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    I am well aware! Was just at the people complaining about them not making a statement and "forwarding" stuff. It might be the only thing they're able to do and allowed to say. I agree with everything you've said and has been said in this thread Aparia

    About BHS/Krafton's situation, they are completely ignoring Gameforge 100%. Else they would react when half of Koreans quit the game. Every content they have added ever since the new dev team is 100% relying on cash shop. The dev team isn't dumb, they know exactly what they're doing. They're squeezing the last bit of money from TERA before abandoning it.

    I might get shit on for going against the norm of shitting on gameforge in this but do you honestly think gameforge has much of any say in this? Did no one else notice how every single time gameforge was making a game changing event there was one sentence they said every single time?

    "We have to check with Bluehole."

    Bluehole has all control over Gameforge's actions, and who knows, they might even be able to stop Gameforge from saying what's truly going on and stopping them from taking action. These are two companies. Bluehole is a company, Gameforge is a company. They have to act professionally. Bluehole is clearly struggling and are most likely trying to kill the game. Why would they allow Gameforge to stop this process of trying to kill the game?

    I really don't think Gameforge is mocking the playerbase with these clearly ridiculous P2W events or the refusing to communicate with us, I don't think they're given a choice. I think they're trying to squeeze the last bit of money out of the ignorant whales before Bluehole inevitably kills the game off fully.

    Trust me, I'm not one to support Gameforge. I've shit on Gameforge more times than I can count. It wasn't until Atmorph and Baldrov became a public figure for Gameforge that I started to have hope for TERA EU. Their Extreme events and GM events were a ton of fun. Why would Gameforge suddenly stop the extreme dungeons or the GM events? Do you really think they suddenly stopped caring after putting so much effort in to bringing those events to us?

    That's just my take on this, shit on me all you want.

    So that I don't get marked for "off topic"; Bluehole bad, me angry.

    Every time I consider going back to tera I just look at level 70 patch and it works 10/10 times ty bluehole

    Jokes aside; I played classic server so I kept the launcher to claim the free gear so it wasn't wasted. I played for maybe 3 hours with my +8 SC priest, was already crying from the ~30 bams u had to kill for the quest. I played FlyFF for 6 years so grinding for levels is something I'm very familiar with, but in flyff that was rewarding. It was a huge grind. ~70 painful levels in flyff would be equal to those 5 levels in tera, but killing only the same mobs? I really don't care cus there's no way I'm playing tera after this patch but the point I'm trying to make is; in a game literally made as a leveling game it took forever to level but every single zone was unique, you got new upgrades and rewards all the time, there were bosses u could team up to kill for extra XP and you could powerlevel eachother because powerleveling was a rewarded system, powerleveling gave you both more XP. There's also a system which made you get more XP if you were in a full party. Meanwhile in tera which is in no way a leveling game they suddenly decided "wow 5 levels that take 118bil XP with 0 quests and 0 ways to level up sounds great" and that's just.. a joke. You people who are actually killing 70.000 basilisks right now, you're really damn in love with (or addicted to) this game. I applaud you for you persistance (but also feel bad because I know how hard it is to quit).

    So u're telling me after my 30 runs that no gloves have dropped so I decided to craft them they wont even convert??? Nein nein nein, das ist nicht gut

    Oh wait I'm not gonna play normal servers

    If they make classic permanent both server will be dead because you just split the community. And we all know how dumb this idea is. Either Live Server or Classic Server. Bu keep in mind Classic won't get any updates

    Meh yeah I know, even if no server is added game is already dead.. new plan, delete main server and make classic the only one 🤑

    I'm not gonna complain too much since beggars can't be choosers, and I'm kinda excited to be having a classic server coming in the first place. BuuUuUuUUt as soon as I heard (today) that the server was gonna be a temporary one, only a few weeks at that, I immediatly realised how that will completely ruin the server. Not because of the server ending, but because of it being merged with the normal servers once the event ends. Can't see how this is a bad thing? Then let me explain; instead of enjoying the server and gearing up for VM, gearing up for content and building your character, reputation, alliance bla bla bla all focus will be on the incoming merge. No one played Manahan for fun (ok maybe a few), the rest played it because they could abuse the event for free items and gold. This event will be exactly the same. Players will farm gold, MWA, MES etc so they can make good money on the live servers instead of getting the real classic experience.

