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    Привет! :недурно:Представляю свое предложение небольшое обновление для Partner's Adventures in Tera


    Fey Forest (Растение) - добавление Energyia_pryro.jpgx10-20

    Aurum Road (Ore) - добавление evo.jpgx1-5

    Tempest Reach (Сущность) Poroshok.jpg-добавление x10-20

    Exodor (Сбор) - прибавление Poroshok_ochyshchen.jpgх10-20

    + new adventures (fishing(exodor) and fishing(arborea)). Catch: fish

    fillet, Angler Tokens, Winning Ticket Stub, Winning Ticket, Pulsating essences.

    Hello!:thumbsup: Present my upgrade for Tera "The Dark Fields".

    What are "The Dark Fields"? A novel by Alan Glynn!? And this too:thumbsup:

    But Im propose a new medicine for Tera to make her work more efficiently. I propose to create in the game cross-server zones with a limited number of players 60/60.

    What is this zone like?

    Round Hall with all the teleports to the dungeons


    How to get there?

    Buy Scroll of Teleportation

    What is the purpose of these zones?

    For increase the activity of sparsely populated servers and search for a group in the "select group members" mode. To communicate between players and create a bridge and friendship between servers

    What's available in these zones?

    Everything as in a normal group search. Chat, lfg, player inspection. And also the choice of the zone by average ping

    The "diagram of The Dark fields" is shown below


    Hello!:thumbsup: Present my model of the return Tera Alliance system


    After the death of Elleon and the impact on the core, strange events began to occur around the world. Distortions in time and space, apparently caused by the shockwave that appeared at the time of Elleon's death near the Caligar device, open portals that allow the inhabitants of Arborea to peer into them and see the long-forgotten lands ... but history changed!

    1.1 General information about Alliances (so far superficial)

    First Alliance - Gardan's Order

       37961Orden_Gardana.jpg                         Gardan.jpg

    Second Alliance - Union of Marshal Lukmiya



    Third Alliance - General Caligar's Union

    Soiuz_Kalygara.jpg                                        Kalygar.jpg

    Alliance territories and halls old or make copy of Exodor without monsters with elements from old alliance territories and the ability to jump with local argaf teleports. Main NPC Gardan, Lukmia and Caligar. Territories without quests and opens in day of Alliance conflict

    1.2 Preparing for the Alliance Conflict, Joining the Alliance and getting started

    For participate, you need a pass to the territory, which can be purchased for special Vanguard tokens (can be put in the guild bank) and guild contributions for special item "Joining the Alliance". On the day of the conflict, the guild master can purchase this item, and an hour before the start of the event, he receives an "Item for random selection of an alliance (24 hours)" by mail.

    Total conditions: solo ticket + joining to random alliance.

    1.3 Possible Awards

    Buff "Alliance Winner" + Gold (how in CIvil Unrest)

    ...The topic will be supplemented

    While everyone is waiting for a new PvP continent. I propose to introduce the PVP Event "The Battle of Arborea"

    The duration of the event is 2 hours for 2 weeks at 14 locations. "

    1. Every day in the evening in different cities there will be an NPC with a quest to get the skill "Manual: Outlaw Declaration (2 hours) within the location"

    2. Every day, at the same time, regular monsters will constantly appear in locations. And by chance World bosses with enhanced health.

    Ordinary monsters -Azure Particle and Violet Particle fall from them + Bellicarium Credits

    World bosses - distribution of awards by rank 1-5 - Azure plates, Violet plates, Bellicarium Credits , rubies, sapphires, emeralds, or diamonds, Silk Innerwear [Rare], Genya's Black Lace Innerwear, Rare Cube, Genya's Cube.

    Event example:

    Monday "The Battle of Sylvanoth"

    Tuesday "The Battle of Veritas"

    Wednesday "The Battle of Ostgarath"

    Monday: “The Battle of Sylvanoth” from 17-30 to 18-00 in the Scythera Fae appears NPS, and from 18-00 to 20-00 monsters and bosses in the location of Sylvanoth!

    Thank you the attention!8)

    Hello! I present my fairly simple update option for Exodor Island, which will improve gameplay and resource extraction to improve equipment.

    1. Removing Core Conundrum Fragments. A model for improving reputation distribution.

    2. Adding reputation points for killing monsters that are located on the outer islands of the Exodor archipelago and distributing them in this way:


    2.1 Riverana's Credits The method of obtaining - the killing of ordinary monsters (1-2 credits);

    2.2 Credits of Justiciar Exodore Reputation. The way to get it is quests (by default) + elite monsters (25-50 credits).


    3. Adding the item “Improved Dark Shard Armor Feedstock"w1b9dYK.jpg (VVp2hPt.jpg) to the Riverana's reputation store and the item “Improved Dark Shard Weapon Feedstock" kz1otbi.jpg(VVp2hPt.jpg) to the Justicar's reputation store. It is also possible to add other limited items with an update of 1 time / day in the future, changes in value and assortment of goods at the moment.

    P.S. Such an update, due to the guaranteed availability of resources, will increase the benefits and the need for players to stay on Exodor Island.

    Thank you the attention!:thumbsup:

    Hello!:thumbsup: Present my model of the return dungeon as an alternative "Sea of honor"

    Kezzel's Gorge (5-7 players) - upgrade / upgrade to level 70.


    My upgrade option is passing on points + time, provided that Kezzel is immortal:


    - 1 blow to the boss 1 point;


    - hit / damage from the one Cannon 2000 points;


    - kick / damage from a barrel explosion of 2500 points;


    - hit / damage from the drill 3000 points.


    - + 30sec passage -1000 points (so as not to be abused, if the boss gets into trouble)

    Depending on the points scored + the raid’s passing time receives ranks A, B, C for which rewards are awarded.

    Kezzel's Bronze Chest, Kezzel's Silver Chest, Kezzel's Golden Chest + event tokens + 10 emeralds.


    Guaranteed chest rewards: 1,2,3 "Exodor 0-9 Enchanting Scroll [Superior]" respectively + additional random:

    "Improved Dark Shard Armor and Weapon Feedstock" (4-2pcs), "Exodor Armor and Weapon Enchanting Scroll [Superior]" (4-2pcs), Amarun's relic, Ishara's Halidom.

    Additional motivation: overall rating.


    Top 3 by the number of points scored:

    top 1 place - "Dark Shard Enchantment Box" to each player

    -2 place "at your discretion"

    -3 place "at your discretion"

    The number of visits / week - 1/2 times + "[Party] Instance Reset: Kezzel's Gorge" in Tera shop.

    Thank you the attention!