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    Chère communauté,

    nous aurons une maintenance dans nos services de paiement le 22/01/2020 à 08:00 AM CET. Les travaux de maintenance devraient durer au moins une heure.

    • La boutique en jeu et toutes les options de paiement ne seront pas disponibles pendant cette période.
    • Les serveurs de jeu ne sont pas affectés par cette maintenance.

    L'Équipe TERA

    A new chapter in the history of Arborea has begun! Gameforge is now hosting a server in Southeast Asia: Shen. It is now possible to play TERA in that region via our website

    You can find more details in the FAQ: [FAQ] SEA Server.

    <3As a little thank you for your quick migration, we've prepared a small gift (will be sent via ingame mail) for all players that login at least once until 19/1/2020 23:59 CET.

    We can’t wait to meet you, adventurers!:elin28:

    Dear community,

    we are currently working on some minor issues regarding the migration website.

    We will keep you updated through our forum.

    The Tera Team


    we are aware of this issue. We have already people working on solving this matter.

    Please, if in the future you will have cases to report, address to the support system.

    Thank you!

    This thread thread will be locked

    Dear community,

    The following event is now active until 7/1/2020 09:00 CET:

    Get new boxes as dungeon drops through dungeons for Item level 450 and higher!


    You can get 1 box per run, distributed to the whole group.

    • Item level 450~453: [Event] Exodore Legionmaster Box 1
    • Item level 454~458: [Event] Exodore Legionmaster Box 2

    These boxes include 1 of 3 possible tokens (random):

    • Azart Expedition Badge
    • Azart Force Sign
    • Azart Token

    Those tokens can be exchanged for the new mask or belt, or feedstock.

    • You can also buy the item "[Event] Exodore Legionmaster Box 2" (max 10 per day) for 5000g per box from NPC “Doerun” in Highwatch.
    • The NPC will vanish on 7/1/2020 at 9:00 CET.
    • The remaining boxes will also vanish on 21/1/2020 at 9:00 CET. Please make sure to open them in time!



    :!:Additional Information

    The following dungeons from the "Dungeon Clearance!" event will not be included in the event after all:

    • Grotto of Lost Souls (Hard)
    • Macellarius Catacombs

    The TERA team

    Patch 88 is going to be the final update for 2019! On 10th December, we’ll be updating the servers with this patch – look forward to loads of cool changes! Please note that some names in these notes are subject to change and may differ in the final release.

    Darkstone Cryptograms

    Darkstone Cryptograms are a new type of treasure map which you can search for in Exodor!

    You’ll need the following four items which can be found on the various small islands around Exodor:

    · Worn Darkstone Cryptogram (1)

    · Incomplete Darkstone Cryptogram (2)

    · Damaged Darkstone Cryptogram (3)

    · Darkstone Cryptogram Key (4)

    Once you have recovered all four items, you can combine them into a Decrypted Darkstone Cryptogram (5). This item can then be used to locate the treasure!

    You can see the islands where the items can be found on this map:

    Recover the treasure and get your hands on Darkstone Fragments which can be exchanged for Dark Shard Feedstock!

    Sealed Darkstones

    New Sealed Darkstones will be added to the island – if you find one, you can use a Darkstone Sealbreaker to open it.

    In return, you’ll receive Dark Shard Feedstock to exchange!

    Changes to Level 68+ Contents

    In order to make it easier to acquire and enchant golden level 69 gear, the following additions are coming with patch 88.

    New Gear

    - A new version of level 69 gear has been created

    o Cannot be traded or dismantled

    o No random stats

    o Cannot regress when enchanting and requires fewer items

    - The gear can be unlocked via a new medal

    o One medal per daily vanguard quest for the Verrak Fortress

    o One medal per 2,000 reputation points with the Exodor factions

    o Each item requires 20 medals

    Note: The new version of the gear is somewhat weaker than the existing version (because of the lack of random stats) but it’s easier to enchant. The items are otherwise completely identical, having the same basic stats, appearance and improvements when enchanting.

    In a later patch (coming next year), it will also be possible to develop the gear into ‘mythical’ items, which similarly have no random stats or ‘special mythical skills’.

    More Dark Shard Feedstock

    The chance of getting Dark Shard Feedstock from opponents in Exodor has been increased.

    In addition there are new tradeable chests. As soon as you open them, you receive non-tradeable enchanting materials. The chests can also be purchased from Exodor reputation merchants.

    More Duranium

    The Vanguard Initiative quests from the Verrak Fortress will be rewarded with Pure Refined Duranium Ore from patch 88. This can also be purchased from Exodor reputation merchants.



    · Growing Fury

    o Increased aggro generation from 10 to 25%


    · Arunic Release

    o Increased skill damage by 50%

    o Reduced number of explosions from 5 to 4

    o Increased MP cost to 1,000

    o Increased cooldown to 10 seconds

    Regional Changes

    TERA Club

    - The TERA Club now offers two additional passive boosters!

    o Permanently increase skill advancement XP by 50%

    o Permanently increase talent XP by 100%

    - The two potions which can be used daily (for 1 hour) to increase talent XP have been removed.

    Dark Shard Box

    - Dark Shard Boxes which can be purchased in the shop will no longer contain trade chests from patch 88.

    - Instead they will contain the various items in their original (non-tradeable) form.

    - Boxes purchased before the patch will not be affected by this change, and contain trade chests as before.

    Other Changes

    - Minor changes to two daily Exodor faction quests.

    - It is now possible to adjust the size of damage numbers.

    - Added new achievement sub-categories so Exodor achievements are better structured.

    - Achievements for the Verrak Fortress added to Exodor Dungeons.

    - You can now change the name of the extra bag. This costs 30,000 Gold per change.

    - All players now start with 300 talent points. Existing characters with less than 300 points will be bumped up to 300.

    -Flying and the use of Jump Portals in Exodor is now only possible after having completed the Exodor storyline.


    as it has been mentioned here: 'Send Us Your Dungeon Feedback!' , the feedback was gathered and forwarded. Please understand that due to the amount of the feedback, and the language barrier, BH needs some time to review your suggestions.

    We will come back to you once we have something to share!



    Kirino EU thank you for your feedback and suggestions.

    Matrixo Please understand that some things need time to happen. We will transfer your feedback once more and as always you will be informed about any potential changes.

    Thank you all for your participation and your feedback :elin4: