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    Since this system Tikat Aka Loyalty from BDO (originally) ... i think is not only for Value Pack / TC / Elit players! so why we have it here in Tera for TC people only !?

    Because it's not "Layalty" from your precious BDO but Tikat which you can only get from the TERA Shop hence why it's rewarded to TERA Club members.


    How stupid is it, to get the 250 Tikat credits, you have to claim them in the TERA Shop and if you miss it you actually lose the daily reward.

    Stupid much?

    Not kind regards


    I will bring you some suggestions as to how you could actually improve it:

    Add it to TERA Club Supplies

    Make it it so it doesn't expire

    Make it so it stacks in the TERA Shop

    Give out the full tikat credits for the whole duration that TC was bought in one go.

    Noone likes people who write in caps lock only. You will make your point clearer and make yourself appear reasonable if you used normal capitalization. This way you will only get memes and people won't even bother reading what you have to say.

    Just like me, I won't bother reading your angry rant post.

    Passive aggressive? Whatever.

    You are once again wrong. I have written it exactly as they have it on the maintenance notes. So just stop arguing around the point. I don't even need you to argue around the point.


    Apart from the "the" it's the same. Why would you mislead me in thinking I was wrong?

    I implore you to think about what we gain at the end of this event versus what we are missing out on if we were playing on the normal servers.

    The point being is for a temp server with a very limited time frame it's ridiculous to farm that long.

    Furthermore I still don't know if it's me who doesn't understand English or you guys are interpreting from a higher dimension. In the maintenance notes they stated:

    "Increased the loot in the following dungeons by y %"

    It's not:

    "Increase the drop chance.." or

    "Increased the rate of drops..."

    Anyway, what you said is wrong anyway. They did not increase the drop chance like how you are claiming it to be but they effectively increased the amount of drops. I don't know if you play TERA Classic, going by your comment I highly doubt it, but fooder for enchanting is ever-present, MWA not so much.

    Stop trying to convince me that I'm in the wrong here just don't do it. Go re-read the maintenance notes from last week and ask people who are playing TERA Classic instead of trying to lead me on.…il/maintenance-12-03-2019

    i got vm3 and have full 3 on live sever
    what is better?


    What is "Full 3"?

    If you mean VM3 on classic server and you have it +12 it will be +8 SC after the 28th.

    Easy to get? Didn't people complained how shit classic was and after many OP changes it was easy.

    Edit: Removed some text because i could trigger some classic fanbois

    To be honest, it's ridiculously easy to get. The only limiting factor now is masterwork alkahest which is a pain to get.

    Oh and TERA Classic is awesome and shit at the same time. Awesome because doing MCHM and ABHM is rather fun but the horrible ping is such a let down and it's obviously MY connection. It just makes me wonder why I have a stable ping of 20 on the normal servers and a stable ping of 210 on the tera Classic server even though I'm getting routed through the same way.

    It's been a long time since I have been to normal TERA. The last time I played was during RK9. I remember clearing it with SC +0 gear the minimum requirement. Furthermore I also remember creating an alt lancer for the sake of farming it. My alt lancer is only FM +0 and it still is FM +0.

    Thus I don't think your argument is valid. Gear is only partially necessary. For lancers they don't need top gear DDs only need a good weapon, rest can be trash and healers need even less than lancers.

    If you want to challenge yourself go do the top hard dungeons without your top gear. That's a way to challenge yourself and improve your skill. Calling gear progress no improvement is just your opinion. Even with proper gear you can be trash but with god like skills a trashly geared character will only be able to do so much.

    Because most people who play on Classic Server have better gear on Live Server . And believe me with Patch 80 you don't want to play more than one character because getting to Level 70 takes atleast 1 Month. So Sc+7 on an alt is pointless. Except you really want to clear Pit of Petrax 5 Seconds faster for daily grind.

    Btw you can get SC +7 on live serve in less than two weeks since the last patch because you get now much more materials.

    I have FM + 1 and with VM3, which is super easy to get now I get SC +8. It's a stark difference between FM + 1 and SC +8 I guess?

    It's not double, it's +100% I guess that not the same since MWA's are added drop not based in dungs

    You keep repeating double this and double that. Do you even bother reading my post? My initial post is unedited and I never mentioned "double" at all. And you are pointing in the wrong direction too.

    I am complaining about why they didn't increase MWA drop as well. And yes, I know that MWA is treated differently.

    I used like 500MWA for VM3 PvP boots, 800MWA VM3 PvE gloves, 300MWA VM3 PvE chest.

    You can get all that by just playing(6-8 dungs + BG when pops)

    + it's not really a double, the base drop table of dungs is repeated and the repeated part has 100% chance to drop, doesn't mean they added another MWA since it's already in "added" part of table

    In yesterday's maintenance they increased the drop rate. Shouldn't it affect Masterwork Alkahest too?


    Can I get some enlightenment from GF stuff please? The maintenance notes obviously state that the loot would be increased, certain dungeons up to 100% while others up to 200%.

    Now that's all nice and good but why wasn't the Masterwork Alkahest not increased at the same time? The prices are skyrocketing like crazy.

    Can't you increase the Badge drops in ToT? It's very arduous. It's not like we want classic tera to enjoy ToT.