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    First u need to do story quest at Getty in Velika next to Trade Broker. There is an actual icon for pocket tab (open Inventory and look at upper left corner). After you finished this quest u can use pocket tab expansions by clicking on + Icon in your pocket tab.

    Thanks mate finally I found it.


    I'm stuck for an hour or so how to use the POCKET TAB, I click everywhere and everything and simple cannot use.

    Just say click in +icon but where is it?

    Is it too hard to use item from now on as well? (enchant cancer is not enough?)

    Is it a valid item or blocked item?


    tell me about it... i've had helpfull and not helpfull experiences with support, the quality off help varies on who gets your tickets
    my worst case was the "hat issue" xD
    i had a black hat i used to wear on killian, after the server merge it was bound to a charactor called ???? and when i contacted support, they said they had no record off my charactor on the new server ever wearing the hat.
    even sent a video off running around in fraywind wearing said hat but nope, there "database" said that hat was not mine

    also trying to get them to pay notice too 3 meme slashers in civil unrest that had been recorded by 10+ people cheating takes days and sometimes weeks to get them banned

    OMG ...

    Resume, you lost the item and that's that nothing else?

    I just afraid that items, accounts and chars get lost and GameForge support does not care!

    I'm trying to assist a friend that lost 3 chars in his account mysteriously and they simple say, we cannot do anything with tracers/logs/screenshots etc. nothing can't be done.

    I just afraid to say to say that but is it possible Gameforge make mistakes and does not want to help/recover,

    This is I really miss from other companies/games that really recover items etc.

    Gameforge, this is another example, what is happening with items and chars?

    Why they cannot be recovered?

    We need a proper explanation not just a simple, we cannot this we cannot do that!

    Please note:

    I just thinking, how and why Gameforge picking up Tera NA in that way!

    We will lost items and accounts in this migration process.

    I have more than 200 screenshots even from the faces of my chars in case @#@!#@!#! happen.

    I will share this information with guilds, people, forums, etc and report Gameforge action!

    I lost patience already.

    Anything I will try other alternative way to contact them.

    I know for most of the people around here, English is not the mother language but at least have some blood o solve the issues from the others! Imagine the opposite.

    I will try tomorrow with pills


    I have tried to solve a problem via ticket but is there any other way to contact them?

    Looks like they are not able to read properly what I have written.

    Getting desperate with the support team.

    People just write like a robot and do not care about the customer support.


    Hello guys,

    I have checked the Excel calendar but I could not find the information regarding Mount event.

    Could you please asssit?


    Alright noted.

    It will be good to share the information (fully and detailed) in Forum, since this is official channel of the community and also for who start the game.

    For everything I know in my "life" everyone uses Forum to ask question or share knowledge.

    Discord can be good but why not in Forum as well? Tera always used forum for everything! Do not let it die!

    If you go to any game in the world stuff are in forum and you just look what you wan instead chasing the tail like a dog (that's how I'm feeling now)!

    So surprise Forums are so empty of updates.

    Not everyone use or will use Discord, also Discord is very confuse, mess chat!

    It really pointless ask news or events in Discord unless GameForce is partner of Discord!

    My feedback on this is, put the info in Forum as always used to be. It will be very useful.

    Look how long took to understand a event and get a fully and complete info. People just do not want to running in circle in Discord chat with many people where is easy to lost the point of the conversation.

    Sorry to write too much but info SHOULD be shared properly and clearly!

    Keep the forum alive as you guys always say! So do it!

    Nobody knows the item and I could not find any documentation for this ...

    The news posted is always uncompleted.

    People keeping asking in-game also.