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    Honestly. All of you people who say, "just have fun on the server", is kinda just being one-sided in your opinion. I get that you play this for nostalgia, and that you wanna experience the old Tera, believe me, If I could experience World of Warcraft Burning Wrath of the Lich King again, without p2w private servers, you can be hella sure I would do that.

    That being said, I feel like you don't understand the issue at all: It's not the fun that's the problem, I'm sure getting to level 60 is fun n' all. But as I'm a new player, who never once tried Tera before RKE got released and didn't understand basics of the game until like 5 - 6 months ago, I feel like the Classic server is one big joke, considering getting to the so-called "fun parts" take the same time as the servers are up for. I'm not even gonna lie: I quit at level 28 'cause I was so extremely bored with getting to level 60.

    I would really love to try out the old dungeons and see how the combat was back then, and how the old bosses were, but the problem is that you lose motivation before you even get there. Face it: It's nostalgia yes, but that doesn't change the fact that right now Classic server is boring af, because the progression is non-existent. I expected Manahan and I got Black Desert Online.

    Welp, I've been through this as well and it absolutely sucks, I'm even an EU player, so it's basically just bad costumer service overall. They really should fix this, especially because one answer takes one day. Even forwarding the info takes a whole day :^) Must be super hard to communicate

    As the title says, it'd be super nice, if you could dismantle Supreme Metals or at least sell them to a merchant for a portion of gold or the likes. As they are now, they simply fill up the bank, without no real purpose. They have a flat value of 5000 Metamorphic Emblems, and it'd be nice, if you could at least get that back or at least get a portion of those emblems back, should you not need those metals anymore, and unlike any other dungeons material in the game, this is the only item that is not dismantlable.

    I hope you will consider various possibilities for, how we could make a better use of the metals, other than them looking fancy in the bank.


    Hi there,

    As the title says, my party and I simply want to sell Bahaar runs.


    - Just clears: 150k gold

    - Mask: 50k gold

    - Loot: 50k gold

    - Mallets: 50k gold

    Note: Runs can be combined any way you wish, for example if you wish for just mallets and mask it'd look like:

    - Clear, (150k gold) + mask (50k gold) + mallets (50k gold) = 250k gold per run

    Just need to inform us what you want before the starts.

    How it works:

    - Join the party

    - You can either DPS or Heal, (we currently don't take tanks, sorry), until 30%, then we will likely ask you to die in fire, and we will do the rest.

    - Discounts may occur, if we wipe

    If you wish to buy runs, simply hit me up on Autistic Warrior#1337, and we'll set up a time and date.


    Hi there Acc !

    First off, thanks for your feedback.

    Regarding the strong/weak class, I added it, 'cause I personally prefer a strong/weak overview over what classes are strong at the moment in a new MMO. For example, when I started WoW, I didn't pick Aff Lock solely due to how cool they looked, but also due to their huge strength in PvE. I realize, that this requires me to update the class tier list so to speak over time, and I might change it to just general descriptions, when I update this guide less and less. I see your point, but personally I'd prefer a up-2-date strong point.

    I see your point with the it's mostly just "overall", and you're right. Most of the stuff might just seem like basic stuff. My general thoughts, when writing this guide would be what I would think is confusing, and what I thought was confusing when I started this game. Maybe some of it, might seem much too basic, but yeah, it's just what I personally thought was very confusing to find my way in, when I started this game. For example Glyphs, yes, this might seem very very basic, and like smth everyone should know about, but personally I didn't even know glyphs existed before I got to 65, much less how to farm them. The same thing goes for weapon rolls and so on. Some of it might be irrelevant, and if I find more opinions like yours, I'll definitely consider cutting down on it. (Maybe even change the title, as you suggest!)

    Last, but not least, you're right, you could pick a server with your language, but let's face it: Mystel is much more international now, than ever since the player base is so huge, and the others servers are defined as "dead". It might not be that way, for already integrated players, but let's put ourselves in their place: If you're a total new player with no one to play with and haven't tried the game before, people are much more reluctant to take you in parties, especially on less populated servers, which is why I recommend Mystel, since the server is more and more populated, and by extension also much more internationl. Point in case: If I were a new player, I'd rather be on a populated server, rather than a language specific one. You're right, I should probably add an explanation, but I thought it'd be overwhelming. I'll prolly update it though, since you're pointing it out!

