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    Yeah, you're saying this thread is a beast data wise and that people with mobile plans probably shouldn't be viewing it, but at the same time while they're reading this warning their data already is getting drained. That would get rid of the problem. Unfortunately, spoilers are simple scripts that don't prohibit their contents from being loaded instantly

    Hi again,

    thank you for your reply. If you are willing to update the guide regularly in terms of changing class balance then sure, you're absolute right and I'm completely with you on that matter. I honestly haven't considered that there is actually a large portion of the player game that adapts a "fotm" style of class preference.

    I also can't exactly speak for all the servers for obvious reasons, but there are still quite some players around which you can group up with. Mystiel is probably the largest of them all (which doesn't say much in the first place since the game itself isn't extremely popular anymore) but it's probably better for newcomers to be open about this, that you'd personally recommend Mystiel due to higher player count, but not force anyone onto that server.

    Anyway thanks again for your time. Just don't think that I have only negative thoughts about your guide as it's pretty great overall except for these miniscule things.

    Honestly I wouldn't include those "strong/weak class" points at all actually because the balance is being changed frequently. Adding time stamps would be nonsense due to the fact that "pick whatever you like most as classes keep changing, getting buffed and nerfed from time to time anyway" is way more accurate without adding random time stamps that will probably do more harm than good to new people. Maybe you should also change the title of the guide since it's kinda all over the place, and large chunks of it are just explaining basic stuff that doesn't have much to do with being new to 65.

    Could you also explain why you're telling newbies to "just pick mystiel, don't ask just pick it"? Why shouldn't they be playing on servers with their preferred language?

    You have to figure it out for yourself how many characters you're willing to grind out for guardian dailies, with that said, you'll burn out on the game fairly quickly if you follow other people's recommendations blindly and force yourself to do all the characters every single day.

    Ach herrje, welch große Welt voller Wunder, die Highwatch doch ist. Mit Quests wirst du diese allerdings eine riesige Weile lang nicht sehen.

    Ich weiß zwar nicht, warum du denkst, dass du mit einer neueren Grafikkarte nun merkbar mehr fps in einem schlecht optimierten Spiel haben solltest, aber ich würde mir da keine allzu großen Hoffnungen machen.

    So when I did the awakening on my slayer I got that item that gives you 5 glyph points, so you have 60 in total.

    Recently, my big titty goth gf (male) did the awakening quest on her ninja but didn't receive said item. Is that intended or did she miss out on something?

    Yup, it looks that their lack of doing actual IMPROVEMENTS to the game, is not limited to the game ui alone.. lol. They did it as well to the forums lol. Jeezus. Please guys stop messing everything up, in-game and out-game and start doing actual improvements and good things. Its getting old.

    But you know that Gameforge doesn't develop the game right? I mean yes they obviously just slapped on a design template for the forum and didn't put much effort into it but to be perfectly fair the game ui isn't exactly something they have control over.

    The fact that you aren't able to make a proper answer other than "youtube lol" shows how weak your argument is, and being instantly triggered and seethe by merely reading two words makes you either mentally extremely unstable or dense. Either way since you have nothing of value to say I'd gladly ignore your following provocations, using generic terms like "kid" to elevate yourself even though people like this are most likely being at an extremely young age (usually puberty) just indicates that you're not really worth anyone's attention. Thank you for your insightful input. Still waiting BTW.

    Still waiting.

    It uses a different generic time based minigame to pull in fish. That changes everything.
    Still waiting.