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    Krafton can also let another company to handle a classic server if GF do not like the idea or they do not have the resources to do it. After all vanilla Tera was a completely different game compared to the actual Tera.

    On the other hand, Lineage 2 classic, WoW classic and Runescape classic were made in the end, because the old experience is something that a lot of players prefer over new concept of modern mmorpg where everything is easy and everyone is the solo hero.

    Keep this thread alive for any update on the matter. Thanks.

    Gonna be honest, I don't really mind the option of Solo content aspect in an MMORPG (if done right) BUT, I do agree that there should be a a boundary on what can be solo'd.

    Questing normal mobs and gathering is fair game, especially where mobs are actually a threat and being discouraged from pulling the whole zone.

    Story instances should not include a solo dungeon clear and instead, actually introduce to instance matching for the partying aspect of dungeoning. it's an mmo ffs. (this is coming from a loner player pov btw)

    And when it came to BAM's, I actually liked the idea that you could choose to solo them if you had the skill and patience while having the option to entice the players to party up with others, which I did a lot back then.

    However now, ever since the introduction of Avatar weapons (I know they have been replaced but there are still broken weapons being given to levellers cause: "lmfao wut iz rpg?" - Current Dev team of tera) , made the entire Levelling and Learning process of the game completely broken. new players learn nothing, they get bored quickly (I know I did), and either quit early, or grit their teeth until "endgame" where they hit multiple walls where they actually break their teeth (senseless grinding, and heavy p2w aspect + broken features).

    A massive shame. I want to experience the old ways again.

    (sorry for wall of text btw)

    If I remember correctly something like this with the Vanilla Tera server has already been tried during the stormcry gear patch, ask somebody that remembers better than I do and that was a temporary server for a reason.

    I'm just telling from past experiences what you should expect compared to what you actually want to get friend.

    Time and time again, not my personal view on things, I wholeheartedly agree with you and a classic server would be really nice. It's what Gameforge will most likely do and what you should expect to happen.

    I've been there in the "vanilla server" that got released back in 2019 for a couple of weeks (I didn't join it FYI). it garnered interest at first, but failed in reception.

    when I heard about it at first I didn't know, so I mentioned it to some acquaintances about it but then we all noticed that it was Temporary. (it was also not very vanilla considering it was the Reaper patch)

    so in the end me and my acquaintances just gave up, either the version that was released or the time period that it would last, it wasn't worth it.

    This is exactly what I meant when I said about your "maybe a temporary" would not work. because it would be a waste of time.

    What I want is, an overall complete experience and not fragments of content. just the same recycled dungeons and mundane Dailies that exist right now won't cut it.

    Fair enough you won't hold your breath for a Release/Success for a classic version, I brought up points on why I desire it. and I'm sure some of my desires are reflected to others.

    As for me lashing out, I apologise if it came out that way, I guess the events that happening right now are affecting me.

    No, but it does explain a lot Zero, you've been away for so long you might have a distorted view on the reality (that this game has) and what the leadership behind it actually is like.

    So, all that I said on why current Tera doesn't appeal to me all the while vouching for a older iterations of the game doesn't qualify because my view is "Distorted"? who do you think you are to assume what I am currently?

    Current Tera doesn't appeal to me because, guess what? it doesn't appeal to me. that's it. I don't know HOW you even reached to that conclusion. "it does explain a lot", "viEW oN rEAliTY", i'm not your patient.

    You're trying to find every excuse there is all the way to a psychological level (I.E assuming my nature), and not giving any alternatives to the subject. you just shoot down anything that's being brought up.

    I am given nothing. current iteration brings me nothing enjoyable, and there is no way to just "turn my brain off" and just play the game and automatically enjoy it. I can't do that.

    all I'm asking is an Option to enjoy something that I used to know.

    In conclusion, the only thing i'm reading about the ones who say "Classic won't work" and at the same time saying "you have no proof that it would work", all I'll say is that "you don't have proof that it won't work" back at you.

    The only thing I'm getting is "Suck it up, No Classic, or just GTFO".


