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    Ah ok, Thats good to know, will just keep my eyes open and hope the uniform comes up on the rotation, it is what all my NA avatars wear and so I am rather fond of that look.

    TY again for your time an guidance BB.

    I did not use a scroll, as it was on my list of Dailies, I entered normally and killed all 4 bosses; I think either the game glitched, or I leveled up while I was in there and that pushed my into a new vanguard tier.

    TY very much for your time and guidance it is much appreciated. BB

    Ok so I solo'd Cultist Refuge (5man), on my Lv42 Gunner. Killed all 4 bosses, and was clearly done. But the room was still marked with that blue boss indicator; and I did not get credit for the Dungeon. While this great big Symbol was glowing blue on the floor.

    The Dungeon was on my Vanguard list this morning, but it seems clear I did not get Vanguard credit for it, and yet I did almost exactly what I did yesterday; save not killing absolutely every nag mob in the place. So was that a Glitch? Did I over level the Quest while I was in there? or do you have to waste every last thing that moves to get credit. Just looking for a little guidance here. As far as I could tell I was done; but the game seemed to think I had left something undone. Your thoughts?

    Ok so yesterday I was trying on a new costume, the Elvin General's Dress Uniform; which is basically my costume on the NA servers; Ok so I'm happy to have found it and hit the purchase button and am taken to the store; and its not there? I searched for Elvin, Uniform, Dress Uniform, I spent at least 30 minutes throwing search terms at the store; and this Uniform is just not there. I even returned to game and tried again twice.

    Am I just being dense here? Why advertise something your costumer can't buy. Just Curious if anyone else has encountered this problem. Or if this is a unique Glitch. Seems seriously weird to me. BB

    Hello missTao,

    I did what you say. I am in the correct region and the account showing is my account. It says that I played last time been 2 hours, but it cant be true because I cant start the game :(

    it also didn't help. the client dont start the game for me.

    I had exactly the same problem, I had to uninstall Tera, wipe out any residual files by hand, run cc cleaner to clear the reg and temp files in app data; and do a completely clean reinstall. After that I was able to get into game; not that was the end of the glitches, but at least I did gain access. I know it takes alot of time, but repeated repair cycles that dont work take more.…g_screen_how_to_solve_it/

    MA I live in NA, I've had this issue on an off since the 12th; actually I've pretty much decided to focus on my Euro Alt till things get sorted out; but I dont think its your install, or your location. From what my research has shown, it seems a fair number of players are having problems accessing the NA servers.

    Feeling Mayku's pain a little here, last thing I did yesterday before work was a quick side quest; logged off, went to work, twelve hours later I log on and the game wants to repair again; that took another 1:15 and why the game should need to repair when the very last thing I did on the computer was play Tera is a bit beyond me. It was working b4 I left for work after all.

    My own ISP averages about 700K to 1M per second, so I'm feeling some of Mayku's pain here; if your on cable modem or something that is not fiber to the house, a verify can take a long while. I generally have to leave it over night; I don't blame the game per se, but the dev's should remember not everyone has the most blazing, high end internet connection.

    So smaller patches fairly quickly applied are most welcome where-ever possible.

    Even if you use Ace Mouse or Razor to temporarily put double click on your wheel, running through stacks like this is no great fun. I think Kaikanken is making a valid point. After all I think its in everyone's interest to minimize the chore aspect of any game.

    Thanks MissTao,

    Appreciate the link, but researching the problem I found I was certainly not the only person having troubles accessing the NA servers, but no problem accessing the Euro servers.

    Which was my major motivation for posting, so Players with similar issues might see the post and try the Euro servers first, they definitely seem to work better. But I will definitely try spacing out attempts to reach NA after Euro servers more; I personally have encountered no issues going from NA to Euro.

    Just to suggest making Ace (Solo-able) versions of as many dungeons as possible. Some of us prefer that option, and even if your looking to group up, no one likes being booted, and one Solo run teaches far more than any number of youtube videos. So it gives one the opportunity to learn the routes and practice dungeon mechanics before grouping up. Not to mention if I am on Youtube or Reddit, I'm not in game, so that might boost daily population a bit. TY. BB

    I got into game Saturday on the NA servers; Sunday Morning I was advised I needed a patch; which failed twice. I then tried a clean install which failed. I was only able to get on this morning after reading I believe on a Reddit forum that another player with similar issues had successfully patched their game by connecting to the Euro servers. Which worked for me as well. After playing for a few on Euro server I tried to access my NA account and was advised that game was not available to me again. It seems that the NA servers are at the least still unstable, or are they temporarily closed?

    Needless to say, I have run though 100G of bandwidth with my ISP in futile attempts to patch my game. Not so good for you all either. I suggest you post a message or something that makes it clear the NA servers are down when they are, This game is not available is at the least ambiguous; would save you all money in bandwidth not wasted, and your players time and heartburn.

    All that said, allow me to Thank you all very much for giving us NA players a new home.

    This will sound dumb, but I am a player with 3 Years experience. on the NA servers. Testing Crossing over to the EU servers as I heard the Community here is much more helpful/less toxic.

    Anyhow could someone share a link to the Tera Shop. I just cant find it. On the NA servers its sooo in your face. But I did want to see if I can pick up the costume Im used to seeing my Character in among a few other things. TY.