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    I mean, personally I just think you should go with whatever suits you. Sometimes you feel like doing quick and efficient runs, thus you reject people who don't seem experienced/have bad gear/whatever reason there is. Sometimes you're up for teaching people, and then you can take less experienced people. That's just how it works.

    There's no hate between players, just because you reject them from parties. It's a mix of what the lfg leaders want and what the goal of the party is, if you don't live up to the party standards, that doesn't mean you're a bad person, but rather that you need to work on your personal skills.

    As a player that started during RKE patch and was level 44 when RKE got released, I know everything about how hard it was to get into a party in RKE. I was viewed as a huge trap for a long long time, due to my inferior gameplay. I was aware of it back then and I didn't hold a grudge towards people, who simply were better than me. The only thing you can do in that situation, is keep working harder, maybe find some people to play with regularly on your level and attempt to become a better player, thus keeping people from rejecting you into parties.

    You very rarely reject a player due to personal issues, it's simply a matter of party efficiency and finding like-minded players for the parties - and generally alligning goals.

    This btw. Imagine if you couldn't get Legendary trinket in WoW, because it was locked behind paywall? It's not necessary to clear Mythic raids no, but it's damn useful. Let's be real: If there's some BiS items locked behind paywalls because they don't wanna implement content, then there's something seriously wrong with the game.

    Honestly it's simple. I was lucky to clear DS before it got removed and got my 2.0 from there. Since then, there has been NO way of getting a 2.0, and that's simply stupid. No, it's not needed, but reaching the end of progression for your character is something every PvE'er wants to do. And with this non-existent way of getting a 2.0, it's impossible for any player to get full BiS.

    I don't know. I guess a few players like myself stopped playing, and those of us who stopped playing are just hoping that the game will be better soon, tbh. There's no point in the game right now, 'cause the game is so heavily reliant on rng and mindless grinding. With no room for alts.

    I mean yeah, I'm not playing anymore, and I honestly feel good about that, that doesn't mean I can't express my opinion still, and hope they do something about the game, so it'll be more enjoyable for the players left.

    Besides, I'd love to return to Tera if they fixed some major issues shrug

    The fun part here is, how bad the drop rates even with such a limited system.

    Getting pets from GV is almost impossible. I ran 40 times of GV and got 3 legacy essences, and ONE pet is 10 :) Then we have Bahaar, that I'd use for HO gearing, but no, that's a meme as well, 'cause I can only run it 4 times a day. Goodbye every character I planned on getting to HO.

    Then the leveling - damn, dungeons don't even give me xp on my alts, yet it's all I wanna do, but I can't 'cause I'm limited by adventure coins system.

    System is plain stupid. The low drop rates, combined with a low stash/high cost of adventure coins and the insane rng it takes to enchant is just obnoxious.

    Personally I had to try 160+ times for HO+0 to HO+3, and that's for ONE character. Great you can't run Bahaar anymore, huh?

    Thought I'd weigh in a lil' here. Beginning with the more stupid posts I saw.

    For some players botting is the only way to lvl 70 because they don't want to work their way to lvl 70 by farming bams, guardians, dungeons ?

    That's like saying that for some people robbing a bank is the only way to get money because they don't want to get up at 6 in the morning and go to work to make the money.

    Possibly true, but give a man no options and he'll resort to other options. There's a reason the theft rate in Uruguay is extremely high for example: Simply because the system is so imbalanced and because the poverty is so extremely great.

    Instead of looking at the base of the crime, look at the reason. There are reasons the theft rate is low in countries like Denmark, Sweden, Germany and so on - there's no need for theft, because the system is fixed.

    It doesn't make it okay to bot, no, but let's face it: If the current leveling system wasn't this shit, there'd be no need for it. The reason here being, that you're forced into BAM farming, if you even want to progress.

    If you want to remove the crime, do smth thought through about it, don't just hand out bans.

    Seems like you have a total wrong perception of mankind beeing.

    Ever in history of mankind, people tried to shit on laws and tried to find ways to cheat on games.

    The only way to reduce this ammount of people is a hard hand of judgement. Gameforge didnt really care about in the past, when they tolerated scripts and proxys, even macros, what was the beginning of the problems this game now have, should have had a ban as the result of using them. Now eat the result of all this shit 3 party tools. The tera community is infested by all this scum. The community wanted it.

    Ban everyone who dont use vanilla and who use third party shit. I prefer to play a dead game instead got beaten by cheaters who wank on their "skills" and kills cause of cheats

    I don't know if you're trolling or not, but if you have played actually real games like WoW, you'd have noticed that Blizzard didn't hand out bans to everyone who used 3rd party programs, but instead just added add-ons and improved the shit tier content they had. They, (Blizzard), realized their game was not good enough and had to improve it.

    BHS could do the exact same thing. I'm not saying they shouldn't ban exploiters, but once again, they should take a look at why the hell the people are exploiting. Just do like Blizzard and put in some more content in the game, it can't be that damn hard.