    I quit TERA officially in November of 2018 but had been inactive for months before that. During the stream last friday I saw probably 20 different twitch usernames of people that quit tera years ago showing interest in this server. 20 may not seem like a lot but tbh only 5 people play the game at this point. I'm 100% certain there will be people who try out tera again because of classic. Yes, as I commented previously it will never be the same and the game will never be as popular but you can only gain for making a permanent classic server. Adding on to that the upcoming lvl 70 patch (OMEGALUL) will definitely not add to the current tera's appeal, who knows, maybe the remaining 5 players will quit too. I know for sure as soon as the classic server closes I will be gone and I can speak for my fellow 20 people who have quit that they'll be gone too. Only those who are still actively playing have an interest in continuing to play, most of them not even because they enjoy it but because it's near impossible to quit without finding something else to do, TERA IS ADDICTIVE AS HELL.

    I'm assuming Gameforge's plan with this is to get old players to come back through the classic server and peaking their interest by giving them STORMCRY (OMEGALUL X2) after the merge and through that having them stay. I can tell you now there's no way in hell any old player will be interested in new TERA, else they'd have come back already. So pleaseeee Gameforge-sama let us have a permanent classic server :thumbsup:

    Only reason I still hover the forums is for the old server suggestion, but yeah;

    On that note, I wouldn't come back for a vanilla server. Some elements of the game *do* have improved and the people that made the game fun are long gone. The community has become so toxic that I don't think it would be fun to start all over again.

    The only reason tera was so fun back then was because the servers were filled with people who also had no idea what to do. During 2014 and when I first tried tera during pay to play I was clueless and probably died on island of dawn, such memories will never be recreated or experieced again since I now know exactly what there is to do and what needs to be done. The hundreds of people crashing my laptop in nexus, my guildies calling me too bad to take me Wonderholme, farming LoT for hundreds of MWA because I really wanted to do BRHM, dying of laughter on Teamspeak 7 days a week with my guildies and many more great memories I have will never happen again. I think most people thinking a classic server will save the game will realise that nothing can save tera 10 minutes after they enter the classic server (if we ever get one).

    I played it when it came out, wasnt worth the effort of installing a game from another region tbh. If you've tried any of the "mobile mmorpgs", it's exactly the same except it has tera graphics and elins. Auto-combat, auto-walk, auto-quest etc.

    "or are u gonna ignore this too because u only reply to what's convenient to you?"
    He ignored it, confirmed +0 FM no clue what he's doing

    hows any of that irony btw,
    and I can use that logic on you, spouting out bullshit and insults doesnt make you expert on any topic cus that's all you do

    IMO people like this dude should be banned from forums cus their IQ is too low to have an opinion, just like people with low IQ should be banned from voting in electoral votes

    You asked for a quote on the complains, go read the forum posts. We haven't had months to ask for a change for +1/+2 since it hasn't been out for that long. Stormcry was already complained about but it was atleast not as BS as +1/+2. + how are people to supposed to know the system is a massive problem without failing first? Did people find out fires are a problem before they happened?

    If u need a quote on people complaining, I need a screenshot of ur gear ingame, or are u gonna ignore this too because u only reply to what's convenient to you?

    Where in these two lines you added does it say "your costumes will become unbound from ur character cus ur ID of ur character changes"?? "...will be moved...", not "...will remain available..."

    "I added a picture of another players ticket showing how they offered support in this exact case of transfering without their costumes, the bottom is their response to that." - Me, in the post

    No I got no warning about them becoming unavailable

    @Borsuc no I didn't confuse it with anything, I had very little connection to NA when that happened. The new EME is trying to do all kinds of stuff for the players atm tho, pretty sure rn they would do something like that as well. Had someone ask EME for 40 days added on to their TC because they lost it while banned by proxy and EME gave them a full 365 days

    @eutri It's not an opinion shitting on GF, it's screenshots from a ticket conversation proving their incompetence? Wtf is with u, borsuc wasn't even stating any opinion or using any argument.

    56 runs on 1 char is only 6 days don't be so lazy!!! I've like 50 laby runs and only 2 pieces boss damage but it's only 5 days worth of dungs, compared to tera farming it's nothing! & if u talking about cdev, it just came out wym?!?! if u mean normal dungs then yeah, I get kicked for being a thief OMEGALUL but the game is active af so I get groups anyway :^)

    Hello I'm kenzou I'm a +13 thief able to run endgame after 2 weeks of playing and I'm improving at extremely quick rates! This game is extremely enjoyable, thanks to the amazing game design it only took me 20 dungeons, 2 alts and 10 attempts to enchant my dagger from +10 to +13!

