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    No its not posible.

    TERA for Console is on another diferent path than Pc version, they have a diferent gear and accesories, a diferent gear progresion, diferent level cap, diferences with glyphs and skill effects, and the list continues with lots of diferences that involves all related to level 70 patchs and more things.

    I have both Xbox One and Series X and both PS4 and PS5, those are then only cross platforms you can get (Xbox/PS)

    To be honest even the Story Line quests have some diferences like at level 23 you get Red Quest for Velik's Challenges and you will get more of them every 6-4 levels, a follow up from Stepstone Island story line. Then at level 65 when you reach item level 439 you can do your Apex quest that has a better developed story line with the introduction of another NPC before Verdas appears. With all the changes it has is like a whole diferent game, to be honest better designed than PC version.

    So I couldn't figure out how to transfer my account before the transfer to gameforge so I decided to go ahead and create a new character. I noticed that this game is cross-platform play now, so I thought I would be able to play with someone else who was playing on PS4. So first of all when playing TERA on PS4 there is only ONE server option: NA (North America). Now when I play on PC There are 5 choices not ONE of which is NA! What happened to the NA server for PC? And when I play on PC there is nothing that "pops up" asking me if I want to enable cross-play, and there is Nowhere in any menus to enact it. Is there just no NA server for PC now? And if so, does that mean that the cross-platform play does not apply to PC players? And if not, How do I cross-play on PC with someone else playing on a PS4? Please help. And thank you in advance.

    The only Cross-Platform you have on Console is between PS and Xbox.

    If you cant see NA servers on PC version is because you are loged into EU region (kinda obvious) and you need to change it from the GameForge Launcher options


    If you are playing throught Steam it should let you chose the region once after you click on Play button

    CU is a mass guild vs guild contest. Is about man power and strategy where gear, pc specs and internet is part of your guild man power.

    Guild Masters and their officers spend their time polishing their skills and raid coordination and make alliances in other guilds to secure their rankings in that event. I dont see anything wrong with that and if you think that is an issue then you must acknowlege first that is a comunity issue rather than a game system issue.

    Why would you limit the amount of members taking part on CU to a 20 when guilds can have 135 guild members? Are you saying is fair to not share the glory and spoils of war with all your guild members?

    I know Civil Unrest is not the best guild vs guild content TERA has had but if you make that kind of restrictions then people could be more annoyed because there wont be any content to show up man power and get rewards from it.


    this is an unusual issue you are facing there. Correct me if I am wrong, but when you registered an account in the support system you still had an issue logging in, and even after you reset the password it won't let you through? Could you send me a printscreen of the error in a PM, please?

    He doesnt get an error. Once he clicks on login button all the entered info went blank. And this goes on even after reseting his password several times.

    Something like this

    It doesnt matter how many times you try, you type everything right but after clicking login you get all the filled info removed and no error message.

    I just noticed there's a stamina system will I have to play more than one character if I have a lot of time?

    I play healer so I need group content

    If you play the game casually (something like 2-3 hours a day) then this coin system should not be an big issue. The coin system is a little bit better than what we used to have before, with its owns cons tho, however if you are planning on playing the game more hours per day then it will become something you may get annoyed. For this is good to know which content you can run with Adventure Coin system and which content doesnt need it. Most dungeons, solo or party, will need a certain amount of them while battlegrounds (pvp content) wont need them at all. We have few open world content like Guardian Legion missions, Fishing, World Bosses hunt and other almost irrelevant stuff.

    To sumarize:

    1.- By game design you probably will need two or more characters but thats up to you.

    2.- Healers and Tanks are always on demand so you may have an advantage there as dps population is huge compared to them.

    Tikat isn't exclusively from swiping money, that's the main issue here. It's basicly what you may recall being "federation bill" store in NA years ago (which got merged with Fashion Coupon for us, meanwhile Gameforge made Tikat store apparently). You used to get 5 federation bill daily (250 Tikat in this very situation). Spicing it up would be nice, I agree to that, but Tikat can be purchased easily on broker (due to the wheel most likely) but is probly part of some event rewards at some point (would be my guess) + the 250 daily (if you don't forget it in the Tera store).

    The 250 daily is from TERA Club (cash shop item) and the rest comes from cash shop stuff like the Wheel...

    Let me know where you can get Tikats that doesnt "involves" cash shop at all from its "real" source.

    Yep! Of course, I'm passing along your concerns and suggestions. What do you have in mind? Obviously stopping the auto-looting, but do you all have any other suggestions to make Wintera more fair and enjoyable? If so, I'll pass those along too. ^^


    Banning accounts from cheaters.

    Tag their accounts for being wiped from the game to give time to save a posible false-positive. And get rid permanently from those accounts that were banned after that time frame while you keep their mails blacklisted. Its really dumb that you keep banned accounts untouched and everytime there is a server merge or change of publishers those cheaters get back their accounts as if nothing has happened.

    Edit: I didn't catch that you had already pitched all your old coupons. I guess this post is a bit redundant then. Make of it what you will.

    Yeah, I had something around 50k coupons and I exchange them several times until I had left less than 400. Those fashion coupons never turned into blue ones and the token shop always gave me green ones.

    That only happened with the coupons I had before the migration, all green fashion coupons I got once GameForge started publishing the game were able to exchange for blue ones. I was thinking on opening a ticket but after I saw the contents on the fashion coupon shop I decided is not worth the time. In that aspect EME fashion coupon shop was a lot better.

    Some "account bound" mounts are/were not bankeable, like boneshaker, so it didnt matter if you claim several copies of them, you are not able to use them on other chars or future chars.

    I did read what you said. Multiple times. That's why I'm skeptical.

    And you cant understand that no matter how many times I traded my "old fashion coupons" I always got the "Fantastic Fashion" shop for them at a 1:5 ratio?

    I dont need to convince you, there are many issues in this game that some players have and others never get them at all. If you are one of those who thinks this game is perfect then good for you.

    It's not an endless cycle. If you'd bought the coupons from the second shop that only had coupons in it, those coupons would have opened the actual FC shop.

    Please, read what I wrote already, its an endless cycle. Some people had this issue or arent you able to understand that?

    Just so you understand, if you cant with what I already said above, I traded all my green fashion coupons for the ones you can see in the screen shot I shared before, after that I open the token shop from those "new" fashion coupons and the only thing inside was the same fashion coupons at 1:5 ratio, if I traded them I will have the same options inside the new token shop (green ones into green ones into green ones into green ones) and that became an endless cycle.

    The coupons are PURPLE.....the rarity of the item is green/blue/purple. That's a totally different thing. I appreciate the help, but would be more helpful if you would clarify what you are taking about. All the coupons i have in my screen shot are purple with different rarity.

    Thank you

    To be honest I had this issue with my fashion coupons. I clicked on them bought the ONLY fashion coupons in that store and then those new fashion coupons when I clicked on them opened a shop with only fashion coupons on them... an endless cycle.

    I ended up trowing all the fashion coupons I had and now I only use those I get since we migrated.


    This is what I mean, see image. If you still have the original parcel post message then they have (on their end) irrefutable evidence that you reached T9. Don't even need to send a screen shot.

    Its Fail Forge we are talking about.

    Probably they will say the time limit for this was before the start of the migration time frame (Oct 22th). You reached tier 9 on Octover 28th. I am sure they will justify their mistake with that.

    All people with this issue are those who reached a higher tier reward level after the migration starting time.