    Thanks again for your feedback, if you still feel like what I'm saying is not totally accurate, I'd love to hear your points! It's always nice with constructive criticism c:


    Great inputs. I added an explanation of etchings and crystals so far, I will have to think over, if I should go into specific rolls for weapons, since they are, definitely, rather important to have an overview over. I will think over how to implement it. Thanks for your feedback again!

    I have now updated the guide, and has a whole new chapter concerning Tera's general game mechanics. I would be really happy if someone would give me feedback on what I have so far! Thank you very much on beforehand! I will give a Diamond to anyone, who comes with worthwhile constructive critisism, that makes sense for me to work with!


    Great points xLightz . I'll be sure to add a time stamp for the different statements of class diversity.

    Also concerning the Lancer, I can see what you mean, it'd make sense to rewrite that section as well.

    About the discord links, I guess I just tried to find guides for every class, and just linked the discords for the ones that I could not find guides for, but yes. You're right, it'd make sense to include all discords, so people have a place to ask questions.

    Thank you very much for your feedback, it's appreciated! c:


    I made a Beginner's Guide, mainly focused around what you should do when you hit level 65, meant for players who never tried Tera before. If you wanna pitch your friends, maybe this would be interesting for them. Note: This is a PvE oriented guide! I do not talk about PvP at all!

    I made it, since several friends of mine are currently trying out Tera, and hope this can be of help to other players as well, or friends of yours who might want to try the game.

    This is a work in progress!

    Feel free to give me suggestions for topics I should take up or constructive critiscism on already written sections.


    Change log:

    Update 08/02 2019: Added chapter 4 and 5, describing how to collect gear.

    Update 09/02 2019: Added chapter 6, describing boss fights and general game mechanics.

    Update 09/02 2019: Added chapter 7, describing general farming in Tera.

    Update 09/02 2019: Changed the headline to "What do I do from level 65?"

    Update 09/02 2019: Added chapter 8, describing the awakening.

    Update 10/02 2019: Added chapter 5.3 and 5.4, describing etchings and crystals.

    Update 10/02 2019: Added chapter 9, (currently in progress), describing glyphs.

    Update 13/02 2019: Finished chapter 9, describing glyphs.

    Update 13/02 2019: Added chapter 10, describing talents.

    Update 13/02 2019: Added chapter 11, making a sum-up about the most important points.

    Update 13/02 2019: Added all discord servers for the respective classes in chapter 2.

    Update 14/02 2019: Added chapter 12 - 14, going in-depth into how to optimizing your gameplay as the individual roles. Videos in progress!

    Update 14/02 2019: Added chapter 15, going in-depth about how you can interactive with the Tera community.

    Sections currently planned to be added:

    - Pushing your damage

    - Focus for tank/heal?

    - Getting interactive: Guilds and discord

    - Planning on doing video guides for most sections

    - Feel free to suggest something I should add, that might be useful for a new player

    Guide here

    Hello team,

    I'm gonna go on a bit of a rant here, since I am actually kinda angery about something here. The topic is in the title: Why in the world are we nerfing Bahaar? This is actually making me kinda pissed, since there's absolutely no reason at all to do this. If anything this dungeon should be buffed.

    So what's happening?
    While I'm not sure exactly what is going to happen, I have heard several rumors: Lowered hp for the dungeon and less damage on the waves, matching the damage on phase 1 of Bahaar. I am not exactly sure, if there are other changes planned besides this, but this is what I've explicitedly heard. If there are any other changes, please do add to this.