    Who's trying to slither what? I clearly meant what i said. you said a permanent one is impossible so I gave my reasons why a temp one would be even more of a waste, and you're saying that I'm "slithering" your point?

    -no updates on content? class balancing? bugfixes? you're saying that as if retail is in such a great shape now compared to older patches. it is LITTERED with bugs and exploits every other patch, Class balance is a mess now more than ever thanks to the myriad number of classes and on top of that apex/awakening. and if you call recycled dungeons "content" pfft. go off. PvP is trash rn aswell.

    the whole point of a classic server is to go to a certain patch that was considered "Golden" for me and many others. if the company wants to add more content or if they even want to, they can go the runescape route: a Public Poll. if it worked for them, it might be something worth considering.

    -why would the classic server needs to be updated "slowly" to the PRESENT patch? that defeats the point of a classic server. the temporary classic one did just that. from a older patch to present patch. oh that worked so well right? if people knew once again that their classic server would get converted to the present patch, they would either:

    A) play until a certain point where the game becomes not fun and stop playing.

    B) won't be bothered to play Tera at all. which brings us the next point

    -again with the splitting the community argument. i'm not playing the game AT ALL for a long time now, does that counts as a split?

    I don't want to play retail server, and just because theres only one option doesn't mean that i'll log in at all. if i had two options (Retail or Classic) i would obviously be playing classic, and if you close classic, i quit. how does the split even relevant because I won't play retail regardless if there was a classic or not.

    *also you're pay2win argument... the game is already p2w, I've been there when gameforge decided to remove the only spot f2p could reliably get masterwork alkahest and exclusively sold it in a loot box, how is it different now and how is that even an argument against a classic server idk.

    -bad communication. ok? theres like 0 GMs in-game right now, what difference does it make? tickets take forever to be processed. updates to current Tera are already taking a dumb direction.

    -take a closer look at your current Tera, it is an absolute CHORE to play. you have to no life it to get anywhere or just slide that credit card. yay. so glorious, fun and accomplishing.

    You and a couple of other people are trying SO HARD to deny other people something to enjoy. if i didn't care about Tera i wouldn't be here. i just want to enjoy this game again, but the current iteration of it doesn't allow it.

    Levelling SUCKS, Gearing SUCKS, PvP SUCKS, PvE is a boring MESS, Classes are not fun for me ever since the "awakening" patches. give me back the version that actually had substance to it. actually worry a bit about mana management, stamina management (yes i know many of you don't like the stamina but i actually thought it had a place), Crafting (current iteration of crafting SUCKS ALOT), Proper separation in gearing PvE and PvP (disclaimer i'm not much of pvp player anyways but i do play pvp sometimes for fun, it is a complete turn off for me on retail).

    tl;dr give me classic Tera. vm1 or vm2. either one of those works.

    How many times do you actually want to pee against the wind until you learn that you get splashback on your panties?

    It's highly impractical to make a server like that, maybe a temporary one yes, a permanent one is out of the question because it won't be profitable and it also adds extra work(maintenance, upkeep, updates) and staff members.

    Not trying to be mean but, a temporary classic server is even more of waste of time and money IMHO.

    why would people invest their time and money into something temporary? have we forgotten what happened last time a temp server launched? (2019 i believe)

    MANY people were interested in the idea of a classic server, but when people learned that it was temporary players didn't even bother. whats the point? the time you invested in it meant nothing. the money you invested in it for THAT SPECIFIC CONTENT meant nothing in the end.

    So, i don't see how on earth a temporary one would be remotely profitable on both fronts: Profit for the company, and time investment for the Players. doesn't make sense at all.

    Permanent one gives you a choice when you want to play it and switch between retail version and the classic one (whichever interests you more).

    a Temporary one doesn't. Period. in one moment you can play the content you want and then *POOF*. Gone.

    From K-Tera News so yes from what I understood Tera is finally back to its originial developers meaning the independent studio called Bluehole Studio instead of the combination Krafton & Nexon. Also I would appreciate it if you don't spam this thread with unessecary discussions like whether you think something is gonna change or not - this thread's whole purpose is to gather general feedback since Bluehole has requested a ton of feedback after that announcement on inven. Meaning that we might have a pretty decent chance (at least compared to Nexon/Krafton times) to forward our feedback and actually have Devs that might listen to us.

