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    the serverfusion was announced a few minutes ago and with this announcement we are also deprived of our last chance to make PvP in the open world.

    One suggestion would be to introduce special channels (e.g. channels 1-3) on which you can ALWAYS do PvP. For this you could still use the Outlaws Skill. So you still have the possibility to practice this and the PvEers can "retreat" to the other channels.

    So you still have the possibility to make PvP independent of battlegrounds and Civil Unrest (whose area is only limited to Sunday anyway).


    During jackpot hours you get Adventure Gold as "safedrop" for winning.

    These coins can be adjusted per battleground.

    CS: 200 coins/win
    Gridiron/Skyring: 50 coins/win
    Shore Hold: 100/win

    Maybe this will motivate some PvE-only players to queue for some battlegrounds.

    Hello! :elin31:

    Die Gilde Bestia sucht wieder Mitglieder für PvP und Pve :elin8:

    Wir möchten wieder aktiver am Gildenkrieg (Sonntags 17 Uhr) teilnehmen und suchen noch aktive Spieler, die mit uns die Spitze der Rangliste erklimmen wollen.

    Was wir bieten:

    • erfahrene Spieler in PvP/PvE (Dungeons + Klassen)
    • max. Gildenbuffs (bis auf MP)
    • Ts3 und Discord
    • entspanntes Umfeld


    • mind. LvL 65
    • aktives Interesse am PVP
    • PvP Gear mind. +3
    • zivilisiertes Verhalten
    • Ts3 und Discord für Kommunikation
    • Kenntnis der eigenen Klasse bzw. Ambitionen diese zu lernen

    Falls Interesse besteht, könnt ihr euch bei folgenden Leuten melden:









    Greetings :elin5:

    PS: Suchen auch endcontentfähige PvE-Spieler

    Hm, didnt you know that PvP is already limited with the VG quests?

    Without the quests you get almost nothing... just 2 boxes for a lose and 4 boxes for a win. These boxes contain just 1-3 plates.. and if you're super lucky you get 10 or 100 plates. You'll need about 20-30 plates per try so you can imagine how many BG's you have to win to get A TRY on upgrading your weapon...

    Instead of crying about PvP content, you could just play PvP all day long after you finished your dungeon runs... have you ever thought about this?

    You guys are always complaining about content you dont even play, so just stay at the content you like.

    Another point is the way of your thinking. You seperate the community in PvP and PvE but there are a lot of people who play both.
    "PvP"-only players are already FORCED to play pve to have BiS gear.

    For example the new Jewelry: The materials will drop in the new HM dungeon, so people have to do pve to get the new items. There is no option to get those by playing pvp.

    And there are no "super lucky drops" either: There are NO PETS, ETCHING, AMPLIFIER, GEAR for extra stats or some rare cosmetic items (e.g. hidden weapon skin) and you dont have EVENT BATTLEGROUNDS like "Shore Hold EXTREME MODE" where you get titles, mounts or any other rare items.

    So "PvP'ers" are already in a miserable situation.

    There is a reason why dungeons are limited and battlegrounds arent.

    PvP is fine, this is the only way to farm some skill exp without grind BAM's or fishing 24/7 and there is no reason to change this, because its G R O U P content. GV is boring as hell and its just painful to grind it all day long. PvP is a nice break of this brain dead content.

    So why limit the playable content even more? - Just do us a favor and delete this post/close this thread, thanks.


    Maybe its time for another TC MASS CANCEL like during VM4 ... otherwise they wont change shit!

    Dont forget the problem with enchanting pvp gear... we had this system with apex + 15 and there is a reason they changed it.. so why introduce this very bad and frustrating system back into the game?

    people are wasting millions of gold for +6 gear (check out tobtheking's thread) and its not only the gold issue.. also the plates, you get 1 or 3 per box (if you're lucky 10 or 100 and if you're super SUPER LUCKY you get 1000x) but its like another 300k blown into the sands...

    Same problem for halidoms and relics:

    you need an average of 3600 to upgrade ONE of these to V .... so have fun farming these halidoms/relics.


    Root Beer kommt definitv noch raus, hab selbst noch 2k Kisten und letztens 500 geöffnet.

    Edit: Würde mich auch freuen, wenn es solche Mob-Events öfter geben würde, da hat man echt sinnvolle Sachen bekommen und konnte zb Root Beer richtig gut farmen (übers Event verteilt, habe ich ca 200 Stk gefarmed).

    and add something useful+sellable to bellicarum shop... gear is expensive and the people with +9 dont know what to do with the bellicarium points except upgrading other sets. So give us some useful things to spend points on. and reduce the costs for the plates. 218k/plate is just retarded.

    Yo kann dem nur zustimmen und wenn dein Ticket von einer Person beginnend mit *** beantwortet wird, am besten Ticket melden oder gleich nach wem anders fragen.

    [color=#006400]zensiert | moemikoo

    Na klar kann man die Welt im Sturm erobern auf den neuen Servern, denn wo es keine Spieler gibt, gibts auch keine Konkurrenz xDD

    Außerdem kann man auch einfach auf einem "alten" Server anfangen (Das sind die Server wo es noch Leute gibt), indem man zb einen neuen Char erstellt ... und auf dem es auch Ressourcen gibt xDD und man NICHT 5000€ aufladen muss, damit man auf hightier kommt ahaha