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    Ich weis echt nicht wieso das noch ein Thema ist...

    Die Kosten waren damals ein Witz und sind es heute noch.

    Man braucht bei einmal Waffe reparieren von +8 auf +9 fast 100 Stk nur damit man weiterfailen darf.

    Im Handelsagent kann man die Barren momentan für ca. 1500g /Stk. kaufen was immer noch hart überteuert ist und in keinem Verhältnis zum Nutzen steht.

    Die Verfügbarkeit durch Inidrops ist hier zu vernachlässigen, da die Stückzahl ein Witz ist. BTW: 0,6 % Korrektur ist ebenfalls lachhaft. Da war HO plusen damals ja noch billiger bei höherer Korrektur...

    Nehmt euch dessen mal an...


    Lalala we still have useless etchings for boots and chest.

    We got:

    Boots (30 and 60 day version)

    Magic resist + magic ignore --> Use Case: Heal, magic DD

    Magic resist + physic ignore --> Use Case: None

    Chest (30 and 60 day version)

    Physic resist + physic ignore --> Use Case: Tank, physic DD

    Physic resist + magic ignore --> Use Case: None

    It would make more sense if the stats would be changed to

    Boots (30 and 60 day version)

    Magic resist + magic ignore --> Use Case: Heal, magic DD

    Physic resist + physic ignore --> Use Case: Tank, physic DD

    Chest (30 and 60 day version)

    Physic resist + physic ignore --> Use Case: Tank, physic DD

    Magic resist + magic ignore --> Use Case: Heal, magic DD

    As far as I know the dev team changed again and BH is back in the boat.


    Your chance to forward this issue again!






    Hello iLucky ,

    glad to hear that you had a lot of fun beeing the bridge between community and EME.

    We, the community, would be proud, if you apply for a community manager role!

    Maybe you can bring some light into the darkness and make some people here think about what's their job at GF...


    Mal ein kleines Update:

    Durch das Würfel Event aktuell ist es theoretisch möglich sich ein goldenes Ello zu besorgen.

    Ich sage theoretisch, weil es auch passieren kann dass man es sich nicht holen kann, auch wenn man zusätzlich zu den 10 täglich kaufbaren und den 6 Loginwürfeln vllt. noch den ein oder andren Würfel in nem Dungeon dropt. Die Dropchance hierfür weis ich nicht, aber hatte in 10 inis ca. 1 Würfel.

    Man braucht 40 x Würfel 4. Nach 2 Tagen ist zwar eine Dropchance nach dem Gesetz der großen Zahlen kaum feststellbar aber ich hätte gerne mal so in die Runde gefragt wie die Würfelverteilung so steht.

    Hier meine:


    Anzahl der Leerwürfel bisher: 63

    Würfel 1: 14x

    Würfel 2: 4x

    Würfel 3: 10x

    Würfel 4: 13x

    Würfel 5: 10x

    Würfel 6: 12x

    I don't know for how long partners are out now and I can't remember when they introduced Ellos and Rikos but it feels like ages now.

    We had some events in the past where the old golden partners were available.

    I don't know if there is any class, that uses Riko atm. but Ello is the most interesting one for healers.

    And they just were not available...Thanks :thumbsup:

    I don't know how much partners I created till now, but I got around 15lvl 10 partners on my main and I allready use some to grew other partners....yeah.

    Btw, no created partner on my main was a golden one yet! To get one to lvl 10 you need 10 partners (because one of them is the one you boost).

    150 confirmed fusions to a partner which resulted in 0 legendary ones...that were 300 normal pets...WTF

    It's not like I wanna get sth. that is out for a week now...

    Do one of the following things GF:

    -Add the "new" legendary partners to your next event

    -Add the partners to the shop (no rng boxes)

    -Make it kinda farmable (you have tokens for allmost everything, why not usefull stuff)


    I don't know if this was allready reported so I'm doing it now.

    It occures inside instances as far as I know.

    If you die as mystic, you notice that your thrall aura is still shown as active in your skill bar.


    Your buffs show: not active...


    So basically, you have to disable it first (that's what the first press of the binding will do) and then you have to reactivate it.

    This is sometimes very furstrating, especially if you're doing new dungeons like today and then you forget about it in some situations and then end up with a useless heal thrall and lots of cd on it.

    I thought this will get fixed with patch 98 but well...not the case.

    Maybe noone reported it...

    Hätte gern euer Problem. Dafür müsst ich aber erst mal n goldenes Ello kriegen...

    RE Reward System ist preislich im machbaren Rahmen, klassentechnisch aber unfair.



    Kraft Pets only. Kann man sich als Heiler gönnen, klar. Mir persönlich wär aber n Amp Pet lieber, selbst wenns nur auf 40 gehen würde...

    Bin auf diesem einen Char bei mindestens 300 Partnern die ich fusioniert habe. Raid hilft dabei, ja. Bringt nur nix gegen Badluck.

    Member of my static has the same problem. When he is porting to HW ch1 he gets kicked cause of RAM and his PC is brandnew...they mess up the game more and more every single patch...

    title says it.

    You don't seem to be capable of fixing this lag issues which are obviously caused by fishing bots.

    If you don't wanna loose players which don't wanna play this lag simulator any more...disable fishing temporarily...

    How about tripple forwarded?

    Interface bugged as hell...

    • Party window position is not getting saved
    • Random popups of items in your inventory in the foreground which is very annoying

    It can't be that hard...