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    I am stick to this forums because im really hoping that the devs finally will make this classic server that's the only reason why i'm still here and that's all i want. I don't care about official tera anymore, about all my characters, all the costumes and mounts that i paid tons of money and that im lvl 70 and all other stuff that i grinded, they can shut it like today i don't care i will not be missing it. All i want is permanent classic tera.

    To be honest, the chance for any CM or admin give us/you an usefull answer to this topic is nearly by 0. Over all this years of community feedback regarding pvp, NOTHING was going live.

    They dont even recognize how they are destroying the game. I mean the amount of classic/pvp topics rised so much in the last months and they dont even give an usefull answer. The dont recognize that this threads are something like the last call for help before this game is dieing.

    We should give our energy to some private tera servers with players as admins.

    Totally agree

    Tera in 2012 was better in every way. Everything was easier and the game was fun it had a lot new players and it should supposted to stay that way. They (krafton) touched a system that was perfect and ruined it. Now this game is simply way too hard/too grindy for new/returning players and that drives away. Last i checked my friendlist it's completely dead.. noone logs anymore since months/years and all of them were very active players.

    P.S I filled up the survey, really hoping for classic tera, the official tera is over.

    Another merge? ^^

    How many more merges before you understand that the game become bad after all done changes by all these years?

    There's a reason why this game is losing players and gain not many new players if any.

    Just make Tera Classic already, Official Tera is dead.

    Hello, your suggestions are forwarded as always, but at the moment there is nothing new to add here from our side. In case there is anything official coming in the future, there will be an announcement. :)

    Tera has lost its popularity due to all these changes implemented to the game over the last few years, the majority of players stopped playing and paying to you because they didn't liked the changes. People loved TERA in 2012 KRAFTON aka BlueHole touched a system that was near perfect and ruined it. You guys have to understand if you want make the ''majority of players'' come back you have to convince them to do so by creating a permanent Classic Server from 2012 which means more people -> better business -> more money. When all those players will come back they will buy TERA Club, the Costumes and all the stuff from TERA Shop.

    dont care, i just want PK and fraywind back so +1 from me

    I've been playing FW in the past a lot and i loved it! I miss FW too it was fun.

    I'm not hardcore Pvp'er, i'm more for Pve ;]

    I miss stuff like Stamina, Campfires, Charms, Nexus, ToT, ACHM and especially MCHM.

    But above all of that, i miss old playstyle without apex.

    Awakening ruined the game, i can't enjoy the game with awakening. -_-

    Most people would not even come back for TERA Classic.

    Splitting the low playerbase will not work out well too.

    TERA needs to be closed in all regions (PC and Consoles) and a new TERA PvP only game should be developed in 2021.

    Oh no man -_- they would come back. Idk have you seen how many players was there when they released a temporary classic server last time? They had to create (i can't remember exactly) but like 20+ channels? almost each of them was full of people. I'm sure that more people would play on that classic server like the official one because it's normal old tera was far way better from current one. If that means low playerbase from official would split and jump on that classic server? let it be that way, the official tera is dead anyway.

    Hello everyone!

    I'm an old school player, been playing TERA since it's release. I have a few breaks behind me here and there... I quit around 2015 and again i come back in 2016 and then again quit in 2017 and again come back in 2020. I come here with a question that has been asked here many times before. Namely a permanent classic server! When I returned to this game in 2020, I can see that it is no longer the same game as in 2012 or 2013. The game has changed and has changed for much worse as evidence is the current population of this game.

    DEVs for god sake! You can see what is happening and what people actually want?

    Why don't you make a permanent classic server for TERA? Just why?

    Do it! make it happen pretty please! and you'll see how many players will come back! :beer:

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    I seriously do hope that elyon turns out to be a nice game that we can enjoy for two or three years before you go "pve is the future of this game, let's prevent people from pvping"

    TBH I won't even touch this game because it is from the same devs as TERA.

    Seeing what they have done with TERA they will do the same with this game 100%. So fk them.

    Since 2015 people avoid TERA like a plague because it become bad after all these wrong decisions that Krafton made. TERA it's no longer a thing, TERA like we had in 2012 or 2013 will never happen again, it is sad... but honest truth.

    Even I don't look into TERA anymore, i have uninstalled it completely from my disk long ago. Fact but i still look at the forums from time to time.