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    Pleace people lets unite and save Tera! Developers must listen fans of game!

    bruh if anything just shut it down ASAP and put what remains of the players out of their misery.

    you dont bounce back from announcing a shutdown.

    And this is why our items need to become NFTs in gaming.

    We lose our Nexus Warhorse for example that we had for a decade. Instead it becoming a 3D digital model, with its own identicator and all the information on it like the date you got it and how long you ridden it... it simply will get deleted.

    Not to mention the mounts that people paid real money for.

    apart from how obviously dumb(and troll baiting) this is what would even be the point of items that are only worth anythin inside their own ecosystem? mind you an ecosystem that has a known death date to boot.

    its not like they didn't already know this a few months ago when they relaunched a number of buy heavy events...right :V.

    at the very least i hope they had the decency of buying the whales diner 1st before how badly they railed them.

    that is entirely on you, as they have been doing this for years

    "loyalty" to a company like GF is willingly taking it in the bum.

    make no mistake i'm well aware of the extent to which you understand how broken this game is, but that doesn't discount your role in actually breaking it further.

    Hence it's funny to have you pointing out issues that are common knowledge you benefited from(like, sure more power to you for having the initiative but pointing the finger at a problem you had a hand in perpetuating is peak TERA).

    Happy Hour for Thalers just hit, and I spent $100 yesterday not wanting to miss the sale... and ended up missing out on 1180 extra Thalers. SERIOUSLY!?!

    Can a guy get a dang break. I know some people see spending for Thalers as a waste, and their opinion is noted, but I'm just trying to get the most out of what's left of my favorite game, and by one single day missed out on 1180 extra Thalers... Which would go a LONG way too. UGH GRRRRR


    you played exactly into what Gf wanted. making you overspend.

    you deserved this.

    Tera is a directionless fantasy dress up simulator with a combat system attached. It is the mmo equivalent of playing with Barbie's dream house and trying to recreate scenes from Jojo's bizarre adventures

    that is some weird echo....also is that a british accent?

    Frequent and abnormally high discounts are not the problem itself, they are a symptom, one that gives away they might be trying to squeeze the last few purchases.

    the fact this seems to be coming at the end of gear cycle presents a possible exit point. so if you aren't willing to play into their Bs now is a good time to bail.

    To me the leak is 100% legit,the release date might not be definitive but i think its a real proof that bluehole is indeed working on the next TERA

    It has the potential to be the best mmo in the world if done right and hopefully they publish the game themself on the west

    This is gameforge you betting on.

    These mad lads actually hosted a tournament with Actual Cash prizes in a game with notable problems with exploits and scripting, and were expecting people to break from the usual and NOT cheat.

    forget the semantics of what constitutes "cheating" , unless the game actually was secure from the start this was a shthead idea to begin with...

    gz to the winners....i guess and i for one welcome our new robot overlords.

    Some people that develop and sell scripts are mods on the Tera Discord channel; 'we do tolerate DPS meters' turned into we do tolerate all the scripts under the sun and exploits available for purchase from our vetted sources.

    Time to pack the stuff and leave.


    surprised this is still a that's not the right wording here....

    surprised that this wasn't addressed yet.its been like wat 2.3 years since the last major script problem and like a year or os since the last major item duping glitch.

    I don't know about you, but it feels like the game is actively punishing me for playing it. Like I can only do anything new on my main, and then 100% mindless 3 min dungeons on everything else.

    the game is punishing you for not being a spender.

    it's been like this since the Azart Gear got introduced, hell been like this since Adventure coins became a thing.

    TERa has been moving since then in a direction where being a f2p player is Heavily discouraged.

    TLDR: did not take long for people to figure out a way to game the system, in this case it was YET another duping exploit.

    they havent learned their lesson yet...

    Why is P4 inpossible to clear? Aren't there any tests before they release something? And i mean testing with actual gear and not GM spawned items with perfect rolls and unrealistic buffs setup.

    Same reason why dungeon design has devolved over time.

    the average Dps value got massively inflated since its accounting for outside factors that aren't the norm.

    result content must be buffed ot compensate , but since you can only increase Hp so far, when they decide ot complicate mechanics you get people calling for nerfs.

    the way i see it even if they bothered to make it worth it it wouldn't result in anything worthwhile.

    seems that mechanic wise nothing has changed? so the difficulty is solely due ot the HP walls and a technical bug.

    it wont be long now until people manage to figure out the means to put the whole Raid on the same footing as it was before it got removed. if not then at least run selling wont be a thing as its not gonna be carriable.

    So gameforge, what is the current status of fixing this bugs. Dont tell us that there are no news. Tell us what actions you have done and whats kraftons answeres are. This bugs are the reason shorehold dont pop that much anymore. So why the hell you dont force to fix this embarassing situation? threea  Atmorph stop ignoring this, your community is leaving cause you dont take actions.

    We just want transparent informations!!!!

    you poked them inb4 thread lock.