    And now for my own opinion on the matter:

    Personally I think the problem here is the difference in bans. Personally I did a stupid thing and I fishbotted on stream. I got a two-weeks ban for that and that's perfectly fine. I did something idiotic and I got punished for it. No biggie, I should be punished, that's how simple it is.

    The problem is the difference in bans - why aren't everyone punished the same way, which is the base of this disscussion. Why in the hell are some exploiters PERMABANNED FOR THEIR FIRST OFFENSE, while we have teleporters in GG, memeslashers, level 70 in 3 hours players and hardcore bernscripters exploiting the hell out of dungeons, still running around out there, when one fishes and gets perma banned? Why do we have fish botters standing around that perma fish all day on several accounts that get no more than 14 days ban, and then a month ban - and THEN the perma ban? Is that the whales? Is that the players that GF/BHS can't AFFORD to ban? The bans aren't a problem, they're deserved, the disparity in the punishments are a huge problems though - and even more so: The problem in communication is even worse. You don't get a reason like in every other reasonable client, you have to write support and wait for up to 1 - 2 days, before they care to answer.

    And lastly I'll add whatever I said: Think of the REASON for the exploiting. If you didn't have to farm BAM's every day to even progress, then it wouldn't be a problem. Personally I did around 200 Bahaar's, (at least), since the release of the patch and I'm still level 68. If that's not stupid, I don't know what is. Bahaar is the HARDEST content in the game, imagine doing the HARDEST dungeon in any other game and getting close to no rewards at all? I mentioned this before, but imagine taking down Uu'Nat in WoW and not getting any progress on your artifact gear or any meaningful loot? Imagine clearing Twilight Temple in Blade n' Soul and not getting any meaningful progress on your HM?

    By comparison imagine clearing Uu'Nat 200 times and being only halfway to maxing out your artifact weapon or clearing Twilight Temple and only being halfway to HM 25?

    Fine, let's say this is reasonable, but the problem is that you can't even farm this because YOUR'E LIMITED BY ADVENTURE COINS. Let's be real: They implemented a system where the grinding required is excessive, but you can't even farm, because you're restrained by the stupid adventure coin system, and it only gets worse with the release of PNHM which costs 400 coins and DFHM which costs 500. Even if you want to farm, you can't, because you're not allowed to.

    Instead you're forced to farm 23840173012783012 basilisks if you wanna progress in a reasonable amount of time, or simply like me: Want to have alts you can play for fun. But no, with this patch the opportunity of alts got totally destroyed.

    But what do I care - I quit the game, and cancelled my TC subscription, and I think anyone with a reasonable amount of IQ should do the same. It's clear this is only a money grabbing fest by now and not a company trying to improve their game.

    Great props to you developers and publishers for banning people, now let's see you guys do something actively about the root of the problem as to why people are exploiting. Go on - we're waiting.

    Edit: To not make this only about the xp required for leveling and advancement skill points, then let's take a short look at the gold required:

    - Getting full HO+3 took me around 170 tries altogether - that's almost 15 fails on average, which is around.. 20 million gold? If not more? Not to mention the ton of mats I wasted on that

    - Getting a pet to full fellowship points would take.. 800 pets? On average that's the rng you need, which means 80 milliion gold

    - Relics and Halidoms, (top tier gold), have been estimated to cost around 50 milion gold as well

    - Then comes the new jewelry with LOWER enchant chance than the current Ethereal pieces. I failed around 60 - 70 times altogether on getting all my pieces from Entropy to Ethereal - that's another 10 million gold, which means I can expect to spend around 20 million on the next I'd guess, (jk I won't be playing OMEGALUL)

    Now - does that give a little more perspective on, why we're in so desperate need of content and/or xp/gold contributions from the current content? Or is it still too hard to comprehend that the current system is totally out of hand?

    Hi there team,

    This is gonna be a bit of a rant. I don't know how long it's gonna be, 'cause honestly I'm just going to write whatever's on my mind and what's popping up in my head.

    So first of all, today I decided to finally stop my Tera subscription to TC, I uninstalled Tera and I don't plan on returning, simply because I think the game is not interesting to me anymore.

    I started playing Tera one and a half year ago, and it was such an amazing experience. I was so caught up by the action, the real-time combat system and the general mechanics of the game. It dazzled me, I came from a long break in WoW and was bored of their 4-button class system, and finding Tera was such a unique and different experience, that I got caught by it instantly.

    I started wiping in RKE and HH, and since then I developed in the game and became better and better, and I had the motivation to keep being better, despite all the veterans' players saying, that the game had already developed in a bad way. I was still motivated, up until now.

    To put it simple: I have tried to find all the good points in Tera, but the problem is that I can only find two points by now: The community and the combat system. Everything else is just bad game design or a dveloper that simply don't want to save the game, but instead want to squeeze whatever last money they can out of the game and simply let it die after.

