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    After "game-over" protest,the guy phelan comes to our forums.He said "i will fix your issues".Then they added some temporary events which were not usefull.Then he dissapeared.We didnt see him for a long time then i saw he lost his rank in gameforge.

    After many pages,Athena shows him/herself.And saying nearly same things.

    I know you can boost anything in any time.You dont need permissions from Krafton for it.Look russian tera.They increased rewarda skill advencement boost blabla.So if u need kraftons permissions and they dont let you to do it,how the russian server getting these permissions from them can u please enlighten us ? How they making things better than tera eu ? How they purchasing many things directly from the cash shop ? Why they dont have shit ton of rng items in cash shop or in game like tera eu? You dont need to forward skill advencement boost to krafton.U can do it yourself cause you are not changing the mechanic.You are boosting it as u do time to time.

    If we need mechanical change,yes you are right,u have to send it krafton to do it.For example,if we want more

    What u forwarding is "more rng" tbh.And its not what we want.Its gameforge who wants to see more rng in game and in cash shop.Cause it means more money for Gameforge.

    ♠ Just Read this guys .. everything's here .. & About the Forwarded to the Corrupted gods .... plz stop telling us fairy tales .. cuz we all know what publisher can do to the game ( RU best example) ♠

    you won't help your community ? .just say it & No needs For Lies plz Thank you

    ♦ i disagree to unban all the fishing bots and the proxy users and no one deserve second chance ♦

    ♦ they know is a 3rd party program and cheat and still abusing it so they deserve the perma ban and everyone who's using this Grabage program deserve to be banned ♦

    ♦ if your ping dsnt help you to play the game and your lazy to fish then dont play this game thank you ♦

    i cant Agree to unban cheaters wen i see this


    We are playing with the OW PvP on Destiny's server

    ♦ plz if you are Not Killian player and your not even playing Tera then Mute & Good Luck in D2 ♦

    Back to the Topic

    Anything about the merge or something we didn't get any answers since months?

    Btw Athena Why you have this 2uTXb8p.png? when you ignoring hard your community!

    ♦ i know you guys noticed that they are trying to kill the game badly & they doing their best by removing each team play contents... Nexus / Kelsaik 10/20 RE Even HH & Now 7 mans ... the next move will be removing the 5 dg's play then ez New BDO solo things... no dungueons... Farm Like a Robot & MMO by Words ♦

    ♦ Who The F*** Will Play Krafton Games again Anyways ... we play games to have fun not go get cancer ♠

    BTW thx for the Fish Mount was Great copy paste i mean Idea

    do this next .... F

    ♦ is a Good Move your doing as a publisher to ignore your community & im not the only one who's Asking for merge im jst getting sick from your lies that servers are High populated just to Trap new players like wtf ...

    are you guys in vacation or no one's here ? can we atleast get an answer or you just spam us in your unofficial discord to watch your streams ?

    Gameforge   Athena   Atmorph   Baldrov  

    - can you at least show something like you care about your community and give us some answers or info because i feel like we got Trapped inside that server & we Need some Help seriously!!

    ♦ Inbefor warned ♦

    ♦ Like it Or Leave it & since the proxy kinda Allowed in EU secretwalls.. there is a proxy module allow you to see the New World boss HP % & a side of the hits the boss taking

    - i know about Who your talking & i saw them spawning Front of My group 10 seconds befor the boss die ♦

    Good Luck playing in a game has No Rules

    Edit : stop ignoring your community ... we are trying to have fun & to enjoy the game that we love and that your destroying without 0 ideas

    ♠ is it that hard to give simple Answer to your community ? ♦

    - were asking for Half a year (No Joke) Merge this server with something is Empty asf.. why you ignoring us ? .- last Athena message was like month .....zz .are we Joking here!!

    ♦ give us an Answer merge yes or no or Let us find a solution since your company can't do anything when we need them .. & what i mean by a solution is Quiting cuz it's a MMO i cant play alone inside an Empty server or Like some Already Force Transfer like wtf

    that's Killian LFG at the weekend evening btw .


    Ghost town.

    i lost my Awakening wen i change the race 2 week now and support don't answer me & lost 2 week TC

    ♠ contact them again cuz EU support is RNG ♠

    ♦ you Need to Beg them hard if you dont have any Admin or a GM as a friend ♦

    Good Luck <3

    Problem is GF cant do nothing about this, this come from Korea so we have no chance. This means less ppl will buy tera club now cuz with coin systems and entrys on dungeons is not 100% need.

    ♦ Gameforge changed the TC mount and ghillie entries & they can change alot of things .. the true answer is they won't just see it from the game support they help x and lazy to help Y sometimes i feel like they just want us to QQ in the forum to make it more alive then the dead servers ♦

    ♦ i wont tag names since that will change nothing but if you can forward this to BHS just tell them that the people who love tera has things to do per day like working study eating ...etc and they play for fun not slavness killing same Braindead bam that the distance between the bam and the other like 50 metters and half of them reset just trying to gather them out of this relising a patch without even lvl 70 gear or countet like seriously if BHS out of ideas just tell them to look to our Forum (yes EU forum) this game has a true MMO combate system sadly in the hand of a bad studia without ideas ♦

    & sorry for My BHS English (Bad english)