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    I'd like to suggest an improvement for what concerns the way we can "read" skill advancement books; since we often get events that reward hundreds, even thousands of books, and maxing skill advancement points requires using all those thousands of books, we should make it so that the books can be used the same way as chests like "guardian legion chests" are used, which means via an automated system...each book has a 1 sec cooldown,plus roughly another third of a second taken by the animation, so let's say 1.3 seconds per book, if I wanted to use all the books I had gathered, which means thousands of them, I would have to keep clicking on the books for thousands of seconds.

    at 100 points you already have to click on almost 20 books per point..

    What I'm saying is..with the current system, people have to literally spend 30-40 minutes clicking on books non-stop to max the advancement points, which is a nightmare..either make it so that we can have the game open them automatically 1 by one, or even better ( since you'd stil have to stand still for 30-40 minutes waiting for the system to finish using all the books) make it so that you can select the max amount of books the character can read, and give the skill advancement xp all at once.

    Hello everyone,

    as the title says, I'm here to suggest making relics and halidoms bankable (not tradable); this would allow people to store a bigger number of relics and halidoms in preparation of the "increased upgrade chance" events like the one we just had, and would allow us to put spare relics and halidoms on alt characters ( for example I have several spare relics and halidoms at lvl 3 from the event, which I don't need anymore on this character...and selling them to a merchant for 10k, considering most of them required 50-60k worth of tries just to get there, is a massive waste, wherease equipping them on an alt would be much better).

    Lemme know what's your take on this.

    As technology progresses, systems are bound to be upgraded...complaining about having to pass from w7 to w10 in 2020, 11 YEARS after the introduction of w7, is like complaining about bein unable to play 2020 games on ps2 cause they require the ps4 (soon ps5)...

    it could help if they reduced the casting time by 40-50%...if you have to spam it, the current casting time is too slow and would still cause you to lose dps which would make you lose aggro..a vicious circle.

    although I stil think that simply putting a +80% /+100% aggro glyph on counterpunch, similar to the 120% aggro glyph on shield counter for lancers, would've been much more useful.

    or another good option could be a glyph for increased casting speed on ground pounder, since it's one of the skills with the best dmg the class has, but you can't use it cause the animation is so slow that it causes a dps loss...

    A beginner who doesn't know anything about his class + the dungeon has the right to enter but an experienced player, who doesn't switch classes without being sure he will enjoy it or will be good at it (he should test it via an alt before he spends money) must not?

    no..the new player usually doesn't have the gear to immediately enter FA..he will still have to run lower lvl dungeons ant gear up..what I'm saying is that if you have 461+ and you switch, you find yourself with a new class and immediate access to 461+ players will have to run rk, rr, and other lower dungeons in order to make money and gear up..if you get the class switch you find yourself immediately able to run FA or bahaar, with a class you have no experience with, hence why the need tor forced clears on lower lvl dungeons before you can access those, in order to avoid disasters in bahaar, fa, cs, dahm, etc.

    if you change from sorc to reaper you will still keep dark light, if you switch from zerk to gunner you will go from physical to magical ,'s perfectly doeable and not up for abuses as long as you limit the switch to the main stats, crit power, amp, scaling stat (of course if the piece have none of those, you get none of those with the gear switch).

    well, the "tutorial" is forced on you in order to avoid troubles in endgame might have done FA 200 times, but if you use the class changer voucher and you suddendly enter FA with a class you've never played before, it's safe to assume you're not going to perform optimally. (maybe instead of 10 runs it could be 5 runs of lower dungs to unlock higher ones, jsut to make the tutorial faster..but it still needs to be there).

    for what concerns the gear, I mentioned it in my edited version, you just wrote your reply as I was editing my original post, so you didn't have the chance to see it.

    But yeah, basically let's say that for example you have a zerk and you want to switch to sorcerer:

    annihilation gets switched into dark light ( mask, belt and brooch included)

    physical crit power gets switched into magical crit power

    physical amplification gets switched into magical amplification

    max hp gets switched into max mp

    Hello everyone,

    as the title suggests, I'd like to address what could be a nice addition to the game, the "class changer voucher":

    Being able to change the class of your character without having to start one from 0 would be very could keep all your achievements, your gear (would just be switched to the equivalent for the class you're changing you have full anni set with zerk you get full dark light if you class change to sorcerer, and the brooch and mask and belt change as well, and the amp and crit power bonuses also switch to from physical to magical )your character name, you wouldn't have to farm 2m gold to max advanced skills everytime you want to switch main, you would keep your mounts, your costumes..all you'd lose would be the ability to enter endgame dungeons right away (this to avoid having people enter bahaar or fa or dahm with a class that's completely new to them). You'd have to start from MC and get 10 runs of each dung to unlock the next one, so that by the time you reach fa and bahaar you at least have 60 dungeon clears with the new class, which should be enough to give you a pretty decent understanding of the class so you don't cause problems in endgame dungeons...running those dungeons would take a few days to a week at most if you're it's still a lot better than having to start a character from 0.

    You would still create other characters from 0 to use as alts, but at least you could change class with your main without having to lose everything the way you would if you decided to switch to another main but were forced to start it from 0 like you are now ( you would especially lose all achievements coming from old content no longer available, something people who have been using a character for years would have to suffer).

    Of course the voucher wouldn't come cheap from the shop, but that'd be fair considering how much stuff it'd allow you to keep, and it'd have to be a bit pricey just for GF to even consider the idea.

