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    Suche eine Static für die aktuellen EMs und GVHM.

    GS: 460, Ninja Main, Exp in allen Inis(auch den beiden EMs)

    Ingame unter: Chiè

    Unter der Woche von 19-22 Uhr online, am WE auch früher/später.


    Yes but like -

    You can choose between Fire Avalance, Fire Avalance, (which you use like 2 or 1 times in the whole fight...) and a buff for close-range skills - wouldn't you be standing a bit farther because of burning heart after attunement?

    Like, I can use attunement and then doublecut/whatever, but I'd miss the attunement-glyph?

    All of these 3 options for attunement seem weird to me...

    Well at least I didn't get my etchings up and can directly do power ones :o

    Burning Heart CD reducement would be awesome :elin9:

    No idea who thought Impact Bomb would need sleep or more damage...

    But my personal favorite is still the decreased-movementspeed-debuff Impact Bomb - doesn't even work on BAMs xD


    Hey everyone! :elin40:

    I'd like to suggest adding a second(or more) page(s) to the talent system, just like you have more than one for your glyph-setup or equipment-setup!

    It'd be really useful for PvP!

    Tera Time doesn't work on Ninjas? Whut.

    That's news to me, but I can't say I use TT a lot....

    So basically I can just sell every TT I get because it doesn't work?

    Or does in only work sometimes/to some extend?

    That sounds terrible.

    Guess I'll have to settle for bottom tier together with slayers, since rerolling isn't in it for me - I simply enjoy the class too much to do that.

    But honestly, it's just really dissapointing how some classes do so much more dps, and some other classes, like Ninja (or poor Slayer, like wtf, this has gone on an on for ages!) only get nerved more and more.

    We even got nerved in the last pvp update



    • Harmonious Burning Heart
      • [PvP] Decreased damage against other players by 20%
    • Quick Attack
      • [PvP] Decreased damage against other players by 20%


    which other classes were as well, but I had at least hoped Ninja were nice to play in ONE of the categories -pvp/pve that is.

    Or, other than that, I could hope for it getting better after a patch - but seems like there isn't much hope.


    Regarding the fight duration, yes, absolutely, a second burst changes so, so much.


    Zeit für die wirklich wichtigen Fragen:

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    Muss man Elin erst freischalten?

    Hey everyone!

    Since I can't find many posts about them - anyone who's playing Ninja in Endgame right now?

    I only hear about Ninjas being nerved - can they still do well, and if not, is there any hope of them getting better in near future? For example is there hope for the lvl 70 patch?

    It feels like you're doing your burst, and spend the rest of the fight dodging and waiting for your burst to go off CD...

    Regarding PvP, everyone seems to play them completely differently - and other than that, I don't see that many of them in PvP at all, or at least, not within the top-pvp players...

    As reference, I'm a Ninja on Yurian, Gearscore 456, PvP Full Retribution +6/+5/+5/+5.


    Nachdem meine PvP Waffe jetzt 4 mal gefailt (3 mal mit Beschädigung) wollte ich fragen ob's normal ist das die Up-Wahrscheinlichkeit nicht hoch geht?

    Bei meiner Rüstung hatte ich auch exakt dasselbe - 1 Fail, gleiche Wahrscheinlichkeit.