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    The year 2020 gets off to a start with a salty adventure at sea! Coming with a new dungeon with 4 difficulty levels, the Elin Valkyrie, plus various improvements to a variety of items and rewards, patch 90 brings a range of great content to TERA from Tuesday, 28th January. Please note that some of the names in these patch notes are subject to change and may differ in the game.

    **Warning: At the end of the patch notes you will find information regarding items which will be removed with this patch. Please make sure you use all these items before the server maintenance!**


    New Dungeon: Sea of Honor

    * For 5-player groups from item level 446 (to 475+)

    * Cannot be entered via group matching

    * No Vanguard Initiative daily quest

    * Teleportal in Cutthroat Harbor

    * 1 entry per week (2 for Club members)

    * 4 selectable difficulty levels with different rewards

    * Each entry requires 1 Sea of Honor Voyage Map [Difficulty 1-4] for the whole group

    The Sea of Honor Voyage Map [Difficulty 1-4] can be obtained in all group instances of item level 435 and above, with the exception of the Macellarius Catacombs.

    Difficulty Levels and Rewards

    In reward, you can loot Exodor enchanting scrolls, amongst others. These can be used to enchant your level 67/68 gear without using any feedstock. The enchantment attempt has the same rate of success and potential results (success, no change, level loss, damage) as a regular enchantment attempt with feedstock.

    The Sea of Honor can be played in the following difficulty levels:

    Difficulty 1

    * Recommended from item level 446

    * Predominantly weaker monsters

    * Rewards all players with a chest containing:

    * 2-4x (Limited Duration) Extensive XP Tome [Sea of Honor]

    * 50-150x Silver Talent

    * 20-60x Silver Siglo

    * 10,000-30,000x Metamorphic Emblem

    Difficulty 2

    * Recommended from item level 453

    * Stronger monsters

    * Characters hit by enemies receive HP or MP debuffs

    * Rewards all players with a chest containing:

    * 2-3x Exodor Weapon Enchanting Scroll [Rare] OR Exodor Armor Enchanting Scroll [Rare]

    * 10,000-30,000x Metamorphic Emblem

    * 6-10x Azart Expedition Badge

    Difficulty 3

    * Recommended from item level 461

    * All level-2 modifications

    * Other mechanics such as lightning strikes which hit the deck every 50 seconds

    * Rewards all players with a chest containing:

    * 2-3x Exodor Weapon Enchanting Scroll [Superior] OR Exodor Armor Enchanting Scroll [Superior]

    * 10,000-30,000x Metamorphic Emblem

    * 6-10x Azart Expedition Badge

    Difficulty 4

    * Recommended from item level 475

    * All level-2 and level-3 modifications

    * Additional mechanics and attack patterns for the boss

    * Rewards all players with a chest containing:

    * 3-5x Exodor Weapon Enchanting Scroll [Superior] OR Exodor Armor Enchanting Scroll [Superior]

    * 1x Ishara’s Halidom I OR Amarun’s Relic I

    Bonus Chest

    * Unlocked when you complete the dungeon within 30 minutes

    * Contains between 50 and 150 Sea Guardian Tokens

    * Sea Guardian Tokens can be exchanged for an exclusive Berserker weapon skin or for obtaining Emeralds and Skill Advancement Scrolls


    Elin Valkyrie

    The Valkyrie will be available to another race with the release of patch 90: Elins!

    * You can start a new character from level 1

    * You can also transform an existing Valkyrie into an Elin using a Race Change Voucher


    Character Slots

    This update sees the maximum number of character slots increased by 1.

    * The total number of character slots is now 23

    * After the patch is released you can collect a free character slot voucher from the TERA Shop

    * Collect this slot between 28th January (10 AM) and 11th February (10 AM)

    * Your account must have at least one character of level 30 or higher in order to qualify for the free character slot

    * The voucher for unlocking the character slot will be given to a character on a server of your choice


    Class Changes


    * Words of Judgment

    * Resets the cooldown of Holy Burst and Zenobia’s Vortex

    * Triple Nemesis – ‘Stigma’ EP

    * Increased effect duration from 12 to 21 seconds


    * Arunic Release

    * Reduced MP costs from 1050 to 700

    * Reduced damage from 9750 to 8287

    * Thrall Augmentation

    * Removed permanent MP cost during effect

    * Volley of Curses – Stigma EP

    * Increased effect duration from 12 to 21 seconds


    * Godsfall

    * Reduced cooldown from 5 to 4 minutes


    * Hits by any of the following skills have a certain probability to generate an Arcane Splash near the target:

    * Remote Trigger: 100% damage on explosive hits

    * Mana Missiles, Obliteration, Scattershot (20%)

    * Burst Fire, Bombardment (15%)

    * Burst Fire while Modular Weapon System is active (30%)

    * Arcane Explosion

    * If the Arcane Splash hits its target with Blast, Remote Trigger, Mana Missiles or Balder’s Vengeance, it will be destroyed and causes additional area damage

    * Modular Weapon System (level 69 skill advancement)

    * Doubles damage of Arcane Explosion when Arcane Barrage is used



    Guild War

    * Increased minimum distance between two towers to 30m

    * Increased movement speed effect of your own tower by 35

    * Increased tower health points by 300%

    * After resurrecting at your tower, you receive a 5-second invulnerability effect

    * While your own tower stands, the resurrection cooldown is reduced by 50%

    * Standard resurrection cooldown is 10 seconds


    * Slightly increased guild gold and weekly guild experience

    * New Valderion Tokens added as reward currency for missions

    * Once enough Valderion Tokens have been collected, they can be exchanged for additional rewards up to 3x per week

    * Guild quests can be completed until the maximum weekly Valderion Tokens have been earned

    * Existing missions have been updated

    * Battleground missions now apply across all battlegrounds

    * Instance missions no longer apply to specific dungeons but to certain types of monster

    * Added new missions

    * Added new missions for monsters in the open world

    * Added new missions for the 3 bosses in the open world

    * Added new fishing missions

    * Updated sequence/unlocking of missions

    * New members can only take on missions after the weekly Valderion Token reset (Monday mornings)

    * Increased the number of simultaneous missions from 3 to 15

    * Other changes

    * New members can only earn guild gold after a weekly reset

    * Guild size is recalculated with each weekly reset

    * New mission sorting

    :!:Note: As a result of the large amount of extensive mission changes, all active missions will be deleted/reset with the maintenance.


    Other Changes

    Daily Quests

    * Reduced the number of enemies who must be defeated for certain daily quests on the Exodor islands


    * Increased chance of looting existing enchanting materials

    * Removed the following items from possible loot:

    * Wood Scrap

    * Archdevan Catalyst

    * Metal Fragment

    * Added the following items as possible loot:

    * Veilthroch

    * Skill advancement XP

    * Banyaka Coins (can be exchanged for glyphs and boosters)

    * Accessory Amplifier I and II (can be extracted to Banyaka Coins)

    System for Returning Players

    * Expanded with more rewards for players at levels 65 to 70

    * Includes Stormcry gear, Relics, Halidoms, Skill Advancement Scrolls, Azart equipment and more!


    * Added Veilthroch to the Metamorphic Emblems shop

    * Titus album card

    * Cost reduced from 6 to 5 points

    * Reduced card effect strength (common/uncommon) by 14%


    Regional Changes

    We’re making changes to an array of chests in patch 90, as well as removing various items from the game.

    Item Deletion

    During the maintenance, the following event items will be removed from all inventories. **Please use all your remaining letters, chests and tokens before the server maintenance!**

    These items will be deleted:

    * [Event] Runestone: L, Q, R

    * [Event] Runestone: K, P, F

    * [Event] Runestone: D, J, O

    * [Event] Runestone: F, E, N

    * [Event] Runestone: M to R

    * [Event] Runestone: G to L

    * [Event] Runestone: B, H, M

    * [Event] Runestone: B, G, M

    * [Event] Runestone: A to F

    * [Event] Runestone: All Letters

    * [Event] Fire Demon's Chest

    * [Event] Letter A

    * [Event] Letter B

    * [Event] Letter C

    * [Event] Letter D

    * [Event] Letter E

    * [Event] Letter F

    * [Event] Letter G

    * [Event] Letter H

    * [Event] Letter I

    * [Event] Letter J

    * [Event] Letter K

    * [Event] Letter L

    * [Event] Letter M

    * [Event] Letter N

    * [Event] Letter O

    * [Event] Letter P

    * [Event] Letter Q

    * [Event] Letter R

    * [Event] Letter Box A

    * [Event] Letter Box B

    * [Event] Letter Box C

    * [Event] Letter Box D

    * [Event] Letter Box E

    * [Event] Letter Box F

    * [Event] Letter Box G

    * [Event] Letter Box H

    * [Event] Letter Box I

    * [Event] Letter Box J

    * [Event] Letter Box K

    * [Event] Letter Box L

    * [Event] Letter Box M

    * [Event] Letter Box N

    * [Event] Letter Box O

    * [Event] Letter Box P

    * [Event] Letter Box Q

    * [Event] Letter Box R

    * [Event] Heroic Emblem

    * [Event] Mark of Bravery

    * [Event] Gold Ducat

    * [Event] Ancient Wyvern Bone

    * [Event] EXTREME Summer Victory Chest

    * [Event] Summer Victory Chest

    * [Event] Deep Sea Explorer's Victory Chest

    * [Event] Neptune Key

    * [Event] Sunken Treasure Chest

    New Chest Contents

    We’re updating the contents of various chests to coincide with patch 90. Various items which offer benefits when used will disappear from the game, and will no longer be available. Items which you currently have in your inventories can still be used (and will not be deleted).

    The following items will no longer be acquirable after the update:

    * Inexorable Savage Draught

    * Tempestuous Savage Draught

    * Strong Canephora Potion

    * Combat Accelerator Potion

    * Seal of the Undying Flame

    * Emblem of Eminence

    * Glorious Memento

    Such items will thus disappear from the following chests:

    * Surprise Box: Ancient Mighty Frost Monarch

    * Surprise Box: Ancient Mighty Gryphons

    * Surprise Box: Ancient Mighty Drakes

    * Surprise Box: Ancient Mighty Dream Birds

    * Surprise Box: Ancient Mighty Phoenixes

    * Surprise Box: Wicked Wyverns

    * Surprise Box: Ancient Mighty Dragons

    * [Event] Dark Secret

    In addition we’re removing certain other items from these chests:

    * Metamorphic Emblem

    * Goddess’s Blessing

    * Superior Noctenium Elixir

    * Semi-Enigmatic Scroll

    * Veteran Apothecary Dye

    * 1,200 Adventure Coins

    The following items will be added to some of them to compensate:

    * Tikat

    * Elleon’s Mark of Valor

    * Astral Fragment

    * Refined Duranium Ore

    * Trade Chest: Card Fragment Random Box (Uncommon)

    No Longer Sold

    The War Cry Chest will be removed from the shop with patch 90.


    The Combat Accelerator Potion and Strong Canephora Potion will no longer be available as regional additional loot in the Ghillieglade. Instead you have an increased chance of Elinu’s Tears, and 400 Adventure Coin has been added as potential loot.


    Dear community,

    we will be carrying out server maintenance on 21/1/2020, starting at 9:00 CET.

    The maintenance period is expected to last at least 2 hours. All game servers will not be reachable during this time.

    • Standard maintenance of the server

    In case of any changes to the timeframe, we'll keep you updated through our forum and social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, and Steam.

    The TERA team

    Are you excited about the upcoming TERA patch?

    Then make sure you join our TERA live stream at **6 PM on Friday, 24th January**:

    Game Designer Atmorph and QA Specialist Languste will be there to tell you all about the hottest features in patch 90:

    * New combo: Elin Valkyries

    * New Dungeon: Sea of Honor

    * Other changes

    * Preview: New premium items

    Plus we’ll have some codes ready for our TERA pros – don’t miss the chance to pick up free items!

    Note: The stream will only be broadcast in English.


    Enjoy the live stream!

    The TERA Team

    :elin40:Please note!

    In case you would like to use the "Gameforge login" option in order to login to the forum, please make sure that you also use the same email in the forum as you do in the Gameforge Client.

    The first time you will login through this option, your forum and Gameforge account will be automatically merged.

    The TERA team

    Right at the start of 2020 we’ve got an exciting new patch hot in the starting blocks! Patch 90 gives Elins the chance to swing their runeglaives as Valkyries, while players can sail across the new Sea of Honor dungeon in four different difficulty levels.

    Elin Valkyrie and Character Slot

    Elins will also be able to choose the Valkyrie class from patch 90. It’s up to you whether you create a new character and start out at level 1, or use a Race Change Voucher to convert an existing Valkyrie into an Elin.

    An extra character slot is also being added, bringing the maximum to 23. You’ll receive a voucher to unlock an additional slot when the patch is released.

    New Dungeon: Sea of Honor

    The Goldenscale is lying in the waters of Cutthroat Harbor, waiting to surprise you with some maritime challenges!

    In comparison to traditional dungeons, the Sea of Honor works slightly differently in terms of entry options and difficulties:

    * You can only enter the dungeon via the entry portal

    * 1 entry per week (2 for Club members)

    * Each entry requires a sea chart of the respective difficulty level which can be acquired in instances above item level 435

    * Rewards vary according to difficulty

    Difficulty 1

    * Recommended from item level 446

    * Predominantly weaker monsters

    Difficulty 2

    * Recommended from item level 453

    * Stronger monsters

    * Characters hit by enemies receive HP or MP debuffs

    Difficulty 3

    * Recommended from item level 461

    * All level-2 modifications

    * Other mechanics such as lightning strikes which hit the deck every 50 seconds

    Difficulty 4

    * Recommended from item level 475

    * All level-2 and level-3 modifications

    * Additional mechanics and attack patterns for the boss

    Other Improvements

    In addition to the new contents there are several smaller improvements. There are additional materials to loot in the Ghillieglade.

    In addition, you can exchange your Metamorphic Emblems into Veilthroch.

    Dear community,

    as we continue integrating our services into the Gameforge platform, starting on Thursday, 23rd of January you will also be able to log in in the forum with the credentials you use for your TERA account at

    If you have the same e-mail in your forum account and in your game account, you will be able to use the login data from both accounts to log in in the forum.

    If you use different e-mails in the forum account and in the gameforge account, you will create a multi account by login in from the Gameforge account in the forum so please, have a look at the data you are using before attempting to log in with your game data in the forum.


    your TERA Team


    Complete missions, fill your Battle Pass and unlock different reward levels – earn recognition for your dungeon runs, cooking and other skills in this event!

    Complete different missions each day and earn Battle Points in reward. You can take your BP to Master Iaito in Highwatch and exchange them for ever better reward chests, up to the fabulous Ultimate Chest.

    Event Period

    Start: 14th January 2020 at 9:00 AM

    End: 11th February 2020 at 9:00 AM

    Starting Missions

    Each day you’ll receive a mission briefing one minute after logging in for the first time. This will contain 3 random dungeon missions, one random solo mission, one crafting mission, plus a ticket for a dungeon mission of your choice. Each mission is embodied by an item in your inventory which will remain in your possession for up to 12 hours.

    You can receive additional missions at the weekend for your time online; during the week you’ll receive extra Battle Points instead.

    Completing Missions

    To complete a dungeon mission, you require a token from the respective dungeon. Each final boss will drop one token per party member, i.e. you’ll need to complete the dungeon just once. Collect your token from the boss and then right-click to complete the mission. You’ll earn BP in reward.

    Solo missions can be completed in the same way. In this case, however, you earn the tokens from Vanguard Initiative quests instead of from the dungeon boss.

    Right-clicking on crafting missions opens a window in which you’ll need to drag the amount of silex, meals or plates. Once you’ve done that, the mission will be complete and you’ll receive your BP.


    The BP you earn can be converted into reward chests from Iaito in Highwatch. Each chest (with exception of the Ultimate Chest) contains a reward and returns the BP used to open it. That means your BP level remains unchanged and you don’t have to start back from scratch after each chest. You can only receive each chest once.

    Iaito also has a selection of golden reward chests available. These work exactly the same as the regular reward chests, except that you need a [Battle Pass] Gold Key from the TERA Shop to open them. This key will open all the golden reward chests without being consumed, so you only need the one key to open all the chests.

    Once you’ve collected all the rewards, you can convert your BP into an Ultimate Key, unlocking further bonuses. More details can be found further below.

    Inside the Reward Chests

    • [Battle Pass] Reward I: 3x Superior Noctenium Refiner
    • [Battle Pass] Reward II: 50x Golden Daric
    • [Battle Pass] Reward III: 2x Pet Candy
    • [Battle Pass] Reward IV: 2x Haste Coin IV (5 Hours)
    • [Battle Pass] Reward V: 50x Silver Siglo
    • [Battle Pass] Reward VI: 1x Living Panda Beanie
    • [Battle Pass] Reward VII: 10x Legacy Essence
    • [Battle Pass] Reward VIII: 3x Pet Candy
    • [Battle Pass] Reward IX: 3x Astonishing Steamed Kirash + 3x Refreshing Steamed Kirash
    • [Battle Pass] Reward X: 5x Emerald
    • [Battle Pass] Reward XI: 5x Skill Advancement XP Tome III
    • [Battle Pass] Reward XII: 5x Liquid Exollusion
    • [Battle Pass] Reward XIII: 1x [Battle Pass] Underwear Coupon
    • [Battle Pass] Reward XIV: TERA Club Membership (3 Days)

    Inside the Golden Reward Chests

    • [Battle Pass] Gold Reward I: 1x Living Chibi Bunny Beanie
    • [Battle Pass] Gold Reward II: 50x Azart Token
    • [Battle Pass] Gold Reward III: 1x Companion List Expansion (5 Slots)
    • [Battle Pass] Gold Reward IV: 30x Dark Shard Armor Feedstock
    • [Battle Pass] Gold Reward V: 48x Refined Duranium Ore
    • [Battle Pass] Gold Reward VI: 20x Dark Shard Weapon Feedstock
    • [Battle Pass] Gold Reward VII: 1x Stamp: Rainbow Mochi Bunny
    • [Battle Pass] Gold Reward VIII: 5x Skill Advancement XP Tome IV
    • [Battle Pass] Gold Reward IX: 2x Adventure Coin (1,200)
    • [Battle Pass] Gold Reward X: 1x Meruma’s Dream Hairstyle
    • [Battle Pass] Gold Reward XI: 1x Partner: Kuncun (Superior)
    • [Battle Pass] Gold Reward XII: 1x Care and Use of Your Pet Bouncy Bunny
    • [Battle Pass] Gold Reward XIII: 25x Trade Chest: Card Fragment Random Box (Uncommon)
    • [Battle Pass] Gold Reward XIV: 1x Storm Skill: Mighty Frost Monarch



    The Ultimate Key

    You can still receive bonus rewards after opening all the reward chests by converting your BP into an Ultimate Key. This can be used to open Ultimate Chests which Iaito will give you for 1,000 BP.

    Just like the Gold Key, the Ultimate Key is not consumed on use, so you can continue opening chests as long as you have enough BP. Each Ultimate Chest contains 100 Ultimate Coupons which can be exchanged for awesome bonus rewards. Owners of a Gold Key get an extra bonus, as they can also open the box inside each Ultimate Chest containing another 100 coupons.

    If you convert your BP into an Ultimate Key too early – meaning that Iaito still has unopened reward chests for you – he can give you a Key Grinder which will break your Ultimate Key back down into the full amount of BP.

    Event Items in the Tikat Shop

    If you want to make the most of the event, you can visit the Tikat Shop and buy 500 BP or [Battle Pass] Selection Dungeon Tickets to get more missions to complete.


    Known issue

    There is currently an issue with feeding pets without summoning them, causing no EXP to be gained. The issue is already reported and will be fixed with the next update.

    Our apologies for the inconvenience caused.


    Dear community,

    we will be carrying out server maintenance on 14/1/2020, starting at 9:00 CET.

    The maintenance period is expected to last at least 4 hours. All game servers will not be reachable during this time.


    • Added various fixes in relation to server transfers
    • Added fixes to improve server stability
    • Added new items for events

    In case of any changes to the timeframe, we'll keep you updated through our forum and social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, and Steam.

    The TERA team

    Dear community,

    as announced a while ago here, Gameforge will soon take over the publishings for TERA in Southeast Asia, unfolding a new chapter in the history of Arborea!

    We would like to share with you some more detailed information about it in our FAQ.


    When will Gameforge start running TERA in Southeast Asia?

    On 9th January 2020.

    On which build version will the SEA server run?

    We will update the build version to the current Build 88 Patch with the start of our live service in SEA

    Do players get to keep their progress to date?

    Yes, players get to keep their progress as well as their items. Temporary items will not be transferred, however.

    What will happen to my guild/bank/friends list/Buddy-Up codes?

    The guild, bank and friends list remain unchanged.

    Old Buddy-Up codes can no longer be used.

    Will characters and guilds keep their names?

    Characters and guilds that include non-latin characters will unfortunately not be able to keep the name as the client won’t be able to display them.

    • Affected Characters will be automatically asked to be renamed before logging in.
    • Affected guilds will be automatically renamed. All guild masters of the affected guild can log into the game and use the in-game function to rename the guild.

    Do I keep all the character slots I currently have?


    What will happen to the TERA Club membership?

    Players who have an active TERA Club subscription will enjoy Club benefits on our servers.

    What happens to the premium currency I had on the Southeast Asian servers?

    Premium currency will not be transferred.

    Do I need to do prepare anything for the change?

    Please claim all items in your item claim, item broker, mailbox and guild bank before the server shuts down as unclaimed items may be lost otherwise.

    Will all my current characters be transferred?

    Yes, all characters will be transferred

    In which languages can TERA be played in Southeast Asia?

    English, German and French. However, some content may not be available in German and


    Will there be a specific Southeast Asian server?

    Yes. The server name will be “Shen”.

    Can players move to the EU server and vice versa?

    That is not planned at the moment.

    Can players play in instances with EU players?

    No, Southeast Asia will have its own dungeon server in order to reduce lag issues.

    Which languages can players use to communicate in the forums and get help?

    Unfortunately we cannot provide any in-game support in Southeast Asian languages, hence this service is only available in English, French and German. This also applies to the forums.

    Migration Questions


    When does the migration start?

    The migration will start on 07.01.2020.

    How does the migration work?

    Create a Gameforge account on the migration website (Link will be shared later) or sign in with a Gameforge account.

    When requested, log in with your Playwith details to link your accounts.

    o Download the Gameforge client and sign in with your new Gameforge account details.

    How long do I have to transfer my account?

    The migration will be possible until 10.02.2020.

    Is it possible to transfer to the Steam version?

    No, that will not be possible. Players can however start from scratch on Steam, should they so choose.

    Additional information:

    Please keep in mind that for the first weeks the number of the characters slots might not be accurate.

    The TERA team

    Dear community,

    The following event is now active until 7/1/2020 09:00 CET:

    Get new boxes as dungeon drops through dungeons for Item level 450 and higher!


    You can get 1 box per run, distributed to the whole group.

    • Item level 450~453: [Event] Exodore Legionmaster Box 1
    • Item level 454~458: [Event] Exodore Legionmaster Box 2

    These boxes include 1 of 3 possible tokens (random):

    • Azart Expedition Badge
    • Azart Force Sign
    • Azart Token

    Those tokens can be exchanged for the new mask or belt, or feedstock.

    • You can also buy the item "[Event] Exodore Legionmaster Box 2" (max 10 per day) for 5000g per box from NPC “Doerun” in Highwatch.
    • The NPC will vanish on 7/1/2020 at 9:00 CET.
    • The remaining boxes will also vanish on 21/1/2020 at 9:00 CET. Please make sure to open them in time!



    :!:Additional Information

    The following dungeons from the "Dungeon Clearance!" event will not be included in the event after all:

    • Grotto of Lost Souls (Hard)
    • Macellarius Catacombs

    The TERA team