket from the Tikat shop once I had completed all the daily quests I received from the mission briefing apart from the battleground one. Probably going to end this pass with 107k BP earned since the new week just started. With the shortened timeframe it was close, but I did have fun. :)

    Does anyone know exactly how that Aura works? Can you replenish 100% HP/MP every 5 seconds even while in combat mode?

    I don't know how the healing part works because it never seemed to heal when I tried before the migration.

    I'm more disappointed about the fact that they added another p2w consumable tbh.

    We already had access to it before migration, so Gameforge didn't "add another p2w consumable". I had it on one of my characters. It's better now since more people and characters have access to it.