    Considering the Title you gave to your thread it's not surprising people are coming in with doubts on various things regarding the handling of this game, and not feeling too hopeful about this studio change.

    Either way I agree with the points you presented. we shall see if this game returning to "bluehole" will change anything or will just mean a that it is a studio transfer, I say that because they have their other game "Elyon" to focus on.

    I can't tell if this means that this game will actually get more meaningful content that aligns with the playerbase expectations, or it just means that it is going into maintenance mode until the game dies out. we shall see.

    personally I want to see RNG get changed completely, Gear drop rng rather than Stat rng. also make questing actually teach the player on how to play the game(the amount of players getting lost in endgame cause they were level rushed from 1 to 65 is pretty pepega), and a Classic server specifically 2012-2013 era (yeah I know it's unlikely but the content back then was actually fun with nexus and MC and pvp was pretty fun. I can still ask for it no?)

    This is one of the worst problems imho, you toss at least half of the playerbase away and not even bat an eye so ... (how dare you not move to TBA right???) who's next?

    Mate I was completely dumbfounded when I returned from the Hiatus I took from Tera in 2015, and coming back into what boils down to: Sit in front of the broker/bank and... wait for nothing?

    I was Staring at the screen for HOURS trying to get a Battleground going to no avail, maybe I managed to enter a few but I don't even remember now because I was burnt out from waiting I can't even recollect.

    I hate how the PvP part of the game and players got shafted badly it's not even funny. Half the game just went *POOF* and the other half is not even a half, PvE is just so mundane I just stopped entirely... Dungeons can only do so much especially with entry limits either by the game or by the parties you try to join.

    Anyways yeah, dark times..... TBA is not a solution or even a fix when it comes to PvP.

    IIRC nowadays, PvE dungeons are the only type of content to do at endgame (yes, I am disregarding PvP since it's mostly dead. dO yUO gUyS nOT hAVe TBA?!!?) , but theres a few problems that I see getting worse that turns people off even more:

    Dungeon Entry Limit

    This has been a significant issue for many years, only now it's worse because apparently theres Currency/Point system or w/e to enter dungeons now that takes a Week to reset or just to buy off from the cashshop. as far as i remember people HATE this. IDK if this is changed or not, but basically doing 1 to 4 ish dungeons a week with mixed success/fail chance depending on the party you join, can REALLY turn people away. (this is also something that made me step away from this game, this dungeon limit system takes away the fun from the game).

    *Also: solo dungeons are a snorefest IMHO*

    honestly i'm not surprised by the lower pop anyways considering how long this game has been out but, mostly the design choices that continuously butcher any sort of fun for the player to have, and from what I can tell it's not getting better.

    but they already did:elin15:

    Already did what? a patch? I'm just citing that a publisher cannot make their own game (or rather make their own direction for said published game).

    If they did create their own patch and I didn't know, is because the fact I quit the game and just lurking the forums and saying things that stayed true in the past until the time that I quit. but hey, if I'm wrong I'm wrong I guess.

    If you are talking about Tera Battle Arena well... it has Nothing to do with current retail Tera. It's a complete side game with Tera combat in a MOBA, that changes nothing and carries over nothing to the MMORPG part of the game AFAIK.

    I'll never get your hate for people that still plays regular Tera.

    What I get from ISorel's comments in many threads is basically boils down to being "fed up" with the current situation like people mindlessly throwing money (I'm assuming he means Whales) and wasting it on half-assed content like re-skinned dungeons, lack of any sort of PvP content for pvp players, and on top of that watch that same wasted money goes to... This.

    But the fact remains that he still holds some sort of interest for this game and most likely subconsciously hoping for something worth coming back to.

    This is the best TL;DR I can give you xD

    (Ofc i'm no mind reader so I'm most likely wrong about his mindset).

    At this rate of disappointments, I won’t be surprised if a Tera Battle Royale emerges

    just typing that makes my head hurt.