    Lemme know what you think, if you'd like this or you prefer to lose costumes, lose achievements, lose mounts, refill advanced skills and start the gear from 0 whenever you feel like switching main class.'s a fact that the game is elin-centric and aims to release as much cute/sexual content as possible when it comes to costumes...which totally doesn't fit a combat game where you need to defeat huge monsters...just look, almost all the winning loading screens feature elins as the main/only character, and that's just a reflection of what the game is being pushed towards (has been for years tbh)...the obnoxious dominance of little loli characters with barbie dresses or lingerie..might as well rename it Winx Online.

    I could even bear having this type of content, if it was balanced by more serious and combat-ready attires and looks, and more additions for male characters when it comes to post-reaper patch classes (reaper included).

    We do too! I play this game for PvE Combat only and there is nothing fresh and fun to do in TERA, but this new dungeon. Even though I like dungeons like AAH or FA, I don't want to run these for the rest of my life.

    You may not need the extra runs because you don't "want to rush", but you can continue to not "want to rush" even when the number of entries are increased.

    It doesn't affect you, so why are you against this? Castingbeast

    yet another thing to blame BHS the previous patches we had like 26 dungeons to choose from, not it's what...18 ? instead of removing content and bringing it back every 2-3 years for 6 months so new players think it's new content, they should keep all existing dungeons available (ever since 2012 I'm sure more than 50 dungeons have been created) in order to add more variety , so that even with limited entries you'd have more than enough dungeons to choose from to keep the game interesting...ah, also adding new dungeons more often would be nice :|

    But I guess the bottom line is that this can't be helped, as long as we're stuck with lazy and greedy devs and publishers, who aim to release as little content as possible (more often than not, it's actually "recycle"), and add as many rng boxes for upgrade mats, mounts and skins as they can, to get as much profit as possible, with the lowest possible amount of money invested...

    you see other companies earning more than 1 billion dollars a year with games that have no rng boxes, or p2progress/p2w , just adding new content all the time, actually fixing/reworking stuff based on feedback from the community, and basing 99% of their income on skins that don't come from rng-boxes, and they don't even have the amazing combat system Tera has.


    as the title suggests, I'd like to know since when, and how the in-combat kick works...I was tanking in CS, we reached 2%, and the party kicked yeah, they used me to tank the whole fight then kicked me to deny me the drops..extremely disrespectful.

    Yeah, this needs to stay up and to be seen by of now, brawlers are just in a sorry state.

    Their tanking is really bad have troubles holding aggro if the dps has the same gear as you (i know brawlers are meant to rely mostly on dmg to hold aggro, but that means that you have no room for mistakes, and boss mechanics that force you to move away are likely to cause you to lose aggro), whereas lancers can easily hold aggro with anni even if all dpsers have kaia+14/+15

    2. you have almost no buffs and utility for the party, which causes people to always favor lancers or warriors in LFG (it's even hard to find a guild, as most guilds want to save room for lancers/warriors)

    3. the only i-frame we have has a waay too long cooldown, and must often be wasted just for repositioning

    their dps is also really bad

    most of the dmg on brawlers comes from perfect defenses and reflected damage, and the small buff on dmg from behind granted by skill advancement isn't enough to put brawlers in a competitive spot in terms of dps (to make an example, even the best brawlers out there, are still behind other dps classes by 10M or more per second (even more when compared to warriors, who are insanely outclassing brawlers both in dps stance and in tanking stance).

    another problem that's visible both when tanking and in dps is the awkward hitbox on flying kick and one-inch's not rare for said skills to miss when you are not perfectly in contact with the boss, and some bosses make it even easier to miss, which is a huge problem, since they're two of the highest damaging skills.

    to make tanking better I'd add the aggro glyph on counterpunch, same as on shield counter, or on jackhammer, and I'd add more party buffs, not at the level of lancers, but at least a bit closer.

    to make dps better I'd buff the dps booster on skill advancement, at least to replace the loss of reflected dmg, increased dmg on perfect defense and still leave you with an overall dmg increase (let's say you are doing 10m/s from the front as a a dps from behind you should do at least 15...if you do 12, it's not really worth it..and that's what you'd do now).

    One thing I don't like, is how they immediately got their own forum section..italians, romanians, spanish, turkish, swedish, polish, czech (and so on) people have been playing here on the EU servers for years..we never got a forum section meant specifically for us.

    I play through steam, so I can't see the standard launcher...but I hope they didn't even give them the client translated in russian, since again, people in europe have been playing tera with the client in a foreign Language for nearly a decade (except obviously french, german and british people), despite the fact that many have been asking GF to add more languages for the client, other than just german, french and english.

    Yep Mystel is the International sv, so the International language is English, I talk in Spanish with friends of with ppl that I know by say chat or whisper, but in the global we should talk in english. And if they want to talk in Russian, they have their own sv

    German and french people should also go by that rule though...they got their own servers, but they come to mystel to spam in french/german :|

    Our new friends do not harm anyone with writing on the global chat. Dunno why some people are mad about that, expecially when global used to be quite dead before (besides the bot/lfg/trade spam :^) )

    global is dead BECAUSE of saucy/bots/trade-lfg spam….can't use it to ask questions or such anymore, cause your message would disappear in the sea of trade messages, cause people are too dumb to write in the trade chat, which is meant specifically for that kind of message…..The game chat desperately needs moderators/kick bots that can regulate these kind of dumb behaviors, cause it's clear that you can't trust the players on being smart enough to understand simple chat section boundaries.