    There are tons of problems, and there are lots of thread to prove that:

    - PvP Rewards + Gearing

    - Titan Storm/Earth

    - About 2.0s

    - Repeat "Guardian Legion Event" every weekend

    - Concerns about the future patch

    - Proposed change for Gear Enchantment System

    - Merge Killian and Mystel

    - Increase drop rate of accessory amplifier I+II

    - Increase the limit of Fish crates from 10 to 100

    - Upcoming Patch 80 [Level 70 Levelcap] and concerns about the future of the Game

    - Make the xp required to 70 less obnoxious

    - Increase Adventure Coins

    - Another useless ranting about Tera current state

    A lot of the issues mentioned in these posts are stuff like the amount of xp required to level, (in particular advancement skill points), which wouldn't be so obnoxious if we had some CONTENT while doing it, but the problem is that you're forced into BAM killing. The total removal of ALT's, unless you're a whale or have absolutely no life. The general collection of items and most importantly the RNG in the game. Most of the items we're supposed to upgrade are 100% based on RNG, rather than us farming actual stuff, and that's simply not a system that you can keep supporting, if you farm for hours and hours.

    To boil it all down: The game developed from a grind game to a p2w fest, and despite our best efforts in conveying this message to the developer, all of our requests fall for deaf ears.

    We all probably realize, this is not mods or Gameforge's fault, but instead BHS/Krafton, that simply refuse to change the game into the better, but instead run a business where it's all about making some quick money from whales, rather than investing time and effort into creating a good game, that'd give them more money in the long run. It's sad to see, that such greedy people were put in charge of a game with this much potential.

    Anyway, the long story short: This game is going in a direction that I, and most other people, simply don't like, and as such it's time to shut down. When this game finally gets closed for good, because they can't squeeze out anymore money of it, I hope that the mods in here and those working for GF will take the good aspects of this game and all the good advice this forum has provided and take it to another game, 'cause it's honestly sad to see someone working for a game, and then getting totally ignored by the developer.

    Until then, keep up the posts, friends. One day or another, I'm guessing that BHS will have to look in the eyes, that they're not good developers, but just money grabbers. I hope that for the people that stay, that something will/can be done, if nothing else, there are a ton of good advice in here, that can be used for bettering the game.

    I hope that the mods in here will take all this advice and all the posts with them, and eventually let it reach BHS, (hopefully?), and keep up the attitude you've been having the last few days/weeks: transparency. You've been better at telling us what you've been doing and so on, and you should keep it iup, thought there's still room for improvement.

    Signing out. Best of the luck for the future of the game.

    Moreover, today we've already made changes for the Adventure Coins - as a temporary measure, we've add direct coins into the Vanguard Reputation Merchant Shop.

    First of all, it's nice to see smth being done, and I don't wanna sound like a spoiled kid, but the amount of points you get, contra the amount of VG spent is really low, if you compare it to the old reset scrolls.

    I'll skip doing the maths here, but lower tier dungeons offer an exchange rate of about 1.6, (Coins vs. VG), meanwhile midtier offers an exchange rate of around 2 - 3, while high tier dungeons offers a ratio of stunning 4 - 5.

    It's great that people who want to farm FM and SC gear have the opportunity, but what about us people who want to farm HO gear and skill advancement XP? It's almost impossible for us, and with the release of PNHM and DFHM it'll get even worse.

    Please reconsider the amount of VG points spent contra the coins spent. If we were to have the same ratio as the reset scrolls, it'd be a 65 VG cost for the coin, which would be ideal.

    Please reconsider the amount. It's great that it's implemented, (thank you!), but the number is really hard to deal with, if you're an endgame player.

    The issues were adressed several times before the patches were even released. Both Assa and I have posted several posts, summing up concerns we've had of ourselves, and concerns we've gotten from a ton of other veteran players. There's no excuse, there's been plenty of time and feedback to act on this.

    If Blizzard, Pearl Abyss, NCsoft, Team Bloodlust and so on can read, react to and implement new content in a matter of few days, that's actually helping their MMORPG's, then so can Bluehole. It's just a matter of whether they're too lazy to do it or not.

    I don't understand how can you think he can give you feedback right now.

    For any company to give any official feedback regarding topic (and you know that everyone thinks mods talking = official feedback) this needs to happen (or some variation of thereof):

    • Compiling feedback from forum thread
    • Internal meeting discussing this
    • Meeting/phone call with developers of game
    • Argument over phone call because devs are stupid
    • Internal meeting 2
    • Writing proper response

    How can all of this in 2 workdays since the thread went up ? Especially with the time difference they have to BH.

    That's bullshit. This can easily be done in two days, if they just wanted to. Problem is they don't, because they're money hoarders. How do I know? Because back when I played WoW, a vast majority of the playerbase was dissatisfied with the dungeon content in Cataklysm and the forums were heavy spammed. In a matter of a day or two, they implemented a new dungeon, wrote a proper answer, apologized for the inconvenience and changed the loot as to satisfy the playerbase

    There's absolutely no excuse. Of course they can do it, they just don't feel like it.

    You simply just demand your money back, done deal. If they don't give your money back, screenshot the conversation and the runs and those people will never sell again. I don't see the issue.