    Imagine being so behind the times when you make a MOBA of all things. Not saying it’s bad but just... why though?


    I was gonna say a lot more but I guess it will mean nothing to you so i'll keep it simple.

    *Ahem*.... No-one asked for Tera Battle Arena.

    I won't even be surprised if you answer this in a snarky fashion like you did to the rest of the posters here but w/e

    Anyway these are dreams.They will never do that.So yeah,just sharing our dreams on this forums and nobody cares by gameforge ,krafton side LOL.

    Mate, I'd rather Dream about it, than play what's currently available.

    And you are right about the fact that the current leadership (krafton/gameforge w/e) are not gonna do anything.

    bUT tERA bATtLE aReNA iS WHat wE WaNT I guess :lol:

    I'm not sure if there was a classic server in EU before, but if not, then I support the idea of holding such an event.

    There was one event back in March(?) of 2019 for like 3 - 6 months *Weeks*. I'm not entirely sure how long actually since I've missed it entirely.

    The Server was when the Reaper was a thing and Avatar Weapon was a thing (which turned off many people, I would've been turned off aswell tbf). there was a big interest in the idea of an oldschool version of the game regardless and there still is afaik

    Anyways i support a Classic Version of Tera (preferably permanent), considering the direction they're going... the Devs are completely deprived of ideas and innovation so, imo they have nothing to lose at this point.

    *Edit* Whoops, meant to say Weeks and not months. thanks to poster below for pointing that out

    Then we'd have to talk about updates, because yeah PvP is fun but playing years with only a handful of instances as endgame would be boring, maybe not for you, but surely for me and people like me.
    What do we do ? Same path as current Tera <.<

    In my honest opinion, the thing that kills current Tera right now is that players are told: "you can only have fun at the end (Endgame)", which is pretty bad considering the lack of things to do in endgame AND the journey to that point is so DULL that people quit midway because they lose interest. I've seen complaints about not being able to play with 4 of their friends in low level dungeons causing to lose interest and the fact that you can only play with 5 players in a dungeon only in endgame...just that alone is demoralising.

    Last time I logged into Tera to do some pvp matches, I waited HOURS just to log out at the end. and also continually going afk at town hubs to que for PvE dungeons got boring really really quickly. (it was also hard trying to get into a group that isn't doing the hardest dungeons)

    So to answer your question of: "will there be anything to do later on in classic Tera after we played most of the content?" to which I will answer with another question: "Is there anything to do RIGHT NOW after we reach Endgame content?" - - - the reason I ask it like that is the fact that the only content existing right now is at endgame and THAT'S. IT. nothing else.

    Leveling? Dead.

    PvP? good luck finding any.

    PvE? Dungeons only.


    Fishing?...Why? why is this considered a must thing to do just to stay afloat when it comes to upgrading your gear blows my mind.

    Exploring? what for?

    There's just a lack of everything to do in this game that the golden ages of Tera did in-fact had, but had to be completely killed off like the things I mentioned above.

    So again, Classic server might not be the ultimate thing that will make Tera top the charts as the best mmorpg, but it will be way better than anything many players are experiencing (or rather the lack of...) now and most likely in future patches to come.

    (sorry about that, going on a big rant again...)

    My English is not that great but Excuse me if this sounds rude but, I really don't understand the "Split Playerbase" argument at all.

    I mean... players who don't like current Tera don't play at all, and if you add Classic Server and they play that, I still don't think you can call it a split because they enjoy Tera Classic.

    So Basically having both Current Tera & Classic Tera servers means people have options to choose their desired version. and having ONLY Current Tera means they have no choice but to... well... quit.

    I can understand the desire for players to stay and play, but forcing them to play a watered down version of the game only makes them quit entirely (like me and many others as far as I can tell).

    [If there is a chance for Classic Pve and Pvp server, might want to make matchmaking (dungeons and battlegrounds and the like) Cross-Server to allow a bigger pool of players to join]

    I already went on a big Rant on another thread so I'll stop here. I just want to understand the "Split Playerbase" argument that's all.

    To those who enjoy current game, all power to you and game on.