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    Thats not the way you lose copyrights or trademarks lol. I am amused by the lack of proper info about that. And no, they wont lift a finger, they will make a blind eye until they get a new publisher investing on it, unless they selfpublish of course but I cant see that happening by how bad things have been for them at NA with EME (publisher owned by BHS)

    Yes you do. If you do not enforce your trademarks (not copyrights, I checked) you risk losing them. That's why Nintendo is so diligent going after anything that's at all Nintendo related.

    And just because the server is located somewhere where their trademark laws aren't recognized doesn't mean they won't try. As long as you show you at least made a reasonable effort to defend them, your trademarks will continue to be recognized.

    Yes they would go after pirate servers. They might not stand to gain anything by going after pirate servers, but they stand to lose their copyrights (or trademarks, I forget which) if they don't.

    No, i remember quite the opposite: tera eu struggling with mwa supply and 16 crit inner wear while NA got ridiculous events that gave like 30k mwa per person and insane amounts of inner wear (mongo event or something)

    You're skipping the 2-3 years between then and now where GF was much better than EME. While NA had no source of talents, gold, or any other material needed for enchanting gear, gearing in EU was super easy. While NA had nothing that wasn't implicitly handed to EME from BHS, EU had custom events and dungeons.

    This is why I'm especially disapointed. After suffering through EME's decline and the abysmal lows they reached over their last several years, I was looking forward to the move the GF. Watching their rapid downward spiral since we got here to depths I thought only EME could achieve and beyond makes me sad.

    If it's like Exodor, it will be an un-fun slog for the first 3 months, an un-fun chore for the next 3 months, then nerfed into an un-fun joke after that.

    I'm amazed at how they keep managing to find new ways to add even more layers of RNG. I mean, there has to be a limit, right?



    What the fishmonger will buy changes from day to day. I've gone over a week without being able to sell anything to him.

    I believe this is not how statistics works, there's no "SHOULD" in statistics.

    Probability, not statistics. The probability of getting +7 after 7 tries is around 50% (I think it's actually the 6th try because of the 0.6% increase on each fail) so on average 1 out of every 2 players SHOULD get +7 within the first 7 (or 6) tries. But that also means 1 out of every 2 players will take more tries.

    But I agree, I think psychology is at work here. People see 10% and think that means they'll be guaranteed to succeed in 10 tries and expect to get it sooner, while in reality it's a lot more complicated.

    And for that alone, I'm gonna take that as an Insult. Like Who are you to decide what I should do ? Just don't try to decide what I should do.

    Aww, snowflake. For that alone, I'm gonna go like Rose's post. But she's absolutely right, if all you want is 3 minute dungeons, maybe MMO's aren't for you. Maybe you should go find a nice single player game to speedrun.

    That... might not actually be that far off. I don't know if it's the same with Gameforge, but I remember EME saying there was nothing they could do about the language filter, that it is controlled by Krafton. So someone who only has minimal high school English is probably in charge of picking what words get filtered. Which would explain a lot.

    Only issue I have is that I would have to delete characters that are max level and some have expensive costumes/mounts and such to make room to even be able to play.

    I wonder if there's a way they could move the characters from each server to separate accounts so nothing would be lost? The idea of having to delete characters is pretty much the only reason I have for not getting behind a merger at this point.

    My map isn't locked, but it resets back to the middle-ish of the screen every time I start the game, or even when just moving between areas. Locked or unlocked doesn't make a difference for me.

    I dunno. I thought the story made it pretty clear that you existed outside the formal ranks of the Federation (maybe it's not clear anymore?) - that you are a special case. The Antaroth part of the story flat out told you you were too powerful to be held accountable by the Federation and that you don't really answer to anyone, so they were sending you to a god.

    Also, what would be the point of being able to "identify what level really is your character in game"? You can go from level 1 to level 70 in less than a day and getting to level 70 is little more than a (bad) tutorial these days.

    Finally if what you're saying is you want titles for doing the various story quests, these already exist. Every major story quest gives you a title. A lot of yellow quests do too. If you're suggesting they give titles out to show you've done a lot of quests in general, these already exist too.

    So it occurs to me after going through another 4-in-a-row-with-no-weapon drought to finish getting another character to 65, why can't they just put weapon smart boxes in the token shops with the armour pieces? They wouldn't have to mess with drop tables or anything like that, and those smart boxes should already be in the game code somewhere because we used to be able to buy them for vanguard credits.