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    I have a sorc 441, Frostmetal 0 and daylight accessories, tier 3 etchings from IoD, all glyphs etc. I have a valk, priest and gunner too and don't have any problem with Pit of Petrax on them (all have hp regen abilities though). I struggle a bit on the sorc in that I have to use a valk health pot (you can't buy these in game can you?) most of the time, I just take too much damage. I save my mana shield for when the red balls stop dropping (don't last as long on the ground now), but it doesn't last long, I have tried kiting him but he always seems to get sneaky hits on me that take a load of damage and it makes the fight last ages, most of the time I'm not getting hit by his fire attack, but often get some sort of debuff that eats my health.

    Anyone have any tips?

    All rods bought from the vendor for 10 tokens should catch tier 1-3 fish I believe? If yours says tier 2-4 fish then you must have upgraded it to xermetal II and you can no longer catch tier 1 fish (crayfish) with it.

    You are right, I didn't think of looking at the receipes. I only need processing and cooking which both need level 65 so looks like I will have to level 2 more alts!


    Can a low level character master a profession like cooking etc or do you need to be a certain level?
    Also how do you get masks? (not the fishing one!)


    What should I have on armour, weapon, boots, gloves ?
    Do most people use the "effect set activation" one set of rolls for healing and one for soloing? (Edit probably more like one for PVE and one for PVP)
    Also whats the best for jewellry?
    I know there is Mings guide but people are saying its out of date, like not to roll healing on jewellry?

    Edit: I figured out the armour, weapon boots and gloves
    The armour you choose between divine charge and kaia's shield, is divine charge an awakened/apex skill? It's not showing that skill when I look at the skill list? (not done the awakening quest yet, but you can see the skills still)

    Edit: Got awakened and can now see what divine charge is! Figured out the jewellry too, looked at about 3-4 different priests and they all had different stats for jewellry so just chose some of the useful stats for priests.

    After a year or more, have noticed a few new things!
    What are EP points?
    Is item XP is for enchanting?

    I had +12 misery so changed it to +0 twistshard, choosing your own enchantments (forget the word) was nice!
    It seems enchanting is the main money sink now? I converted all my spellbind and alkahest to a new token
    Theres also some skills you need to get from completing a quest?

    I have full Godslock set but have seen some people with 2 of the old jewelry resized so you get 8 power from 2 set pieces instead of 4 power and 4 endurance from a full godslock set, I'm guessing this is preferable? Also is the keylock jewelry worth getting? It seems the same as godslock but just has some pvp defence? Do you get the designs and materials from doing PvP?

    Well good, because it is weekly based, thus you don't need to run it 136times a day, you gotta do x15 vanguard quest on each of your characters, which is highly different than running CW+ABx4 on x17 character everyday for a week (which would end up being 2040 VG quest).
    Tho, if you were to do such, that'd net you about 200k gold,2k VMWA, 4k MWA, 30k T10 feedstock , 20k T10 spellbind , 130k credits (450-700k)), and mental issues. But yeah as insane as this is, some people actually ran 40-50 ABNM (still far from 136) the last time we had the instances (gave better rewards tho).

    Yeah I realised that, not sure why I said 136x a week now! I'm getting mental issues from doing 24 vanguard quests a day. Where you getting the 4k MWA from? I only get VMWA from running those dungeons (ABNM+CW) afaik. Do you mean from the elleons marks? I just keep getting ccb and veteran semi's with them atm.

    Even tho the rewards for ABNM are lower as they were last time its still pretty rewarding for the amount of effort you need to put in. I can totally understand that alot of ppl run this with as many characters as fast as they can. As for me, i prefer using ABNM to fill the daily dungeon entries for my Healers. DPS and Tank can run IoD. Might be more time consuming but at least it takes some "effort" up to a certain point.

    How much better were the ABNM rewards compared to now? I find the queue for my healer is a lot longer than with DPS, can be over 10 minutes sometimes when nearly instant with DPS. I used to do IoD as got bored of long CW runs, it's better now usually but still sometimes a bit slow when on my guile geared alts, but other times its really fast if people have good gear :)

    And when you think NA has MES for 10g in broker. What's the point of playing this version may I ask? I farmed for a whole week as a free player and I was able to make my mysery weapon +12. Now I have nothing left. This is bs.

    That sucks, but I think it's helpful to have TC to make the time you spend in game worth it to get some extra gold etc. Also having alts is worthwhile to get extra vanguard credits for GG scrolls. I get about 20k gold a day with some effort (3-4 hrs a day)

    Just create at much as possible alts lvl 65 them. Spam Abcess 4x and 4x Channelworks (30min for both) and u get 10 MES after 2 Days /char.

    Do you mean weekly? Since you can do 16x vanguards in 2 days and get the 10 tier 11 MES from the weekly quest, but Abcess and Channelworks drop tier 10 MES.
    Since 17 slots could get 170 a week but not sure if there's enough hours in day to do 136 instances a day :)

    Bit late replying to this but have successfully maxed out my Misery gear now, just need perfect rolls on jewelry, but not sure whether to bother with key(?) or just keep the god jewelry

    I must have been really lucky then as I got B the other day without buying a single book, just from dungeons + logging in, I haven't even been doing the dungeons for them until channelworks and abcess. I can now get the fiery wyvern and 3 liberation scrolls, forget the name but waiting to see if I get any more rare letters, unlikely I know! I just need C,A, and I think G for the whole lot.


    Yeah as Glacial said Macellarious catacombs is good for a lot of Vanguard points, you can then use these to buy Ghillieglade scrolls at 400 points each, its a small dungeon you do solo which gives a lot of valuable loot you can sell. You may need to do the first two bosses then the last boss at first, but once you have guile gear and enchanted you should be able to skip the first two bosses and go straight to the end boss (it's a bit harder but still easy really once you know what to do)

    There's a solo dungeon called Echo's of Aranea you can do twice (maybe once without Tera club?) that gives guile (tier 10) armour really easily, it's very easy to complete. Otherwise run Abcess a lot, it's very easy too. For Jewellry you can get some from Channelworks in a few runs. You should get a fair amount of spellbind and MES X from these dungeons needed for enchanting

    If you want the more advanced jewellry you can do the mid tier IOD BAM's (level 67) to buy the necklace, one ring and one earring (there's two sets, one for power and one for crit) then use the crocstar tokens you get from low level dungeons like Abcess to buy the other two earring and ring.

    But you may want to save your Island of Dawn tokens for glyph plunder boxes, these contain glyphs you can't get from Sabex/Catacombs or from the Vanguard merchant. They are random though so might take a lot of boxes. You can buy them outright with the highest level IOD token's but you may not be able to kill the bam's easily since they are level 69/take ages to kill and they require a lot of tokens, I just kept getting boxes using low and mid tier tokens until I got all the glyphs (you may not need/want to get every glyph available). You can check which glyphs you need by going to skills and putting mouse over the skill, it's white and there's a green or blue version then there is a glyph upgrade for that skill.

    You could do gathering and sell the scarab's, they are rare but sell for a bit but it's probably not going to make you rich, something to do to use up the production points.

    Game has shit design when it comes to obtaining mid tier gear.

    Honestly... Best way to farm MES is to que CS/FW/GR from 8-11pm every day.

    Is that from the victory boxes? I don't win that often :) Isn't it random chance too so you could get health pots?