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    It's not about hating the class, it's just that after playing the same class for a few years, I find myself wanting to change a bit, even if it costs me a lot.

    When you say "do like everyone, grind again" you are right but I don't see why it's not possible to add another way of doing it, it won't change your personal gameplay experience if someone trade his reaper for a slayer

    I managed to get lvl 461, full HO+3, full jewelry with Etch4, around 150/180 skill points, but I had much more free time in the past, and now I can only play 2 to 3h top every day. Sure, it's my own personal problem, but having a way to be able to play with my gear and my stats I grinded, just on another class, isn't harming the game or other players experience in any way

    1. Include it in the price, this is a problem only you see

    Make the class voucher cost 800TT, the race changer cost something around 200 TT I believe, here you go, you have your complete voucher for 1000TT

    2. You switch gear to get the one that fits your new class, how the opposite would make any sense ?

    3. That, I agree with you, if Gameforge says it cost 2000TT then it costs 2000TT, there is no fun or game time take into consideration, they just sell it the price they want, because they can

    4. To me, you can't change back if you decide to, if you take and use the voucher, then deal with it. That's why i'd add a ilvl restriction like 458-460 for using it, then only someone that knows the game at least a little can do it and deal with consequences, if you want to go back, buy a second voucher.

    5. When Killian and Mystel merged, some people lost their EP at the beginning but come them back quite fast,

    the only thing you need to generate is the 4 main pieces of gear anyway.

    I think it's actually a good idea.

    Am playing the same class for years now, and I can't play as much as I'd like to or I used to (because work & shit) and it's true I wouldn't say no to a class switch. It would make me learn my class and the game again.

    But you can also make some restrictions, like you need lvl 70 or gear 457+, this way new players won't fall in the trap mentioned earlier, because they'll likely have basic knowledge of the game if they match those restrictions.

    The main problem is EP, if there was a way of importing EP it would be much easier.

    Even if it was possible to ask it with tickets, you have to wait a bit but at least you can play on another server

    I guess he just wanted it tomorrow which is understandable

    But tbh a full week end of 300% was unexpected at this point, i'm surprised in a positive way, for once :) Just stack your pots for seven days :p

    We need to wait for the stream

    They said they will do something about it.

    I just hope we can have the 300% this week-end, before the new Extreme modes dungeons come out.

    Well they can still redo the event Saturday and Sunday, since we didn't get it last WE

    Maybe they'll talk about it on Friday during the stream

    But I'm dreamin' ofc


    This is quite easy

    Farming RKEM and RMHM is a huge pain in the ass, boss fights takes too much time, I think we can all agree. Longer fights =/= funnier fights
    Maybe being able to destroy RMHM in 1min30 last patch was a bit easy but at least you had fun doing it.

    But even so, I play with people that are good at the game and play it for a few years, so I have good parties but I can't imagine how it is for new players to even down first RKEM boss it must take
    an ETERNITY...

    Now, I want GF to do something to save the game, I think hoping for talent system is useless, it's been to long since the release, but I read somewhere in this thread that we should get a passiv buff
    and I think it's a great idea, give us around the same power talents provide in Korea...

    Remember RKHM / RMHM are supposed to be doable by people geared with +0 ( or was it +4 ? ) Stormcry. Yeah well i'd like to see that ...

    Since last patch I had to turn down a lot of party proposal because I had no time to run RKEM, because the shit just takes too much time

    I may have repeated a lot that people already told in this thread but I really felt the urge to share my thoughts.


    Have a nice day, all.

    Problem is that by fixing proxy you destroy dpsmeter too...

    Personally, I don't care if people use the proxy for FPS and ping improvement.
    What I care about is the DPSMeter which use the same process as the proxy to work from what I've heard. If no Dpsmeter then Tera is dead and buried.

    I don't even think Gf is against the proxy or the meter unless you use one shot haxx and other abusive shit

    There is no point banning people using meter or proxy( if they dont cheat ofc)
    You have to ban abusers and find a way to correct hacks like the oneshot. Who the fck care if someone use proxy to improve his fps ? Only cheaters and abusers should be punished

    And please dont take the meter away from us :,(

    C'est du total hasard, et encore à 80 try tu es dans la moyenne, il est très couteux d'enchanter une arme +15 :D

    Tu peux mettre 3 try comme 300, tout dépend de ta chance, mais la moyenne c'est quand même entre 80 et 120 pour un +15

    Par contre je sais pas comme tu te débrouilles mais 420 alkahest en 2 a 3 semaine c'est très peu.
    Fais les clairière + les abcès et vend tout ce que tu gagnes pour acheter des alka et ca devrait deja en rapporter beaucoup.