    Play maplestory today! :)

    I've played tera for more than 3 years and written many tickets concerning issues I've had during the years, it has never been a problem, until now. I transfered my slayer to killian and later transfered it back to mystel, my costumes were still in my bank on mystel from when it was there previously and when I returned the costumes weren't bound to the character anymore. I thought "no problem" and sent a ticket to support expecting to have them back since it's such a simple issue which obviously can't be intended
    OK yeah I got that... but all my other items are available to me even thought I transfered, costumes should be no exception, so if my ID was changed you can easily give the costumes the new ID or give me new ones that arent tradable, not hard to do no? + I've had other people tell me support has done this for them, and had a friend who had support change the gender of their costumes when they changed
    "It is the players decision"??? It was also my friends decision to change gender of their character yet you changed the costumes gender for them? "Works as intended by game developers"? Is this a joke? I then asked to talk to a new representative cus I figured that one was braindamaged
    Ok sure you tell players the items wont be transfered with the character, not that their item will be rendered useless until the end of time, not gonna be writing more tickets since it seems like a waste of time -.- I added a picture of another players ticket showing how they offered support in this exact case of transfering without their costumes, the bottom is their response to that.

    Tell me, am I in the wrong here? Should they seriously not offer support for this? Holy shit

    If anyone can write me a ticket in german I'll try out the german support system :)

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    Slayer is a good class but it's also very complicated, you'll need to practise and improve a lot to be good at it. If it's the class you enjoy ignore what others say about it, most likely they've no idea what they're talking about.

    If this was a genuine question:
    ICB = in cold blood, it is your burst skill that you should use whenever the lancer uses his buffs (Guardian shout and adrenaline rush) or whenever the boss enrages if you have a brawler/warrior tank.

    Make sure you join this -> discord if you need any help, the discord is designated to slayers, you can learn a lot here.

    Do you have the capacity to grasp how much your arguments contradict your points? let me make it easier for you. You state various paths of gearing aren't meant to be fair, then you complain how you don't want to do PVP to get silver talents and how it's slow with PVE (what happened to not meant to be fair?). When a PVP players tell you they don't want to do PVE for their gear, you tell them "you can obtain all mats through PVP (disregarding the fact that you need far far more time to do so, through PVP). Now if we follow your own argument, you should suck it up and obtain silver talents through PVE. So what that it's slower? it's still possible ;)
    quoting your words, just swapping abbreviations "PVP" and "PVE" quote: "yes it isn't as easy to get as in PVP but if you only want to do PVE content you have the option to do so"

    Sometimes it's hard to judge whether someone is delusional, or completely lacks the ability to think :lol:

    I guess you just completely skipped over the whole rest of the text cus you missed every single point I made /shrug

    "You state various paths of gearing aren't meant to be fair, then you complain how you don't want to do PVP to get silver talents and how it's slow with PVE"
    Never asked to make it fair. It isn't slow in PVE, there IS no reasonable way to get them hence why I put it in to perspective since ppl like you don't understand. PVP people shouldnt need (make sure you read this word since you don't get it) to do PVE to gear, and they don't, should be the same other way around ;) If you completely remove PVP and 2/3 star dungeons from ur POV since most PVE endgame (people farming 453/455 dungeons) don't do either, do u suggest we spend millions of gold on them or do you suggest creating more characters to do ghilliglade on? Kappapapapapapapa

    "When a PVP players tell you they don't want to do PVE for their gear, you tell them "you can obtain all mats through PVP"
    I didn't disregard that it takes more time, "->>>>yes it isn't as easy to get as in PVE but if you only want<<<<- to do PVP content you have the option to do so." lmao. Yes if you switch it around, if PVE players wanna do PVP to save time go ahead, but as I also mentioned "All other materials can easily be farmed through ->>>>>>>>>endgame dungeons<<<<<<<- (not 2/3 star) while silver talents can't, adding a better source only makes sense."

    "Sometimes it's hard to judge whether someone is delusional, or completely lacks the ability to think :lol:"
    Fits better for u

    + this thread had no focus on pvp until some people made it, remove your focus from it would you?

    "This thread wasn't made because of the change in PVP, this was mentioned later on so no one is salty over any "advantage" in PVP I only mentioned I don't want to do it, the thread was created because ever since this gearing system came out silver talents were a rare resource but it wasn't a problem since it wasn't needed for anything but stormcry jewelry, now it's needed for EVERYTHING."