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    Their last official message was "The server are all online", 1 hour ago. Now nobody can login on Mystel but they aren't giving any further communication.... Have they already gone to bed? -_-

    I'm upset about the dragon event too, I just want the basic one but need 10 more jades. Why are you saying the event finish in few hours? Doesn't it last till tomorrow? The event page said September

    Well, it ends tomorrow but at 9 AM, so the end is practically today as servers are dead after 1 AM so hard to get somewhere.

    So.... after the maintenance is finally over I go straight to it but launcher wants a repair first so Im like okay... 20 minutes later or so Im finally thinking I can play and its down again? Like braaah....This is serious, saturday and sunday evening when I finally could go play, server was lagging so it was not playable and I was done with it after few dungeons thinking tomorrow's another day for the event so it's going to be ok... but nah, the whole day wasted just like that. RIP two boxes and allegiance gifts for BP and more importantly rip Dragon event -_- No time to get cca 500 more jades like this which pisses me the most.

    Well now we now server wont be online until at least 9 PM. Good luck doing events in just 2-3 hours. Even my BP will disappear at 11 PM and I have so many as I opened today's and yesterday's, oh my.... what a waste. If we dont get any compensation Im gonna be so pissed.

    Gift code for all events running ATM we cannot do cuz of your emergency maintenance (that takes half a day almost), is the least you have to do if you don't wanna lose even more players after this s*it that does not happen for the first time btw ^^

    Not to mention that there can be players that will not be able to log in AT ALL today, cuz the time frame they'd be able to play would be during your endless maintenance, thus they cannot acquire their daily dragon flame/tikat etc... And what will you do about this issue? Riiiight, nothing :thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown:

    If Mystel won't be online within 70 min I will be one of them :cursing:

    Im backing this up as I didnt have time this weekend for most of the days so I was counting on today to do dungeons to get jades for dragon event but now I dont think I have enough time to collect it even if it goes online right now (and thats big IF 'cause lets be honest it can take few more hours and then.... well, even bigger rip)

    At this point with maintenance taking long Im just gonna hope we get at least few Jades for the event as compensation or I'm screwed :D

    So just few minutes ago my pet stopped moving, I couldnt use any spells or open anything, all I could do was walk (not even jump) so I had to forcefully exit the game and now I cant log back in to Mystel - no information provided why, just seeing the list of servers but nothing's happening on click, so I dont know if server is down or if there's another problem but as u can see my internet connection is fine. Also this happened around 1 AM today as well.

    (Okay just tried to log again and finally the messege "server's not currently available" appeared, any info on how long will this last? Really the worst timing possible)

    Just wanted to make a thread on this too just to notice no one actually replied to this for so many days? CAN AT LEAST SOMEONE ANSWER THIS?

    We got additional entries for some of the dungeons this week and even tho it worked last time, this time it doesnt. Even tho it appears I still have 1 more entry for Commander's and 3 for DA, I can't enter anymore, so what's with that, any news or fixes on that?

    Im too lazy to actually do guardians unless there is event, and that's what's triggering me the most, as the Exoranium event is now P2W since u can only get 80 elemental boxes per day which makes it impossible to actually buy all the daily stuff. Not to mention they even made rewards to cost more exoranium than last time so chances of getting multiple things from this event is almost non existent (gotta be happy to get to 25 tokens at least once by the end of the event, I guess :D)

    This is so weird seeing what didnt make the cut and what did, because honestly I still dont get how and why some of the winning pieces won, especially after seeing these. :/ (considering idea and art skills)

    They give double loot event, after that, they though that double drop event is to much op se they will do some server problems, and fix them after events end. I tell you its their strategy!

    The double event goes for all the servers, so only us on mystel cant benefit from it even tho it was meant to be a compensation for us. Other servers are laughing and enjoying benefits even tho they have no problems there to begin with. Its hilarious.

    Today another server crash... yesterday the same when we were in Draakon Arena (since it was IM, we lost entry as pt got disbanded) and even after that there were like 2 more crashes. What's going on really,... I just came back to play on Sunday so I dont know how long is this going on but it sure is starting to get on my nerves.