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    36 Grad draußen... Zeit meinen Mate zu zeichnen, wie er in Orca auf den Boss starrt


    ... und sich wahrscheinlich fragt, warum er sich das mit uns Affen antut.

    I, personally, liked the story and connections of the characters and storylines in this game. I also have a friend who only explores and does quests and he is quite happy with the game and how he plays it. Most people in dungeons want to rush to level up fast and do not really care about the story.

    So if you just want to explore the world and the story I would (do I really say this?) recommend this game for you. PvP is not really a thing in this game. There are a few battlegrounds but nothing a person that is focussed on PVP would become happy with.

    In conclusion, it might be that this game is what you are searching for. You could try it.

    I also had one 300k item for which I paid putting it into the broker. Got it back after a week. Now I do not sell items anymore. Tried to spam a bit in tradechat but lost motivation after short time since it's just a costume. Guess I will keep it until the fee is removed or randomly see someone asking for it. It's just not worth putting such an item into the broker anymore. Thanks for nothing GF.

    Unsere Freunde von Outlaws sind natürlich neben der Suche weiterhin eingeladen, mit uns Lowinis zu laufen. Einfach den Ninjainvite annehmen. :saint:

    Ansonsten würde ich mich freuen, wenn wir einen netten und witzigen Tank finden würden, der natürlich auf den Zeichnungen hinzugefügt wird, sofern gewünscht. :elin39:

    I am not sure if the people here do talk about higher dungeons as the one you mentioned. At least I do not. I do not want to complain about the dungeons in which some mechanics are still required and that actually need some effort. Maybe I did not make that clear in my tildmode.

    I, personally, am talking about dungeons that needed mechanics/teamplay before and are now just facetanking because people do not learn the mechanics anymore because they do not die (talking esp. about RMNM, RKNM, SS). THAT is frustrating for me because it was fun before. And yes, blabla, game changed, was too difficult, new content will come etc.

    The problem is that I feel like I need to have less skill now. It's just about healing and I would not even need to dodge myself. All I need to do now is to focus on the facetankers who need to have enough HP to survive the next attacks. No dodging, no rezzing, no mechanics.

    I am frustrated. And yes, I am complaining about this, because I feel like the old content got removed and there is no new content to do (yet). I am not complaining about being able to immediately remove stuns like in RKEM - it's mechanic. It's fun. I love to learn such things.

    Right, because this post is about healers who are mad because they need to heal now, right? You totally got it. It’s not about frustration because healer gets blamed for everything and a group flames you for not healing them to 100% immediately. Damn lazy healers who had absolutely nothing to do before this patch.

    Yes, it's cancer, dungeons are boring, people are just facetanking and some are wondering that I have a thing called cooldown. I already flamed about this here but since it's a new thread, I wanted to approve this. I also do not run any of my former beloved dungeons anymore. Sad life, shit content.

    Right, people won’t learn the mechanics now. I can already smell the “heal?” on every run because people just facetank because what are mechanics. It makes me really sad, too.

    The problem for me is not that it takes so long. My problem is that the new ways to get there are quite repeatively and that they „removed“ (nerfed) the content they already had that was fun for me. And yes, I am frustrated about that.

    Lass mich doch nicht allein hier T_T

    Seit meine Prüfungen vorbei sind, hab ich recht viel gezeichnet. Das kommt jetzt mal alles auf einmal hier rein, damit ich nicht immer so spamme. RIP euer Datenvolumen, falls ihr am Handy seid.

    Ein paar Bilder für Geburtstage meiner Gildenmates. <3

    Und ein kleiner Comic

    Uuuuund ein bisschen meine Chars bzw. Pets