    So why does this suck?
    There are several answers to this question from my perspective of view. This is 100% a subjective opinion, so please refrain from saying, that I'm speaking for everyone, however I have talked to several people about this topic, and there seem to be a general consensus about this topic in particular. Anyway, without further ranting, let me jump into the reasoning:

    The dungeon is already easily clearable! Let's be real: Herei n EU we already have it easier than most people. We have had Velik's Helper for a long time now, after people practically BEGGED for it to be implemented, we have strong consumables, not like Russia strong consumables, but let's be real: CA is exclusive for EU and you can even combine it with Seal. That is a TON of damage, and even unique damage that other regions can't get. But most important of all: We still have the Dreadspire buff in Bahaar. Let's be real: It can almost not get any easier to clear this dungeon. We have so many helping tools to assist us, that none of the other regions have. It is even possible to do this dungeon slaying, which means that doing this dungeon without taking damage is perfectly possible, thus you can conclude that it's basically just a test of skill to clear this dungeon, not a test of your gear, which leads me to the next point:

    Don't take away the hard content from us! I know, before you say shit like, "But who is this guy, he's probably flooring 24/7", "He probably only deals 400 k/s and has no idea what he's talking about, and just wanna say shit, because he wanna say shit" or stuff like that: Yes, we get it, I'm not the world's best player and I make a ton of mistakes. Okay? Okay. Now we got that out of the world. No point rubbing that in my face anymore. Time for my point: I have run a lot of dungeons in Tera by now. I started 1 year ago, and was level 44 when RKE got released. Since then I cleared RKE, RMH, RRH, AAH, GLSH and Bahaar. I did RKE, RRH and AAH a ridicolous number of times, slacked a lot during GLSH and returned in Bahaar patch, and I can honestly say: I haven't enjoyed a dungeon as much as I've enjoyed Bahaar. It's challenging, it's fun and it tests the consistency of the party and individual players. During RKE I felt the same, since I was new and kinda the same during RMH and RRH. AAH was really fun to clear as well, as it was actually a challenge, before all the shit gear came out, and I felt like you got tested. GLSH was a bit disappointing in terms of challenge, but Bahaar more than made up for it, and I honestly think it sucks, if the dungeon is going to be nerfed.

    Keep it a challenge!
    Let's be real: Tera is fun 'cause it's a challenge and 'cause of the combat system. In particular the latter. By nerfing a dungeon, you take both a challenge and combat system away, since you can ignore a lot more mechanics. In particular the waves, which are making the dungeon a challenge. Nerfing the waves, is basically like nerfing the whole challenge, which would make it a super boring dungeon, since it would literally just be a breeze then.
    It might be true, that there are a lot of people that are unable to clear this dungoen, however this is not because the dungeon is too hard, this is due to their lack of skill. I look at myself as a mediocre player, definitely not a top tier, and I am still able to clear this content. This dungeon is MEANT to be a challenge, this dungeon is MEANT to test the players, this dungeon is NOT MEANT to be easy to clear, and should thus not have a nerf. Nerfing a dungeon that is perfectly clearable, is utterly unnecessary.

    But how about the rest of us?
    I agree that not everyone can clear it, and that it might be frustrating for a number of players might find this extremely frustrating, however this should not ruin the rest of the players base's experience. Tera has dungeons for basically all levels of gameplay. There are 2-star dungeons, that require almost no level of gameplay, if that's where you need to start to be able to progress in Tera, that's where you are going to start. You would NEVER go to World of Warcraft, and attempt to clear Mythic raids from the get-go, thus you obviously shouldn't try and play Tera and clear Bahaar from the get-go. If you can't clear the harder content, start with the lower content, master that and then try the harder content. That's how MMORPG's work. If you think GLSH is too easy and Bahaar is too hard, practice Bahaar until you get it down. It's perfectly possible without a nerf. Don't blame your gear, bugs or any other stupid reason, you only have one thing to blame, if you cannot clear Bahaar: Your own gameplay. If you cannot clear it, practice until you can.

    Sorry, this is kinda getting out of hand, here's my plea:
    I am not blaming the whole community for saying: WE NEED NERFS, but I am saying, that it's ridiculous to accept the opinion of players who can't clear the dungeon, over the players who can clear the dungeon. If anything, I feel like the dungeon should be made harder and more unforgiving, as you currently can have multiple wheelchairs in the party, and still clear the dungeon, which is a clear indicator that the dungeon is not too hard.
    Please do not nerf the dungeon, that would be taking the fun out of the dungeon. This plea goes to Gameforge/Bluehole. There's no reason at all to nerf Bahaar - it's good enough as it is, and if you consider changes: Consider making the dungeon harder, so absolutely not easier. There are no reasons for nerfs at all.

