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    Yeah and back then TT 1:50, not 1:900. Times change, it's really not the same. In fact if you compare it with quill price it's extremely cheap. As for teaching, why would they do that? They need gold, not mats. A enchant attempt is like 90k in raw gold not accounting for mats, non bankable or tradeable mats at that.

    I think you should add a section about fishing. It's pretty important to know how to fish efficiently and which items to craft such as the "lamb"


    Firstly, I get what you're going for with the multiple dots, but bringing up two points during the same paragraph makes it extremely unorganized and difficult to quote properly :elin33:

    • There are two ways to hold aggro in Tera, either through using a guaranteed aggro ‘shout’ eg Provoke that guarantees aggro for around 5s, or to deal high damage to the boss. Lancer shout has a low cooldown of just over 5s, hence a Lancer can permanently hold aggro without even touching the boss (And hold perfect aggro even when dps do more than 10x the Lancer’s dps eg…ss=2000&log=5bf6a81a03412 ). Brawler on the other hand has a 20s cooldown on Provoke. This is just too long, especially for new players that are still learning dungeon mechanics etc. The cooldown should be reduced to 12 seconds. In addition, Brawler’s innate aggro modifier is too low. A lot of new Brawler players complain that they have serious problems holding aggro when a higher geared dps is in the party. In my opinion, Brawler aggro should be increased by 20%.

    I'm not sure what world you live in, but lancers have 10 seconds cooldown on their aggro shout :elin18:
    Instead of increasing the aggro on brawler by 20%, you could glyph growing fury, which is 20% aggro increase and the skill should have more or less 99% uptime. It's a design choice of the class, you need to deal damage to hold aggro, if you can't deal said damage you glyph aggro and/or go threatening crystal :elin5:

    • A key aspect of tanking is repositioning to the front of the boss to reduce how much the boss turns. There is a popular belief that Brawlers can’t reposition, which is true to an extent. Brawler cannot afford to waste Quick Dash (iframe) to reposition as it has a long 8s reuse timer. Meanwhile, Lancers can afford to use Backstep to reposition as they have an abundance of RE and no cooldown on it. I think this could be fixed by reducing Quick Dash’s reuse timer to 5s. Brawler’s other main movement skill Bull Rush is often required to avoid boss mechanics. Most skills that have movement such as Piledriver and Roundhouse Kick are also key dps skills, and so are often not available. Hence, I think Brawler should be given a new skill to reposition with, a ‘frontstab’ that teleports to the front of the boss.

    I do agree that quick dash should have the reuse timer reduces to 5s, at 8 seconds it's really punishing. But brawlers still have plenty of movement needed, lancers doesn't have an abundance of RE as I hear my tanks talk somewhat frequently about not having enough RE to do anything about a attack and dying to it, although to me that sounds more like a skill issue. :elin30:

    • Brawler is not designed to provide party support, hence it only has an endurance debuff (which is the same value as Lancer’s 12%) and Infuriate which is shared with Lancer. However, the main problem is how Lancers give too much party support. Firstly, Adrenaline Rush is bugged to give a 15.5% damage buff instead of the 5% stated on tooltip. This bug should be fixed as it is absurd how much dps Lancer parties are able to do. Secondly, the awakened Lancer skills Guardian Barrier and Divine Protection are too strong. They allow parties with a Lancer to completely skip some mechanics and one-shots, especially wipe mechanics. This is far too strong in some dungeons such as Dreadspire, as there is a mechanic for Lancer to ‘cheese’ on every floor. This also makes it difficult for new Brawler players to find parties as people who have run with Lancers are used to skipping certain mechanics and so prefer to play ‘easy mode’ with a Lancer. In my opinion, the two should be combined into a single skill, or removed entirely.

    I think that merging the skills or removing them isn't realistic, a more realistic approach would be to make DP(divine protection) apply a iframe instead of a invulnerability to any attack. But I agree, they are too strong(DP and GB) :elin22:

    • Brawler is designed to compensate for its lack of party support by providing high damage, while Lancer is designed to deal low damage to compensate for having so much party support. However, if you compare the dps of both classes, even after EP has been released (which is a huge buff to Brawler dps) Lancers do about 70% of a Brawler’s dps. This is due both Lancer damage being high and Brawler damage being low. Part of this is because of the Brawler skill Rhythmic Blows, which says it increases power by 8% per stack, however this is base power (3-4, which is 0.5% dps buff) per stack and not total power, and so is not really noticeable. This should be fixed either to 8% total power, or to 8% skill damage per stack. Lancer damage should also be nerfed by 10% to match the class design.

    Try like 66-67%, but close enough I guess :elin3: . Again, biased much? :elin20: (I'm talking about people not blatantly cheating of course)

    TL;DR new Brawler players having issues with aggro (especially when running with higher geared players) and positioning (especially in new dungeons), and getting kicked in Instance Matching and refused in LFG in favour of Lancer due to Lancer party support.

    This is a skill/lack of knowledge issue. Even new lancers will have issue holding aggro against higher geared players (I can hear you say "b-but they can just shout", no they are new players. They can't). People kicking brawlers will just be people being people, not to mention having horrible experience with brawler tanks due to the type of people the class attracts doesn't make them seem appealing. More often than not more supportive people will be drawn to lancer due to the class and more selfish and self centered people will be drawn to brawlers. :elin1:

    The main issue we have right now is the mindset of BH in terms of the support tank & damage tank split. What mindset? I will explain it.

    Rightnow BH is trying to balance brawler, wartank & lancer around the same group dps. But thats a real problem, because brawler wont be usefull by just doing the same group dps. Because:

    • Why would u take a brawler, if u can have same group dps, while having more personal dps?
    • Why would u take a brawler, if u can have same group dps, while having Guardian Barrier and Divine Protection to skip mechanics, that lead to a safer clear & easier clear.

