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    The announcement was on Steam too. That would have shown up in your news feed even if you didn't access the game. You're out of excuses.

    The proper legal arrangements were for EME to get permission from their users to give data to Gameforge. That is what they did. I get the impression you seem to think EME should have just sold the data to Gameforge. Hate to break it to you, but that would have resulted in the exact same situation; they would have still needed user permission to give the data to Gameforge. The GDPR is literally a law enacted to prevent companies from selling/transferring user data without the users' permission (among other things).

    And if not Gameforge, then who? Who do you think was going to keep EME sites live? Who do you think was going to maintain users' data indefinitely "just in case"? Who would be paying for it? Where do you think that money would have come from? You keep saying there were plenty of options, but don't actually present any of them.

    That's weird. I just tried them again before hitting the reply button. I only have one free flight skill (from before the merge) and it works with my IM39 (from before the merge) and with my Obscurium Battle Suit I got in the last week or two. My IM39 is a dyable version, so I don't know if that would make a difference. I also don't have Ancient Free Flight or Mighty Free Flight, just the basic one. I'm not sure what to suggest other than contacting support?

    Your characters and data weren't lost. Your account (and it's link to your characters) is what was lost. EME couldn't legally give that information to Gameforge without consent from the players - this has nothing to do with laziness or skill. Do you honestly expect EME to stay open and maintain their user database indefinitely just in case someone might decided to come back tomorrow? Or next week? How about next year?

    58 days. You had 58 days to migrate your account. EME announced they were closing in August. That's 4+ months warning. Emails were sent. There were announcements on the launcher you had to close before you could click play. You had a 35 day grace period after EME closed down their servers.

    I'm sorry you lost your characters, but I'm not sure what exactly you expected GF and EME to do.

    I had that issue in NA pre-migration. On one server it just fixed itself and started working again after the next weekly maintenance, but on the other server it persisted for a couple months. Support told me there was nothing EME could do about it and forwarded it to Krafton, so I don't know if Gameforge will be able to do anything.

    On the bright side, it did start working again on both servers, so maybe Krafton has a fix for it now.

    I'm not sure I understand the first part of your issue. How do the various flight skills conflict? My pre-migration flight suit and flight skill still work together, and the flight skill also works with my new obscurium battle suit.

    I do agree that the basic free flight skill should be back in the novelty merchant for 50g (or whatever). These suits already cost a fortune, we shouldn't have to pay a bunch more just to get them to work too. If people want the extra perks from the Ancient and Mighty version, let them pay, but the basic version should be easy to get.

    Auto-fishing is a dumb idea (people complaining about bots?? you dont even need bots when the game makes it auto for you as is).

    Fish-bots caught BAFs afk. Sold them afk. Crafted new bait afk. There were people with 40+ accounts doing this 24/7, funneling all the gold from it to their main account. THAT is what people were complaining about.

    I'm glad the fish-bots are gone, but I wish they'd found a better way to do it.

    No green coupons. Only the purple ones....and they can only trade for more purple ones.


    Use your NA ones to buy the green rarity ones, use those green rarity ones to buy the blue rarity ones, use the blue rarity ones to buy costumes.

    On a related note, I understand making us convert our NA coupons to make them virtually worthless, but now that we're here, why do we get rewarded with green rarity ones that we have to convert to blue rarity ones? Why not just give us the blue ones to start with?

    the progress between lv 65 and lv 68 is actually the story quest, which should take some 30minutes to my knowledge

    the moment you reach lv 65 you should get "[Apex] Velika Banquet"
    the moment you did the above, you obtain "The Nightmare begins" which boosts you to lv 68

    ^ ^ This.

    The story quest starting at level 65 gives you all the xp you need to get from 65 to 68 and doesn't take very long.

    Even faster, does Macellarius Catacombs still drop 1 billion xp worth of xp potions per run? (You should at least still do the Apex quest if you choose to go this route)