    Moved the thread into a more appropriate section, more specifically into the questios and answers section, someone might be able to help you there! On my own part, I can't contribute with too much, other than I myself haven't experienced any particular issues, as you there describe. Hopefully someone will be able to contribute a bit more than me!


    Hi team, I'll make it short:

    Looking for people to staticly do GLSH/Bahaar.

    Party consists of:
    - Mini, HO mystic, (currently has 2 clears in Bahaar as double heal, did a few tries as solo heal, reaching 20%'ish)
    - Gelboo, HO+2 Zerker, (currently rookie in Bahaar, but trying to learn as fast as possible)
    - Trappiez, HO+3 Warr, (currently at 95 clears in Bahaar)

    Obviously we'll be doing a bit of training in the beginning, to clear Bahaar, but generally we look to clear as many days as possible.

    If you're interested, you can contact me on this thread, alternatively:

    - Mini discord: Mini#8044
    - Mini ingame: Meany
    - Trappiez discord: Trappiez#1337
    - Trappiez ingame: Hoï

    I moved the thread into a more appropriate section. Remember if you have question/suggestion to improve the game, that they should go into the Constructive Feedback/Suggestions section!

    With that out of the way, this is definitely a good question and definitely an idea I would like to see implemented as well. I will take the idea on to my higher-ups and see if we can forward to the dev. team. Thanks for bringing this to attention!


    Oh, another way to make gold, that I personally like, is of course the new cooking. For a minimal amount of gold you can make quite some money on selling Root Beers and Fish Fritters, maybe even p2w food that includes several types of other food. It takes a lot of time to gather mats, but in the end it's basically 90% profit, so that's really worth it, if you wanna put some time into this game.

    I mean, I totally agree that the game isn't 100% optimized, but I run with mediocre specs, (not good, not bad), and I don't have any troubles at all, except for a bit fps drop, if I'm logged in for way too long at a time, which also happened to me in WoW, which isn't exactly a game made by a small Indian company, much less do I get crashes or blue screens etc. I'm pre sure, that smth is wrong with your PC, or that your parts simply isn't compatible with Tera, since it DOES have a really old endine.

    I mean, to be fair, there's not lots we can do. Forwarding is our best option, hoping that it'll reach BHS/Gameforge sooner or later. We can tell them, that this is an issue and that we want it done, (believe me, I am one of those, who'd like the merge for sure), but it doesn't matter if they don't have resources, other priorities or whatnot. We just have to be patient, and hope that all those prayers will reach them sooner or later. We're doing what we can, but it's impossible for us to actually do technical stuff in coherence with this.

    These pictures are great, really nice job. I thought I'd add a bit more spice to it, tho I can't provide pictures, I have a list compiling, which I hope can help out as well:

    Cobala Ore -> Val Oryin, Arcadia, Ostgarath, Poporia
    Shadmetal Ore -> Westonia, Allemantheia, Val Elenium, Val Palrada
    Xermetal Ore -> Kaiator, Lorcada, Sylvanoth, Essenia
    Normetal Ore -> Veritas, IoD, Velika, Val Aureum
    Galborne Ore -> Val Tirkai, Helkan, Val Kaeli

    Cobseed -> Sylvanoth, Ostgarath, Poporia
    Veridia Root -> Sylcanoth, Essenia,
    ArcadiaMushroom Cap -> Veritas, Essenia, Poporia
    Moongourd Pulp -> Val Palrada, Ostgarath,
    VelikaApple -> Veritas, Val Palrada, Arcadia

    Crimson Essence -> Allemantheia, Val Elenium, Val Oryin, IoD
    Earth Essence -> Val Aureum, Val Oryin, IoD
    Azure Essence -> Westonia, Kaiator, Lorcada, Val Elenium
    Opal Essence -> Westonia, Allemantheia, Val Oriyn, Val Aureum
    Obsidian Essence -> Val Tirkai, Helkan, Val Kaeli

    Other materials (Plain Rock, Achromatic essence, etc.) spawn at random all over Arborea.