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    i just wanna play battlegrounds on tera with a friend
    tera combat when not facing cheaters is some off the best mmo pvp there is or will be for quite some time
    since 64 bit even the graphics are pretty damn good for an mmo so the game should not be bleeding players any more than an average game

    but the game IS dieing and bleeding players because gear RNG and the wrong content is being cut all the time leaving us with the current mess off a game we have now full off bugs, bad p2w gear and unbalanced awakaning skills after more than a year off balance tweeks

    no pk
    no fraywind
    no 20 vs 20 deathmatch gridiron
    corsairs bugged leaderboards
    shore bugged leaderboards
    no guild vs guild highwatch battles
    no open world pvp for the world bosses
    civil unrest is shit now

    and thats my view of current tera as someone who joined in 2018
    people who joined in 2012 must cry or puke seeing what is left off this game

    thing is, on Ktera the devs are actively talking about reworking pvp with there playerbase trying to fix and revamp it..

    Our server managers gameforge should also be in touch with them and HAVE a way to get some info for us but they dont, cannot or are not willing to share what ever info they have...

    yes please...
    i was moved from a pvp server killian to a pve shithole of mystal...
    a half empty pvp server is more fun than a server that has zero pvp content outside off battlegrounds...

    i'd sacrifice 100ms ping to have gvg content in highwatch once more and the open world pk in velika outskirts i miss so dearly

    it hurts too see, and hurts even more to type out, but right now its pretty sad

    the players that pay to play tera care more about the game
    than the people who go to work and work on said game do,
    when said game pays there wages and keeps them in work

    Honestly tho, i dont think gameforge are to blame...they have
    A-no power over the game to change Anything the community wants
    B-dont have permission to actually work on tera and do anything productive
    C-been told by blue hole to get the pvp'rs to quit and doing a bad job off it

    as a pvp player from killian, right now, the game is dead to me...
    everything i love has been nuked,
    everything i liked has been nerfed or bugged
    and everything i disliked like rng, has gone through the roof

    I'm sorry to disappoint you, but last patch was the only one in like 4+ years, where you could max out best gear without running the hardest dungeon at the time, so from this point, we are just running back to normal. There was always option for casual players in the mid gear, lets call it +6 now, and some extra bit for the top few, who want to play more competitive in hard dungeons.

    In the end, with the +6 you can clear all below 501 within 5 min and if you don't aim higher, where is the problem in this? That you can't flex in catnm with your +9 and taunt players who go there with old kaias?

    Also, you can get some horns from the box for elleon marks.

    not fully true, you could hit stormcry +9 with fraywind alone

    Back on killian, once battlegrounds stopped popping you would open a gvg and go brawl in highwatch, now your left standing around bored, drinking and complaining...and typing insults in global...

    let us pvp and pk on mystal already without any shitty forced consumibles like in the last flop of a fake pvp zone you tried to force onto us

    Gonna keep it real simple and straight to the point, having zero customisation on our gear and no brooches in shorehold is awfull and flat out kills the fun

    as a side note i spent more months farming to get my +9 weapon than i did actually getting to use it :lol:

    if i could level a valk i had no clue how to play to 70 in 2 days with a total off 9 hours logged in 1 off which was spent doing the optinal awakan quest line and drinking ale, ANYONE can hit 70 in a single weekend if there willing too...or even over a week at 2 hours a day...

    98% of the game is too easy and dumbed down OR broken, only the top 4 dungions have any challange at all

    remember the days you could log in, play five fraywind games and use the materials to attempt an enchant on your stormcry gear? those were the good days...and people used to swipe too cause pvp'res were gold starved which also encouraged people to play civil unrest for what was big gold...

    shame this system was killed by dumb decisions based on spreadsheets some old fart in an office is staring at

    honestly, just pvp on the forums, they took our pk server, so where else we supposed to play?

    i just want VO and fraywind that works like it used too, with gear progression from winning games, like it used too...

    i thought the same, but everyone has a 1:30 brooch in the new gear, just click and drag to your toolbar like your normal brooch

    -wrong i was, pvp gear in shore is meh, give us a brooch gameforge

    enchanting is fine, just buy a tera club voucher, sell it for gold and visit the skill but at least semi guaranteed way to gain ilvl /s ->please dont do this<-

    Honestly, this patch sucks, what happened to being rewarded for playing the game? stormcry you gained xp with gear so if you played the game it rewarded you with easier enchanting

    Everything about this patch is built to trap fresh 70 characters in the early dungions with no way to gear up quickly, rng can and will trap people. 1% enchanting bonus and the ability to downgrade what is this patches fodder gear is not what you call fun or encouraging

    if your the kind off person who was running end game last patch with good gear and several million gold you wont even notice the current issues new players are running and probibly allready have 495+ ilevel...

    theres a huge void between 479 and 498 where casuals are stuck right now. They farm mind dumbingly easy dungions for shit loot to get a low chance to gear up to play dungions that are actually relevent or semi new...

    Theres a lack off fun,progression,challange, or variaty to play and right now and it sucks

    been playing on a fresh alt since we got "kaia gear for free", 3 days off running the same dungion 16 times per day, and i've had my weapon damage 3x at +7
    the new players probably walk away at this point, no wonder the games full off salty players