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    Так а в чем проблема то? Есть человек который постоянно патчи переводит, у него даж сайтик со всеми переводами на инглиш с корейского есть, в дискорде найти можно как его, так и других знающих. Дискорд удобнее в 2020 и "все тут". Нет никакого смысла постить ссылки на корейские патч ноуты - никто не может это читать, а гугл трпанслейт убивает 80% деталей.

    But now you are off topic too. lmao

    Maybe we get some changes with B82 but i really doubt it.

    technically nope.
    My post contains


    Tbh it all pretty sad, hope pretty constructive feedback without crying from this topic can solve all issues.

    Anyway, B82 got nothing what can solve current issues. It, most likely, will introduce only popo brawler (which already in game)

    Tbh it all pretty sad, hope pretty constructive feedback without crying from this topic can solve all issues.

    You can see here evidence of 3rd party developers (cheaters) making spam/off-topic post and making fun of EU comunity and our moderators dont do anything agaisnt him. I bet is becuase they are on their discord groups sharing some of their profits, right Shiro

    Can agree. Kasea got inappropriate behavior for this serious discussion! Pretty sure we all can blame this 3rd party dev for current tera state.
    P.S Voidy, friendly tip - your message offtopic too so Shiro must warn you too.

    Then i guess there is no correlation when you cant find the top1 players mg log about that run, but their every other run listed on that day... or deleted names with the same class composition.

    You should know the best how much shit can be found on the proxy side next to the usefull stuffs.

    Just ask some person from Relive on Mystel or Dans from NA, i guess they are all a fair players, right?

    Moongourd is irrelevant. For some players maybe it is but at this point (especially after 80 patch where all content behind wall of p2w or 24/7 grind AND rng - pets, HO grind, p2w mats) you can't really point to smth based on moongourd (and im not even talking about theoretical possibility to upload fake runs into 3rd party site). Also can you stop "point fingers" at diff players? If you have issues - ask support. This is not place for reports.
    About "shit": yes, i know but: a) its irrelevant for this topic, b) this shit not related to proxy directly because krafton devs can't do basic checks or, most likely, dont want, and later, when this issue getting abused by playerbase, not fixing them (these issues also usually being reported for MONTHS or YEARS before public).
    P.S: sorry for offtopic, mods.

    I can understand EU players who scared about all current NA players but you missing actual problem with enmasse (or, maybe, misinformed) and reason for migration.
    Can agree, some WILL TRY try exploit but:
    1) EU exploit detection > NA detection (all these kids-exploiters will be banned, it actually will be fast and automatically)
    technically NA no clue how to use their publisher tools and cant find exploiter until will be memeslashed at face.
    2) Main exploiters will still exploit in NA (nothing changed for them or tools)

    Main migration reason: EME just finally annoyed all community (not only 3rd party)
    Its long story and some examples from long list: broken clients after updates (6 times in a row so users going to redownload client fully because launcher cant help), lack of mats at all (golden and silver talents), zero events, 2-3 weeks to answer a tickets, zero knowledge about game (you know, its so sad when at stream your CM "tanking SSN" and casting outlaw at boss because it at shortcut 1 and no clue what is "glyphs", even another EME workers no clue what is "world boss" , you can be randomly banned because "spirit of game" (good reason, yes?) and etc.

    Also, ppls getting bans in eme discord for "pepeweird" emote, for link to enmasse site ( ... can you imagine it? ban in eme discord for eme site link :) ),they even activated autoban bot with triggers for gameforg mentions (yes, ppls got banned for "GF", "gameforge", "event").

    You also missing information about WHO migrating: it, actually, mostly EU players who just were locked to NA because friends, got gear and costumes or started play from time when enmasse tera was in all steam regions (yes, it was in steam for a long time even for regions with 260ms ping). Mostly all these players got low ping (except brazillians and some another high ping regions maybe but they playing EU already... Question only "how", yes?).

    P.S: for sure atm it hype and more than half of "newbies" will just leave EU soon.
    P.S 2: sorry for my english :elin37:
    P.S 3: forgot to mention one thing - enmasse atm stealing nicknames from players who renamed characters after merge ( try to remember rules of nickname change at merge :^ )

    Why speak to me in English when no clue how it work?
    Honestly, I agree some proxy modules don't modify packets sent, and proxy itself doesn't modify anything. BUT SP DOES. You're basically editing the packets you sent (either modifying what's been sent or the amount that are sent) to simulate having less ping.

    Yo do have clue how it work?

    Hmmmm... I can answer "yes". I know how it work. And no, its not modifying your packets. :elin31:

    Shinra too, TCC too