    So yeah. The current intentions of BH for their tank classes & the current intentions of BH to balance out group dps, will never make brawler usefull compared to lancer. What BH needs to do for tank balance after your short term changes, are:

    • Give every tank an edge over the other ones by having some kind of special group support & group safty shields. But, that would obviously change the wohle designe of brawler itself.
    • Accept, that with having a damage tank means also that the group dps has to be higher. So lancer groups have to pay with group dps for their higher personal dps and the safty shields.

    This is impossible and also false. Given the exact same party comps a brawler party may or may not be faster than the lancer party, but it's simply due to the classes in said parties. Classes which relies on burst more than substain dps will have a better time in a lancer party compared to a brawler party(party dps wise speaking, not personal dps wise) since most of their damage comes out during arush. :elin27:
    If we imagine a party of 3 warriors, priest(because warriors doesn't run with mystic, we all know this) and lancer vs the exact same party except with a brawler, the brawler party may very well outdps the lancer party since assuming a 3:30(ish) fight the warriors will only have 2/4 deadly gambles in arush, meaning that the additional damage the brawler applies will potentially make up for that loss, of course warrior is a slightly bad example since they gain a lot from attack speed, something which lancer applies :elin14: but the concept remains the same. During apex 1 patch lancer and brawler were pretty similar in terms of overall party dps since zerk and warrior was the "meta" and both gained negligible things from lancers arush since most of their damage didn't come during the time when arush was up. :elin11:


    Here's a solution: don't use it unless you're just barely wiping on hm kylos/bahaar

    Well, if I don't use CA I need to spend 40 minutes for one kylos run and with CA I only use 30 minutes. it speeds up farming a lot. I can only imagine how much longer bahaar will take, I'm currently sitting on HO +1. Will be trying him soon, hopefully it won't take too long with or without CA :elin33:

    for once I agree with eutri normally cap is used for score runs not like braveries and other stuff I guess it's better for everyone to keep it that way but ofc if you keep using it in every dungeon you run it'll get more expensive.

    but it's not time efficient to not use CA, I save 20 minutes off of my x2 grotto hm runs :elin37:

    Hello, as I'm sure most of you are aware with patch 76 came some huge changes to the consumable we all know and love (disregarding the awakening patch). CA now gives 12.5% damage and has a 30 minute cooldown, what does this mean? It means that you can theoretically have 100% uptime on it... And that's the problem, you can only have it up "theoretically" up all the time, but there is simply not enough supply to meet the demand. Everyday we see brooker prices on the rise, who knows when it'll be up at 5000 gold each. :elin7:

    Since more CA then ever before is being consumed since no downtime, people are chugging it like mad men but there is simply not enough supply. I think it would be helpful if we could have the droprate increased in Ghiliglade and/or a cash shop event where consumable item box thingy is cheaper :elin9:

    That is all, thank you for reading me thoughts about the situation. :elin33:

    Here's some complimentary elins before you leave:

    at first i would say, turn off your proxy, but at second glance, this happens to me too, i get pulled to my robo but still get stunned, or i iframe an attack but didn't get pulled

    but I don't use proxy :elin20::elin18:

    and yeah it's been happening to several gunners, just no one has seemed to make an official report on it :elin29:


    So since patch 75(awakening) gunner's recall has been bugged. The bug usually is failing to pull you towards the bot, but it still applies invincibility/iframe(typically). However there are cases where when you summon your bot -> recall that you may or may not get pulled but the iframe effect does not take place.

    As for reproduction of the first bug, it seems completely rng and I have no means of reproducing it but you can see it in action in the clips below:…6/2018-11-05_23-35-43.mp4 (retal -> recall, got effect as you can see by not taking damage from tail, but did not get pulled or the animation cancelled)…2/2018-11-05_23-31-03.mp4 (remote trigger -> recall, got effect again but did not pull. You divine as well but it didn't proc, so the recall was what iframed the circle)…0/2018-11-05_23-33-25.mp4 (retal -> recall, didn't cancel retal animation by pulling me)…6/2018-11-05_23-11-05.mp4 (balders -> recall, didn't cancel balders animation by pulling me)

    For the second bug the reproduction steps are quite simple as you simply summon the bot and recall a little before the new bot spawns, you could argue this is intended however the recall sometimes pulls and goes on cooldown but doesn't apply the iframe effect, which is strange.

    We have still far worse problem then just someone who might use sp/macros.

    And don't judge people for using macros i bet 99% of all people who complain still use macros to open rootbeer boxes or crafting bufffood which affects economy way worse than someone who play leadaerboards where 90% of people don't even care.

    btw i hgave a macro to write /reset in chat am i'm now a criminal scumbag ? I rather take 100 cheater instead of a bullshit enchanting system which we have right now. The former don't really affects me while the latter affects me

    How is this relevant to the topic at hand? :elin18::elin17:

    kasea accusing ppl is funny

    I'm not accusing anyone, I'm showing proof that someone is openly admitting to cheating :elin24:

    You people should take this more seriously, next patch Bahaar will be upon us and the rank 1 party will get status in highwatch! This is of the utmost importance because let's be real here, if there isn't 5 elins up on those status I'm going to be pissed. :elin19: And considering the elin class ratio's on each class, I do believe that CA/Seal should get removed from rankings since it will most likely be archers and quite frankly I'm not feeling up to seeing castanics :elin35::elin35::elin35:

    I think that the class with the best Elin to class ratio(other than race locked) is sorcerer and zerks, and they scale horribly with CA and seal :elin27: . Please fix this gameforge :elin40::elin40::elin37::elin37: